Anniversary of George Floyd’s death fuels new push for congressional action

Tuesday, May 25 is the anniversary of George Floyd’s death. He struggled for his life for 9 minutes and 29 seconds as a police officer thrust a knee against his neck, maintaining the pressure even as he repeatedly said, “I can’t breathe” and bled on the ground. Americans saw what happened with their own eyes—bystanders recorded it on their cell phones—and responded with an outpouring of anger and grief that has fueled a renewed push for racial justice and an end to the police brutality that disproportionately kills African Americans. One in every 1,000 Black men can expect to be killed by police, according to a 2019 study published in a National Academy of Sciences journal.

The House passed the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act (H.R. 1280) by a vote of 220-212 in March, but the Senate has yet to act. The bill takes initial steps to end police brutality, protect civil rights and liberties, and change the culture of law enforcement agencies. They include ending racial and religious profiling and no-knock warrants, mandatory de-escalation training for police, prohibiting chokeholds and other potentially fatal maneuvers, and requiring police to use dashboard and body cameras—many of the same steps called for by the Justice for Black Lives document issued by NEA’s executive committee.

Email your senators and ask them to support the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act.

15 responses to “Anniversary of George Floyd’s death fuels new push for congressional action

  1. ALL LIVES MATTER!!! We are should all be treated with respect.
    NO one even the police nor any law enforcement is beyond the law.
    We all should be held accountable for our actions when we do something above the law!! We must all be responsible for the actions we take regardless of who you are!!

  2. I can’t imagine being the mother of a black child, especially a black son, or the wife of a black husband. I can’t imagine being black in the USA today. How very, very stressful. A give a big thank you to all of the good police officers in our country. Sadly, there are too many police officers who should not be police officers.

  3. As a school nurse, if I killed a student, I would not only lose my job but I would l loose my license and my pention. George Floyd was a man who suffered from mental illness and addiction. Police need to be taught more about addiction and mental illnesses because those are the clients that they will be dealing with. There is no place for the mentally ill to go. Unfortunately they are many times on the street. Their first line of defense are police men and women. I could go on and on but I am sure you understand where I am coming from.

  4. When does it stop…. We have to set an example. I’m beyond relieved that George Floyd’s Killer was put to justice. To many people have have been found above suspicion for killing innocent African Americans. The color of your skin does not mean your superior, everyone is equal. They deserve better. There not slaves, thier people that white communities need to respect. Because they deserve it. All humans need some love. Nature did not make us to fight. The Earth made us diverse. Let’s celebrate it, not shoot it.

  5. The police are supposed to ‘Serve and Protect’ all of us, not be having ‘Open Season’ on people of color, peaceful protesters, and journalists!

  6. This has been a complaint for decades. There is an easy fix. Go through the training to be a police officer. Put your life and reputation on the line every day. I agree that use of force has been used in situations where it was wasn’t needed, but that also includes situations where the police were defending themselves as well. Comparing a teacher to a police officer is silly. The level of potential serious physical attacks in a classroom versus the potential of same in a classroom, is not even close enough to be compared. 400 years ago the United States did not exist, and those doing “policing” 400 years ago were probably more likely to shoot than police officers today, and collect their bounty.

    1. Everyone seems to overstate the danger of serving as a law enforcement officer. T see the real-life peril of a law enforcement career check the workman’s comp rating in the insurance industry. Law enforcement rates as far as danger is concerned fall below 13 other occupations. Most dangerous are commercial fishermen, lumberjacks, roofers, carpenters—etc. Read for yourself & cut the drama & hype.

  7. I was raised in a Christian home & I was taught right & wrong.
    What is happening to the Black community is so wrong on so many levels.
    I know that in the end we will all have to answer for all the wrongs & hatred we have shown to each other, but for now can’t we try to get along?
    God created this earth for everyone not just a select few.

  8. Police are supposed to keep us safe and help us, but it seems as if they are there to KILL people who have done nothing wrong, if they are not “white”! They are SHOOTING people, not even arresting “suspects” and allowing them a fair trial! Instead, they are acting as if they are Judge, Jury and Executioner! To the cops, stopping at a traffic light while driving, going jogging in the park, sleeping in one’s bed, walking down the street or just being outside are all CRIMES?! I agree with the two commentors before me: This HAS TO STOP!

  9. Teacher are held accountable for their actions in the classroom and out of the classroom. Police and lawforcement shoukd held accountable also. Too many police are uneducated and because of their ignorance that leads to racism.

  10. Much stronger actions must be taken, and legislation must be enacted, if police brutality is going to ever be truly addressed. Trump’s quasi political career did nothing more, than, to exacerbate the already heated debate

  11. It is obvious to all Americans that police forces across the country harbor individuals who, rather than protecting and helping would rather use their power to harm and intimidate. This MUST stop. ANYONE who permits, teaches, or encourages the abuse of power should be held accountable, including trainers and superiors–up to the Chief of Police. This is totally unacceptable and LONG OVERDUE!

  12. Police brutality & killing of black Americans MUST stop!!! There should be no immunity to officers who abuse their position of authority. We MUST change what has been happening for the last 400+ years!

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