For the People Act advances

After adopting a handful of amendments, the Senate Rules and Administration Committee deadlocked 9-9 in a party-line vote on the For the People Act (S. 1). Nevertheless, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer vows to bring it to the floor. The need for action is clear: More than 360 bills introduced in 47 state legislatures include provisions to make voting more difficult—for example, by shortening the time for absentee and early voting, requiring voters show an ID at the polls, and purging voter rolls.

The For the People Act rests on three pillars: reaffirming and expanding voting rights, strengthening oversight to end big money in politics, and ensuring an ethical government. It would, among other things, institute automatic voter registration, place new limits on partisan practices like gerrymandering and purging voter rolls, and require candidates for president and vice president to release their tax returns.

Email your senators and tell them to support the For the People Act.

7 responses to “For the People Act advances

  1. If we are to be true to those advocates who marched, were beaten, sacrificed, educated, and or were killed while pressing our country to allow all Americans the right to vote, then we must pass this act NOW!

    1. Please pass the for the people act and ensure that citizens have fair access to voting. Please strengthen voter rights for all Americans.

  2. The For the People Act would be a major blow against the corruption-as-usual practiced in state governments. The slimy Republicans in Congress are opposed to it, because they love that special interest money. Ending gerrymandering would mean the end of alot of Congress critters who have carved out voting districts in which they can’t lose.

  3. It’s about time we realize many of the writers of our Constitution were racist and white supremacists before the terms were widely know. The freedoms and protections for voting rights were right as long as we apply them to ALL.

  4. We are at a crossroad in our Democracy. Many Republican representatives and Senators do not reflect the wishes of their constituents. Instead they are trying to hold on to power so they can be in the Majority in both houses and take our country back 50 years in racial justice and equity for the growing number of People of Color as well as those who do not profess Christianity. As our country becomes more diverse, S1 will help to bring us back to the Constitution in which all Americans will have the freedom to vote as equals.

  5. Voting should be easy and readily available. I like the states where ballots are mailed to everyone and all they have to do is mail them in.

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