Send us stories and photos demonstrating the need for school modernization

The pandemic has heightened awareness of the sorry condition of too many of America’s public schools—failing HVAC systems, leaks that breed mold, and hazardous building materials that disproportionately harm students of color, students with disabilities, and students in rural areas. Half of our public schools are over 50 years old. Right now, Congress is crafting an infrastructure package and debating whether it should include funds for public school facilities. To help demonstrate the pressing need to modernize school facilities, please complete this form to share your stories and photos.

9 responses to “Send us stories and photos demonstrating the need for school modernization

  1. As a retired educator I am horrified that Critical Race Theory is being taught in our public schools. Please consider the 1776 Unites Curriculum, founded by Bob Woodson as a way to achieve inclusion, educate our children, and unite our country.

  2. I am a librarian in Jefferson Parish Schools in Louisiana. Our libraries desperately need refurbishing so that they are in compliance with IDEA and ADA requirements for libraries. Throughout the school district, library bookshelves are far too high for elementary school students and disabled students to access. Furniture, including bookshelves, circulation desks, tables and chairs, are decades old, broken or nonexistant. Ceiling leaks damage books. The school I currently teach in has no ventilation system; we still have window unit air conditioners and gas space heaters in all classrooms. The window units sound like airplane engines during take-off. Teachers have to make the impossible decision to communicate effectively with students (and most of our students speak English as a second language and were wearing masks all year) and cooling the room, in an environment where 90 degrees and 90% humidity is the norm for four to five months of the school year. Louisiana has one of the lowest rates of literacy in the nation and the highest rate of incarceration. The neglect of facilities plays a contributing role in the poor outcomes for vulnerable children in Louisiana, a state that consistently ranks at or near the bottom in all measures of children’s well-being and academic success.

  3. After the pandemic, the class Art has mold and A/C not enough change new filter.
    GYM class has many pipes on ceiling no health, BOE can’t afford to repair issues.
    Sadly for health students and staff.

  4. Public schools should be as safe as self supporting schools. The zip code the school is in should not determine basic care and maintenance. The learning environment should be clean, healthy, safe and stimulating to the learner. Please make sure all our children have a fair shot at learning. Retired Special Ed. teacher …………..

  5. Starting sith year at my school … have a picture about how some conditions have seen no effort to correct.

  6. As a grandmother and retired educator, I was appalled by the response of the West Contra Costa Unified School District to Covid. No attempts were made to assist children who did not do well with the Zoom platform.

    Zoom is not an educational platform. Alienation, depression, anxiety and racist microaggressions by the teacher were some of the basic problems. Parents with means hired teachers privately and were happy, in general, with their pods, while leaving the majority of students and parents left behind. This was a case of privelege over and over and it created a two tiered system.

    IEPs were ignored and administrative staff made no attempt to leave their cozy desks and do something for students with special needs. A case manager at the high school level bragged that they had found a place for their own kids to spend the day but did not do their job in any kind of meaningful way for students on their case load.

    Football fields and playgrounds were bare yet with a bit of teamwork and creativity, all students could have been served with rotatating physical fitness, following all Covid protocols and had a bit of contact with others.

    I blame the teachers who were able to not return to face to face teaching with no medical excuse as WCCUSD caved to unreasonable union demands.

    The children’s best interests were not considered. One teacher was able to demand a room at the school with no children in it and teach from ZOOM. That must have been a joke!

    You can’t reach children in 30 or more students in tiny squares. Zoom is a failure for many kids stuck at home with their parents trying to work at the same time.

  7. Burnsville School district’s Nicollet Middle is in desperate need of new water lines! We have signs at almost every sink saying “not potable water”. The FCS kitchen sinks get clogged with what I can only assume is chunks of pipe and other nasty waterline build up! The building just celebrate 50 years. It makes it hard to have students use the kitchen as it is needed. They have to use water for recipes, wash dishes and make things to eat and drink from the tap. Our budget is too small to have to buy water too. The water in the fountains tastes nasty too. Assuming the same pipes as all the rest. Very few students use the fountains. And teachers and other staff bring in bottled water to avoid using the water at school.

  8. Our local high school (Dulaney HS, Timonium,MD) is over 50 years old. The school needs to be replaced. The water fountains just have Brown water and the building needs updated construction.

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