FCC can help equip your community for remote learning

NEA’s push to equip students for remote learning during the pandemic succeeded, thanks to our members’ advocacy. Through your collective efforts, we were able to secure over $7 billion for the E-Rate program. From June 29 through August 13, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will accept applications for the Emergency Connectivity Fund created by President Biden’s American Rescue Plan to help schools and libraries equip their communities for remote learning.

A total of $7.17 billion is available. The money can be used to purchase connected devices like laptops and tablets, Wi-Fi hotspots, modems, routers, and broadband connectivity to serve the unmet needs for off-campus use by students, school staff, and library patrons. On June 25 at 2 p.m. EDT, the FCC will host a webinar on about  the Emergency Connectivity Fund; advance registration is not required. Encourage your school, library, and local NEA affiliate to tune in and take advantage of the opportunity!

12 responses to “FCC can help equip your community for remote learning

  1. Who is claiming $7.17 billion is available? NEA has for many years only supported the Democratic Party and openly told (not asked Members) to vote for the Democratic Candidate for all positions. They have been biased for 34 years, that I have taught, so I well know their propaganda. Where has this gone when many teachers do not recall that NEA helped them, personally, to improve their teaching skills, benefit their pay raises, instruct in-service, constructive student discipline methods, to make personal visits to council teachers when they had issues with their administrators. What have they accomplished besides donate to the Democratic Party, ONLY?

  2. As a former teacher, wonderful mother,grandmother and great grandmother, I am very concerned about accessible education for all students.

  3. Many rural and 560 plus Nations communities do not have the financial abilities to continue to allow their children and youth to learn the basics of Reading, Writing, and essential STEM Skills. These are “Our Children” and I am tired of them not being able to learn how to learn/navigate online by also not having the vital connections to do so. This has got to stop right now. As the adult child of an American Indian Woman who was a teacher and a father who was African Senegalese American and also a veteran of WWII I am stepping up to the plate to request this so that these young people can indeed survive long after I am gone. Thanks and please consider this now. LJ Steele ,MA Educator

  4. Please take advantage of this opportunity for the students in our area. Our students need to be able to access to all of these devices to be able to learn and keep up with the world that continues to go on around them.

  5. Private industry only offers aid when it can rip off the defenseless without consequence. Government has an obligation to assist those who cannot help themselves.

  6. I am a 70 year old Paraprofessional and I need a chromebook to assist in my duties in the classroom for ECE and home for the class I take during the chourse of the year to earn higher credential status. And help with internet cost.

  7. Protect the right to vote for all in particular people of color!

    Don’t make it more difficult!

  8. This is very important as these children are deprived of a full education. All of our children deserve a good education.

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