For the People Act gives power to the people

The For the People Act (S.1), our nation’s first comprehensive democracy reform bill in decades, is expected to receive its first vote by a Senate committee this week. The House in March passed the companion bill (H.R. 1). Both take several steps to protect and expand voting rights, strengthen oversight of voting, and ensure ethical government.

More than 360 bills have been introduced in 47 states that would making voting more difficult. They include measures that would shorten the time for absentee and/or early voting, require voters show an ID at the polls, and purge voter rolls. Georgia’s legislature, for instance, passed a law making it a crime to give water or food to voters, who must often wait in long lines, within 150 feet of a polling place or within 25 feet of any voter in line.

The For the People Act would automatically register voters across America and restore voting rights to those who have completed felony sentences, among other steps. It would modernize our voting system, expose dark money in politics, and require presidential candidates to disclose their tax returns.

Urge your senators to support the For the People Act (S.1) to expand voting rights and protect our democracy.

12 responses to “For the People Act gives power to the people

  1. The legislatures in GOP states are trying to ensure Republican wins in the midterm election by voter suppression. For the People Act would shoot down those GOP slime balls, a national law overruling state laws.

  2. First the GQP criminal-felon party tried insurrection to overthrow the Constitution, now they are trying to ensure that only they get to vote. This bill is needed for us to remain a Democratic-Republic.

  3. My opinion most people in this country walk around with blinders on those are the kind that can’t see what’s really going on and need to be guided those are the type who can’t think for themselves these Republican Senators are their leaders and the people who believe what they say is true actually believe it these Republicans along with Trump are trying to do to this Country what Hitler was trying Control if you have ever read or watched History on Hitler what’s going on is the exact same thing

  4. As usual, half of this legislation is useful and half makes things worse.

    Overall, not impressed. We could do so much better except for the corruption of the crooks in power.

  5. Progressives put the Biden/Harris team in office to reject career criminal Trump, who was nominated in a failed experiment by desperate Republicans.

    The Biden/Harris team must ensure that voting rights are not suppressed, taxes are increased on the rich & on corporations, public education is awarded increased funding, & that increased pressure will be placed on the petrochemical industry to work with progressives on energy generation that does not pollute our environment.

  6. We need this bill to protect our Democracy from these people who choose to lie cheat and do anything they can to threaten it! In the last Nazi facist lying administration we saw for ourselves how serious this threat has become! We must do away with this malignancy now and hold all violators of our Constitution accountable so it is never allowed to happen again!!

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