‘Build back better’ includes public schools and campuses

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President Biden’s American Jobs Plan, unveiled March 31, includes modernizing public schools and investing in the community college infrastructure. Current conditions can be hazardous to the health of students and educators alike: Half our schools are more than 50 years old, and were built when windowless classrooms, asbestos, and lead pipes were commonplace. “By investing in public schools—the beating heart of every community—President Biden’s bold plan will power America’s economic recovery and pay dividends down the road. Congress must come together to build this better path forward that creates good jobs, invests in communities and makes America more competitive,” said NEA President Becky Pringle.


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  1. Education needs to be a top priority in America if we want to continue being a world leader. Good for Biden & Harris.

  2. I agree with the above fore mentioned. I am from a state that penalizes teachers’ Social Security by 50%. If we have paid it in, which should be able to collect our full amount. I have my 40 working quarters in. I will not receive full pension benefits from my teachers pension due to the age I started. We advocates for this need both incomes to survive in the future. I also agree with the racial issues. It starts with us to make changes in the world. But, with a president who thinks most whites are racist is WRONG!!! Where does this come from him???

  3. Schools house our children all day. It should be safe, not 100 degrees in the Spring. They should be cleaned daily without leaving dust behind, they should have loving, qualified teachers who are allowed to teach the subject, not be subjected to certain books and time schedules. Learning is life-long. Make it fun and exciting, not restricted.

    1. I taught in public schools for 33 years at many levels. By the end of my career, principals and school districts were demanding teachers to be on rigid schedules, finishing each others sentences as the inexperienced principal walked room to room taking critical notes.
      Test prep took up most of the time. Creativity was very much frowned upon. Our science journals were forbidden. Fun? Exciting? Leadership didn’t understand. Inexperienced teachers who read straight from the lesson plans of the Teachers’ Manual were praised.
      I retired early. The motivation and joy was gone. I hope the pendulum will swing away from the all important test scores after the pandemic.

    2. education can make the difference between a child’s success in life. Their experience lasts a lifetime in attitudes and confidence.Hopefully a postive one.

  4. Investing in schools is important. There are many schools that claim to be STEM schools but do not have the technology, equipment or supplies to give students an equitable, real world and hands-on experience. The world have become more technological and having schools that can give student the skills for the 21st century is crucial for the growth and success of schools, communities and our country. Education costs money and investing in schools is important to improve the education in this country by making it equitable for all.

  5. If we are going to say that the safety of our students and staff are your priority then update those 50 plus year old schools and turn them into true 21st century technology schools and raise teachers’ salaries.

  6. Everyone should read Biden’s American Jobs Plan above. Here is an excerpt: “Eliminate racial and gender inequities in research and development and science, technology, engineering, and math. Discrimination leads to less innovation: one study found that innovation in the United States will quadruple if women, people of color, and children from low-income families invented at the rate of groups who are not held back by discrimination and structural barriers. Persistent inequities in access to R&D dollars and to careers in innovation industries prevents the U.S. economy from reaching its full potential.” The plan also discusses social injustice and racial inequities. Biden always makes whites out to be racists and talks about systemic racism where there is none. I’m tired of this garbage and will never support Biden’s initiatives. In my opinion, he is racist against white people.

    1. Where? Where does it say that white people are racist? It says that there are “persistent inequalities in access to R&D dollars and to careers in innovation industries.” Can you show that that’s not true? Science is studying its own institutions and finding bias.
      Are you for racial and gender inequities in STEM? Or are you saying that they don’t exist in the history and systems we have? Perhaps you think they inequalities are in the “cultures” of the different races and in the…biology of women? Since when do “their” “cultures” continue without evolving, while “ours” evolves to be clean and pure from all racism and sexism? When did that happen?
      Methinks the pattern in history is of castes invented to keep “order” (for the rulers) and whole systems of law and culture invented to justify the divisions. Are you falling for the lies of our rulers? Don’t follow, think. (Yes, there are plenty of liberals and progressives who need that adomonishment too…so what?)
      Biden is a representative of the rich. But he’s under tremendous pressure from a joyful movement of activated Black, Indigenous and other people of color, and from white people who are sick to death of the divisions. Oh. And he’s under pressure from the systems of Earth, unbalanced by caste-induced consumerism.

    2. What an ignorant statement!
      Poor white guy Frank!
      I’m a middle aged wasp and I get tired of morons like you whining about how unfair your life is! Boo-Hoo!
      I’ll bet you’ve never been pulled over for the car you drive or neighborhood you’re in, or have to go to a crappy school because no one will hire you for the color of your skin.
      Everyone should have an equal opportunity and if you can t handle the competition, too bad!

    3. How about all the people from low income situations of many different races who have been responsible for great inventions throughout history. These blanket statements have no substance to back them up. Sometimes the people that have had to work the hardest, have accomplished the most, and these ideas are taking away from those achievements. If Biden is so concerned about jobs, not to mention the engineering and innovation that has gone into this already, he shouldn’t be taking them away like he did the Keystone Pipeline. And you don’t think that affects people of different races? There you have it, he is discriminating against many races by taking those jobs away and ignoring the technologic accomplishments that it has brought, not to mention the economic ones, to the transporting and availability of oil to our country. It’s interesting how inconsistent his policies are when it comes to different topics. He’s also not taking into consideration the fact that people have choices and the access some people have is based on their choices and the fact that some people are willing to work harder than others. No, our education system isn’t perfect, and just like everything else, we constantly work to make improvements, but pouring money into fixing our buildings isn’t going to change people’s work ethic. Maybe he should be more concerned about fixing families, where this all starts, and not tearing them apart with his radical ideas. No amount of money or opportunity is going to change people without changing their values, and that starts with children having the opportunity to come from a family that teaches them how to be a good person and work hard no matter what nationality you are. I believe his ultimate goal, along with the others that are responsible for the things happening in our country right now, is to create more and more contention to ruin the achievements that have been made and take away our freedoms in the name of social injustice.

  7. Thank you it’s time that public schools children and teacher’s as myself are given funding for we are the ones educating those children who otherwise are ignored and are not dealt with in private and charter schools.


    1. I agree that school system needs to be overhauled, not only physically but as well, in the classroom. Teachers no longer teach to improve one’s knowledge, they tach for a test. All these test hurt the student’s. Classrooms are to small and class sizes are to large. Crowded hallways are dangerous for everyone. In the case of an active shooter their is no place to hide. On the floor in the open with lights off is no protection. We need all spaces lead to a learning environment.

    2. If education is so important, why didn’t the administration include all the critically important agendas in one bipartisan bill instead of inflating several bills with pork projects that will saddle generations to come with a severe tax burden to pay off?

      1. Hear ye, hear ye. Repeal the Windfall Elimination Program. My $320/month is a down from that $800 windfall! These people have billions! They got a trillion dollars richer during the pandemic. Tax the rich not the poor.

      2. I have been dealing with this issue for more tan 30 years. I do not believe this will change in my lifetime. It is wrong and I know I have signed so many petitions and made calls to lawmakers and nothing changes on this subject. When will there some justice and concern for those people who taught students and tried to make them better human beings!!

        1. Funding needed to make sure all K-12 schools have a full time professional School Nurse on site every day. For many students, school nurses are the only health care professional available to them.

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