June 14-19 is immigration week of action

June is Immigrant Heritage Month and education, immigration, and other organizations are coming together June 14-19 for a kids, youth, and educator week of action. The event coincides with the ninth anniversary of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and the first anniversary of the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold DACA.

The week of action will include a video premiere by the Children Thrive Action Network, a day of action on the “DACA-versary” by United We Dream, and social media advocacy on June 16, the educators day of action. The NEA Conference on Racial & Social Justice and NEA Aspiring Educators Conference will be highlighted. In addition, NEA is leading a letter urging President Biden, Vice President Harris, and Congressional leadership to include in any legislation that moves forward via budget reconciliation permanent protections and pathways to citizenship for the undocumented immigrants, and their families, who contribute to this country in myriad ways.

Urge your senators to support an immigration process that is humane, functional, and just.

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  1. As a retired California teacher of 30 years, the students who worked the hardest were those who not only had parental support, the push and dive to be the best they could, and many of those students were Hispanic.

    Here in Arizona, the hardest workers that I have ever hired, have been Hispanics. Why? Because they want a better life than the one they had in Guatemala, Mexico, Honduras. And OBTW, no child ought to be separated from their parent(s). There is no excuse for cruelty toward children.

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