Senate to vote this week on For the People Act

The full Senate will vote this week on the For the People Act (S. 1), the most comprehensive democracy reform bill in decades. The bill rests on three pillars: reaffirming and expanding voting rights, strengthening oversight to end big money in politics, and ensuring an ethical government. It would, among other things, institute automatic voter registration, place new limits on partisan practices like gerrymandering, and require candidates for president and vice president to release their tax returns for the previous 10 years.

Getting the bill to passage will be a steep climb in the evenly split Senate, but failure is not an option. The need for action is clear. As of mid-May, according to the Brennan Center, 389 bills introduced in 48 state legislatures included provisions to make voting more difficult—for example, by shortening the time for absentee and early voting, requiring voters show an ID at the polls, purging voter rolls, and seizing control of local election boards. Please use your voice:  Tell your senators why this bill is critical to ensure all U.S. citizens can freely exercise their constitutional right to vote.

Email your senators and tell them to support the For the People Act.

84 responses to “Senate to vote this week on For the People Act

  1. People! Everyone is entitled to their opinion! The reasons the republicans vote no for all of Bidens agendas is because the mainstream media and our teachers union do not tell you the reasons why. There has been a lot of fat that feed the lefts radical agenda and pet projects and is not a part of what you think you’re voting for. Of course we all want to preserve our democracy and make it easy to vote! Tell me what American citizens do not have an ID?! I am so ashamed of the NEA. I have been a loyal member for over 31 years. Talk about racist!

    1. Thank you for your response and saying what is believed by the vast majority of our teachers and retired teachers.

      Again, THANK YOU.

    2. Hi, Cathi, just what do you or did you teach? Was it in an all-white WASP district? The right to vote is CONSTITUTIONAL. There are people who do not or cannot drive due to medical reasons and, thus, do not have an ID ( driver’s license) that is required in many Republican-controlled states &
      districts. As far as being “racist,” the NEA protects all students and teachers regardless of race, creed, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or demographics. Look to your senators and representatives to check the racist card. And don’t participate in NEA if you don’t support equal education and equal opportunities for employment, housing, & voting for EVERY AMERICAN. LOOK WITHIN yourself as well

    1. Voting rights are a Constitutional right. It is the responsibility of the Senate to uphold voting for all. It is the responsibility of the Senate to protect our democracy. Making it more difficult for people to vote is in direct violation of your oath of office. Senators work for the people of this country, not for self interests or for one party to weaken our constitution and democracy in order to regain and maintain power.

  2. There are hints of realistic goals in the brief coverage in this article, but not (as usual) any substance. How is “automatic voter registration” going to function? How will the “voter” be registered without proof of where they live? How will the voter roll ensure only citizens are registered?

    D.C. should not become a State.

    Why is it neither Party actually explains how their plans are going to work? They both come up with these Great Ideas, surround it with mumbo-jumbo to make it sound good, and never explain how it will actually function?

    1. I’m all for expanding our voting rights, especially since the Republican party is determined to limit voting.

      1. Please name one law that limits voting. Just one LAW!!! Any new laws that are coming down at the State levels do not limit voting. They limit CHEATING so ALL VOTES are pure.

        1. Well, Jim, how about Georgia, where polling sites are closed, making lines and waits long (no water for voters!) voting by mail, or early is forbidden, voter lists are purged nonsensically, districts have been gerrymandered by partisan interests and then, if the final vote doesn’t suit them, the Republican governor and his gang attempt to overturn it. Or (another example) how about armed insurrectionists attacking our country’s capital because they believed misinformation about a “stolen” election. No Republicans want to investigate this. These are limit voting through intimidation, systemic racism and partisan cheating.

        2. JIm, there has been evidence with cheating at all during this past election. All the votes are pure. If their was evidence of cheating, no one has shown it. So far it has been pushed through due to the BIG LIE.

  3. Opposition to this bill is DISLOYAL. Yes, it means you are disloyal. It means you HATE this country. It means you are AGAINST America. It means you do NOT support this country at all. You HATE this country. You are NO patriot at all and would do well to GET that. That’s something those that OPPOSE it BETTER get.

    1. Opposition to this bill means that we are the adults in the room. We love our Country and it’s values. I found this response to be very angry and hateful form of communication. Instead of throwing derogatory names out there at people you do not know, open a respectful dialogue. Who knows what can happen. I’m sorry but this is my opinion.

  4. The right of ALL Americans to have equal access to the ballot box is at stake. Stop the gerrymandering, and voting restrictions. Pass “For the People’s Act” NOW..

  5. Stop the movement to restrict access to voting. Please pass this legislation. This has gone from being a state issue to a national issue.

  6. It’s time to put an End to Dark Money, corporations shouldn’t have a say because they aren’t an individual citizen. Citizens contributing to campaigns is the Democratic way to finance our Political parties. We need to get the Republican Party out of the pockets of corporations inorder to bring fairness to our Democracy. Thank you 😎🇺🇸✌

  7. It’s past time to begin restoring democracy to the U.S. Way past time to sign this bill.

  8. This “Sham” Bill is nothing except a way for the Democrats grab power so they can ensure that a Republican Congress and/or President can never be President of the United States of America. Liberals and Liberal Teachers have a way with spinning words to change the meaning of any Bills put forth for a vote in Congress. This is backed up and promoted by the Liberal owned media who are just propagandists.

    Measures to achieve these goals include automatic voter registration?? Just a way to get ILLEGAL ALIENS on the voter roles.

    Voluntary public financing of campaigns, placing new limits on partisan practices like gerrymandering?? Know the history: Gerrymandering is named after Elbridge Gerry (1744-1814) of the Democratic-Republican Party, which later coalesced into the modern Democratic Party!!!! Democrats love to do this.

    Purging voter rolls??!! There’s a problem with removing “Dead”, or others who have moved from a Town, State, or Country?? Voter registration lists, also called voter rolls, are the gateway to voting because a citizen typically cannot cast a vote that will count unless his or her name appears on the voter registration rolls. State and local officials regularly remove—or purge—citizens from voter rolls. At least 17 million people were removed from voter registration lists from 2016 to 2018. This process will not change. If you are dead or have moved to another Town,State, or Country, your name shall be promptly removed. In a lot of cases, this does not happen.

    Requiring candidates for president and vice president to release their tax returns for the previous 10 years?? Well, let’s start with teachers seeking new employment. Since we are to trust our children/grandchildren into the care of Teachers and Administrative Staff, they should have to release their tax returns. I mean, their job is very important and you really don’t want some shady person teaching our children. Oh wait…..everyone has to go through a “Background Check” right?? That should be enough. This never became a problem until the Democrats wanted to harass President Trump after he was elected. Now, thanks to the Democrats, it’s a Political football. Get real!!!!

    S.1/H.R. 1 also makes a strong argument for the District of Columbia becoming a state?? I think not. Washington, D.C., formally the District of Columbia and also known as D.C. or just Washington, is the capital city of the United States. … The U.S. Constitution provided for a federal district under the exclusive jurisdiction of U.S. Congress; the district is therefore not a part of any U.S. state. It would take a Constitutional Amendment it’s status.

    Please do not support S. 1/H.R. 1 as it will weaken our democracy and suppress legal votes.

    Now for the NEA…….You are now just another political arm of Liberal Democrats. Most teachers do not have the same political views as the NEA’s leadership. Many are tired of how our Union dues are spent and are searching for alternate ways to be adequately represented. The NEA has NEVER helped me in the performance of my teaching responsibilities, and I think that most teachers,if they opened their eyes will find the same. Nothing trickled down to me and my Department. NOTHING!!!! The NEA and it’s leadership has lost it’s way.

    1. What planet are you on. Every registered voter has a constitutional right to vote. Making it easier to vote will ensure a more inclusive democracy. You want to restrict voting because you are a racist.

    2. I guess you were asleep in your civics class when your teacher taught you that our country was founded on the belief that our democracy is founded on the fact that ALL citizens have a say in how our country is run by freedom to vote. This is NOT partisan!

      1. Please show me where there is forthcoming legislation or existing laws that makes it ILLEGAL for U.S. Citizens to vote. Any new Laws coming down on State levels protect the sacred integrity of our voting system by making it harder for cheating. We all want our elections to be pure and safe from politics. My comment is NOT PARTISAN!!!!!!

        1. Produce proof of “widespread cheating” BEFORE bloviating. You ask “please show me…” now suggest you do the same.

          1. Your response is a school yard tactic for not addressing the first question asked. My question is valid. You answer first, if you can. My comment is not PARTISAN.


      August 6, 2019
      Dear Americans,

      Ring around the polls
      Republicans on their toes
      Much to disclose
      Really foes
      Time to expose…..
      (published Dec. 1992)

      I thank the Democrats for all they have done, over the 76 years of my life.
      We need to speak to the people about Republican hindrance and how they have
      effected our countries progress and hurt most of our citizens. Starting with,
      President Obama, we need to inform our citizens; how the Republicans refused to pass Democratic legislation, spell out HOW it affected the country and “we citizens.” Every time a congressman or congresswomen speak, have at least 1 example. Unstable 45 should be exposed.. The robber barons have been the Democratic down fall. They are the real enemies!
      Our Governments self-serving bureaucracy
      Corporate greed/lack of responsibility
      Peoples’ prejudice/loss of integrity
      Organized religion, the medical community
      Scores more, ripping-off humanity
      America! The land of the free!?
      We need to get coverage on local News channels. Even the fox brainwashed,
      watch the local News.
      Save our Country from crimes against all Americans and the Constitution.
      Continue to fight.
      Especially the police racist policies. Name the Democratic bills that are being pigeonholed!

    4. Gotta pity any kids who ever had to sit through class with you at the head of the room… Not only are you grossly misinformed–and delusional in the extreme–you can’t even proofread your own screed.

    5. Garbage right wing propaganda talking points by internet trolls, seeking to keep wannabe dictator authoritarian persona such as Trump in office, a ruthless and soulless power and money hungry racists bigot in charge and his cohort clan of white power privilege dominion over the poor and middle class and have us foot the bill for their billionaire lifestyles whist they screw the little people and use the tool of us versus them to divide and conquer dog whistle strategy, the G.O.P in Congress, could careless for the masses of all U,S voters and that includes republican voters, they spend all their time giving tax cuts to those poor billionaires, and deregulate A-Z so they can pollute the planet with impunity for their all mighty dollars and who mostly don’t ever pay taxes or pittance sum and like Bezos of Amazon, adding insult to injury. receive on top it all a tax refund, for them, during Covid19, profits are soaring and have never been better and yet as always, stick it to the little guy, so while democrats are not perfect, they are the only ones at this time trying to defend democracy and not doing their very best using the big lie by Trump to and rig the game along every link of the voting process to deny all voters the right to vote under the Constitution.
      So to Republicans, like Jim, you like Trump, because you are just like him and the G.O.P in Congress and want more of the same self serving cruel money hungry racists bigots of this world to to deny freedom for all and only for rich old white guys.

    6. Voting is at the base of our democracy. There should be no restrictions for all people to be able to VOTE. It seems the Republican Party is worried about people voting for what they want their government to do, Republican Party is trying to STOP people from voting. This is NOT what this country and its democracy is suppose to work. EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE THE RIGHT TO VOTE THEIR THOUGHTS AND WANTS FROM THE GOVERNMENT.

    7. So it’s simple. You want ONLY the citizens whom you decide are OK to vote. Sounds sorta like the old Soviet Union to me. Only count the votes for the people YOU want to win.

    8. Our country needs to be united not divided and unfortunately this statement from you is not directed by anything healthy– but as a fellow professional your beliefs are sadly inaccurate and demonstrative of someone who is twisted by some really inaccurate wanna bes and you are headed for a hot place along with your leader-

    9. Thanks Jim for your steadfastness in exposing the radical agendas. I am a member of the union, but am ashamed of most of their political stances.

    10. Utter ignorance People have the right to vote whether you like it or not . The more you push to suppress our rights, the more we will fight! We will NOT back down for you or anyone! Get an education in civics because you sure in the hell need it.


    12. No, that’s what you republicans do with your gerrymandering and voter suppression of people of color. You don’t see blue states passing laws to stop old white men from voting. I pitty the children that get stuck with you for a teacher because you will never teach bipartisanship, ethics or truth!

  9. To not vote for this suggests that you yourself are a fascist yourself, and YOU SHOULD NOT BE RE-ELECTED TO YOUR POLITICAL POSITION – SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Freedom without equal access to one’s right to vote is inequality for all. Save democracy by voting for the double whammy for justice Vote in favor of the FOR THE PEOPLE ACT AND THE JOHN LEWIS VOTING RIGHTS ACT!!!

  11. This is a terrible attempt to take the voting process away from States and give it to the Federal Government. It would also allow people to vote who are not even legal citizens. This defies common sense. Obviously your vote will tell a lot about what you think of State’s rights.

  12. Our democracy is at risk. Our people who suffer from hunger, racism, and lack of education are at risk. We must encourage everyone to vote and we must make it possible for all to vote safely, comfortably, and with enough time and locations! We must have unbiased poll watchers who know that their job is to assist in the process of voting — and not to influence or inhibit every one’s vote. (Or even worse, attempt to change the results!

  13. We need this bill to protect the voting rights of everyone from now on and stop all the Republican games that are working to suppress votes and purge non-whites from the voter roles. For too long non-whites right to vote has been manipulated by the GO??P through gerrymandering and other voter suppression tactics so that GOPers could remain in power. Unless this act is passed, McConnell will be majority leader again and the working and middle class in this country will continue to be short-changed in benefits and destroyed to benefit the richest 1% and corporations.


  15. Dear Senator,

    If you vote for this bill, you will be praised for your support of democracy. If you vote against this bill, you will be known as an obstructionist, someone who stood against the will of the majority of his constituents, the people you serve.

    Thank you, Rebecca Horch

  16. Voting is the basis of our democracy. Every eligible voter should be encouraged and promoted to vote. Voting is a duty and a privilege in our democracy.

  17. We need this bill signed to protect our Democracy from the facist involved in destroying our Constitution

    1. It is time to put your country, democracy and the American people first, instead of putting the GOP and the big lie first. If you can’t do that then you don’t deserve to be in office.

  18. This vote will likely fail due to the FILIBUSTER RULE. We must abolish the filibuster and only then can we start to repair our democracy! Senators Sinema and Manchine should be told by Pres. Biden you either vote to abolish the filibuster or we will primary you and end your political career – period.

  19. Don’t betray our democracy. Make it easier to vote not harder.
    Don’t be a WHORE for those with big money support the people.

  20. Please vote yes on this extremely important legislation in support our constitutional right to vote without fear or obstacles.

    1. Stand for the full right of all
      This is not a party issue. It’s a issue that involves the full weight of our democracy for not just for a few who don’t hold a sacred obligation to our constitution.

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