Denying D.C. statehood is dangerous as well as unjust

“Taxation without representation was the rallying cry for the American Revolution, yet 245 years later it endures in our nation’s capital,” NEA said in comments submitted for the record of the House Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee’s June 22 hearing on statehood for the District of Columbia, whose population of 712,000 exceeds that of Vermont and Wyoming.

Denying District residents full representation in Congress is unjust: they pay the highest per-capita federal income taxes in the nation and, in total, pay more in taxes than residents of 21 other states. It is also dangerous: Violent insurrectionists invaded Congress on January 6, yet the District could not deploy the National Guard because it is not a state. No other democracy denies its citizens equal representation because of where they live.

The denial of full representation in Congress—and therefore, full citizenship—in a city nearly half Black is egregious given our nation’s history of suppressing the Black vote. The Washington, D.C. Admission Act (S. 51) would preserve the constitutionally required district that houses the federal government, our monuments, and the National Mall. The neighborhoods and commercial areas where the people of the District of Columbia live and raise their families would comprise the 51st state.

Email your senators and urge them to support the D.C. Admission Act (S. 51).

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  1. I am appalled by the ignorance shown by so many of the posters. Read your history! There is a reason that DC was not made a state!! And as one poster shared, they are able to vote by registering in VA or MD.

    1. Your comment and opening line are too harsh. Do not e fooled by the idea of allowing residents to vote in Maryland or Virginia. A population so dense as DC is definitely discouraged from voting by making their polling places so far away from their work places. The idea of neutral ground could have been sustained if citizenship of DC had been limited. Now, it is too late. There is a way to respect both the sanctity of government and the rights of the people. There is a compromise that no one has considered, yet.

  2. Do your homework. This piece of land was taken from VA & MD to create a portion of the US that would NOT be influenced by any one party at any time. This was the wisest decision ever made by our forefathers. People living in DC have the right to register to vote in VA or MD. That choice becomes theirs. So what is the problem? We should have neutral ground for our nation’s capital, plain and simple.

    1. Thank you! I knew everything you said EXCEPT for the fact that residents could register in VA or MD!!

    2. Voting and having a representative to speak for you are different. MD and VA representatives do not speak for Dc residents. They have no representation in National matters. Our daughter lives in DC and it is a constant frustration.

    3. Neutral ground has become far more dense with population than our founding fathers could have imagined. Under current conditions, we the people are obligated to adjust our government. Furthermore, the concept of neutral ground has been proven to be irrelevant by the January 6 insurrection. To keep with your idea of neutral ground, the non-residential perimeter could be expanded around all federal buildings. This would improve safety and remain in keeping with both concepts (the people must oversee government, maintain a neutral ground) initiated by the founding fathers.

  3. D.C. residents should be given a voice. They are US citizens who pay taxes, and should be given the right to vote, to vote for representatives and senators who will keep their needs in mind.

  4. It is time D.C. is given statehood. They are not part of the Capital. They have been a state on their own forever without the benefits of our other 50 states. They need to be finally recognized for the state they truly are and given all of the privileges they have been denied in our democracy especially since they have contributed to our country the same as our other American states for decades. Vote YES NOW!!!

    1. THANK YOU for stating the case clearly, concisely and truthfully. I was born, raised and educated in Hawaii. All the while, Hawaii was designated as a territory. Joy rang through-out the Hawaiian islands. The people were over-joyed. Beautiful was the scene to see, experience and participate in. Finally, the peoples of the Hawaiian chain felt, from their inner being, “YES! YES! YES! I AM A HUMAN BEING, just like you, my white brother, my sister!!” This may sound strange and possibly feel foreign for people who were born, raised and lived on an equal basis. Yes, these same white people who prayed to some god somewhere in the universe, for their good fortune, did not even consider the native peoples of Hawaii were ALSO human beings, made in the image and likeness of God. You, Go Figure!!

  5. If D. C. were a state, it would be more populous than at least 2 other states. If Puerto Rico were a state, it would be 20th by population. Are people of these 2 areas American citizens? Yes. Do they have representation in Congress? No. Do they deserve representation in a representative democracy? Of course. Make them states! N-O-W!

    1. Yes, and they deserve to be protected by a show of force such as the National Guard also. Thanks for speaking up for more of the people. I believe all of the people in America deserve a voice, civil rights, a vote and fair representation.

    2. Dear JoAnn Doherty and J.E. Wanner, large THANK YOU to both of you who have excellent 20-20 vision to see through such contrived excuses to sustain the view and treatment of the District of Columbia as less than equal to other citizens of the United States. After graduating from college, I accepted a job offer on the East Coast. Needless to say, I was appalled to read Washington Post articles reporting on the reasons against DC Statehood. The Washington Post reported on the views and opinions of their readership. Being born, raised and educated in Honolulu, with a decree from the University of Hawaii, I was recruited by US Government Agencies, local to Honolulu and on the mainland. I among others born, raised and educated in Hawaii were hired without any hint of discrimination. WHY??? Because I and others had the credentials (degree and competent in areas that successfully satisfied the employment criteria. YES, WE the citizens have the power, ability and the vision of equality to “finally” grant the District of Columbia statehood. We must greet the citizens of the District of Columbia as our EQUALS. Equality is what this country is all about. Thank you for the opportunity to lay out my 2-cents. Aloha!

  6. I would if I could. It seems that movement on any front requires BIG MONEY. And I, nor my friends and associates have that. I am in despair about so much. In working for reform, I feel hogtied at just about every turn. No way will the opposition allow statehood for D.C. Look at gerrymandering, voter suppression, the cult of ignorance raising its ugly face and fists again.

  7. Everyone must promote statehood for citizens of the District of Columbia, an area more highly populated than several states. It is only right and just. Enforce this right! It is the right thing to do.

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      1. You are correct, i.e. “Let’s do this: Washington DC should be a state!” …… On reflection: If NOT now? When?

        … and. Maxine, Thank you !!!

      2. Maxine, U R correct!!! The next question is : Who will lead the effort? What is the strategy? What is the approach?

    1. What is taking so long?? I especially appreciate the fact that the residents of D.C. pay higher taxes than citizens of over 20 established states!! Outrageous!

    2. You are correct, i.e. “Let’s do this: Washington DC should be a state!” …… On reflection: If NOT now? When?

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