Give school food service workers the support they deserve

The unsung heroes of the COVID-19 pandemic include school food service workers all across the country. Even when schools were closed, they reported to work and found innovative ways to keep kids from going hungry. Yet, many of these workers don’t have access to the training they need for this important work. The Improving Training for School Food Service Workers Act (S. 1834/H.R. 2897) would help make training available that maximizes hands-on opportunities during regular, paid working hours.

Email your senators and representative and ask them to cosponsor the Improving Training for School Food Service Workers Act.

7 responses to “Give school food service workers the support they deserve

  1. I work from Flagler County FSD. And we work so hard but the pay and insurance is terrible. Minimum wages outside FS is looking better than working for our public Schools. And to top it off. We are look down on for the type of work we do. However, many people forget we feed their kids while they are at work elsewhere.

  2. Let’s do all that we can for the health of our children and fairness to our School Food Service workers. We need to celebrate and support public education in all its ways, shapes, and forms.

    1. My staff jumped right in making the adjustments need to see the children in our county received breakfast and lunch everyday with a lunch today breakfast tomorrow and with the bus drivers taking meals out we reach a lot of our home bound students. It was the only outing the kids got was to go meet the bus they were so excited. It work so well we continue it into summer.

  3. Many children in our schools are hungry. Many of my students need free lunch. We need food for every student
    I used to keep snacks in my desk for students.

    Thank you.

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