House to vote on anti-Asian hate crime bill this week

The House is scheduled to vote this week on the COVID-19 Hate Crimes Act (S. 937/H.R. 1843), which passed the Senate by an overwhelming vote of 94-1 on April 22. Introduced by Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-HI), it would strengthen federal efforts to address hate crimes targeting Asian-Americans in several ways: designate a Department of Justice employee to expedite the review of COVID-19 hate crimes, provide guidance for state and local officials for online reporting of such crimes, and require the department to issue guidance to mitigate racially discriminatory language in describing the pandemic.

28 responses to “House to vote on anti-Asian hate crime bill this week

  1. I know very well who is creating hate to Asian people, I have very brief answer for you who is hating to Immigration Policy because these people like to terrorists people who they can create terrorism for damage to US Democracy and to get upset to people and to our country because they do not work to do and let to people.

  2. Imagine how boring this world would be if everyone had the same color skin, the same religion, the same sexual orientation. That’s the reason God made us ALL different!

    1. hate crimes against asian peoples must be stopped, as well as ones against all peoples if al religions, nationalities, colors, beliefs, etc.

    2. Americans should be ashamed of its hate crimes toward any group of people

  3. This hate is a cultural matter. The culture of this country is deeply racist and has been since its inception, the result of the bad karma of genocide of Native American populations and slavery. There has never been a truth and reconciliastion initiative here, and no one to lead such an initiative.

  4. We are all people ! We all bleed we all cry we are all human beings! That’s how we should treat each other in such a violent world.

  5. This is appalling and has to stop. Why aren’t there more criticisms of President Trump, who started all this with his Chinese Virus crap? We need to protect the country, and vulnerable populations within it from hate crimes. This is a Government led hate crime against Asians.

    1. I agree!

      These brash and evil 👿 hate crimes against my Asian sisters and brothers is abhorring! How dare you! Sign that bill! This kind of vicious hate reminds me of the lynchings of my African-American brothers and sisters! It also reminds me of how our very US Government stole all the homes, businesses and lives of so many Japanese persons, rounded them up and committed more atrocities! No, Trump! We can’t make America great again. It has to be GREAT from the start. Stop the vicious hate crimes against Asian-Americans! This is horrible! These cowards KNOW who to attack. They attack older people and people who may not be able to defend themselves! I am SO upset by this upsurge of hate and murder! Can’t we all just get along?!!! Rodney King.

      1. Let’s clean up the damage done by our former president, and racists who he condoned. Now this lack of morals and hate are coming back to bite us.

    2. There is plenty of criticism out there for former President Trump. However, the virus did originate in China. This has nothing to do with the wonderful Chinese people, and everything to do with their very concerning government. I have been there and adore their culture, history, and people. I do not support their government officials, their control and atrocities committed, or the decisions made towards the United States. All hate crimes should be punished according the the full ability of our laws. Let us stay focused on that for all groups of people.

  6. We must move away from the constant bullying of the past four years and begin to embrace wholeheartedly the American promise of liberty and justice for all.

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