Chauvin’s conviction reinvigorates push for systemic change

Derek Chauvin’s conviction is raising hopes that George Floyd will be remembered not just for his tragic death, but for reinvigorating the fight for desperately needed systemic change. “While the jury reached the right decision and did in fact convict former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin of George Floyd’s murder, we are again joining together to make sure all of us feel safe in our schools, neighborhoods and communities,” said NEA President Becky Pringle.

Going to school or returning home from an after-school job or visiting friends should not put students’ lives at risk. But sadly, in communities of color, this is the reality. A 2019 study published in a National Academy of Sciences journal found that 1 in every 1,000 Black men can expect to be killed by police.

The George Floyd Justice in Policing Act takes initial steps to end police brutality, protect civil rights and liberties, and change the culture of law enforcement agencies. These steps include ending racial and religious profiling and no-knock warrants, mandatory de-escalation training for police, prohibiting chokeholds and other potentially fatal maneuvers, and requiring police to use dashboard and body cameras. Justice for Black Lives, issued by NEA’s executive committee earlier this year, calls for many of the same steps.

Email your senators and ask them to support the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act.

24 responses to “Chauvin’s conviction reinvigorates push for systemic change

  1. We must stop discrimination at every level by providing oversight in policing.
    Black Lives Matter….. as do all lives matter. Stop the police killings of my black people.

  2. This is not about a teachable moment not to resist! Are you for real? Black people don’t have to resist and still be killed! Have you seen, how some police start shouting stop resisting!! when they are not resisting!!!

  3. Yes, justice was served for the George Floyd case , but there is no ” justice” for people of color , until “Systematic Racism” ends. America needs police reform NOW!

    1. We are celebrating too early. Yes, we are all happy for a guilty verdict. But in case you forgot, look up Soon Ja Du. We must hold off celebrating until the sentencing.

  4. Were not police forces crested to capture & return escaped slaves to their owners? Society has changed & we have no need for police forces as they exist today, punishment groups. Our taxes must pay for services that help.

    1. While I agree whole heartedly, we cannot do away with what is intended to be law and order. Living without an enforcement of law, will only exacerbate the other senseless acts on blacks that exists outside of the police department. It wouldn’t e seen as a lawless world.

  5. Too sad to believe we lost Makia to another white officer. We need to de-escalate situations, not shoot first. We need to mandate training to talk, instead of killing as a option.
    Wish I was English ! I hate guns.

  6. Policing needs to change now as more black and people of color keep getting killed “accidentally”. Training needs to happen now, biases and prejudices seem to be ingrained, that needs to stop. We need counselors, therapists and experts to train our police, not for a few hours, but for at least a year or more.

  7. We have preached equal rights for years. Let’s start practicing what we preach. All men are created equal.

  8. Even after the conviction of Chauvin, we still have killing of innocent black people.
    What is it going to take & will we ever get there.
    You can help!!!

    1. It’s going to take a long time but all states just clean the houses of police stations and departments. For too long they have been allowed to get away with murder and it’s past time for it too stop.

    2. Policing needs to change now as more black and people of color keep getting killed “accidentally” . Training needs to happen now, biases seem to be ingrained, that needs to stop. We need counselors , therapists and experts to train, not for a few hours , but for a year or more.

  9. Our manner of racist policing is a disgrace and we are regarded as the hoodlums of the world. Reform policing now.

    1. As an African American living in Virginia, I hold my breath each time my children, husband, or myself leave my home, for fear if any of us will return home or will become another statistic if we are stopped, for any reason, by the police. This should not be true but it is for blacks . It doesn’t matter if a black person is an upstanding, contributing member of the community. Change has to come now rather than later. The policing of our communities is a national emergency. We must begin the conversation for the implementation for change.

  10. Why is this not also being used as a teachable moment to teach people how not to resist arrest which many times leads to the “police brutality”? This is an important issue that needs to desperately be addressed.

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