Massacres in Atlanta and Boulder increase demands for gun control

Mass shootings in Atlanta and Boulder less than one week apart have yet again stepped up the demand for commonsense gun control measures. In the Atlanta shooting on March 16, eight people were murdered, including six women from South Korea and China. The killer drove to three different spas and seemed to be targeting women of Asian descent.

Ten people were killed in the March 22 shooting at a King Soopers grocery store in Boulder, including employees of Local 7 of the United Food and Commercial Workers union and a police officer responding to the emergency. We mourn all the victims and join with families, activists, and organizations across the nation in demanding measures to help end gun violence.

In the 2019 Monmouth University Poll, 83 percent of respondents supported comprehensive background checks for all gun sales, including 65 percent of NRA members and 76 percent of gun owners who are not NRA members. The Bipartisan Background Checks Act (S. 529/H.R. 8) would require a background check for every gun sold and most transfers. The Enhanced Background Checks Act (H.R. 1446) extends the initial background check review period from three to 10 days.


58 responses to “Massacres in Atlanta and Boulder increase demands for gun control

  1. America leads the world in many ways but leading the world in mass shootings reflects on the lack of will of America’s leaders to act responsibly . Senators Rubio and Scott need to man up and make America safer. Gun violence in America is unacceptable.

  2. A three-day waiting period to do a background check is not long enough- even ten days is too short! A high-school student told me he thought it should be three months and ban automatic guns and rifles. I was very surprised to hear this from a young man; I totally agree!

  3. Other countries have much tougher gun laws. Why is the gun lobby so strong in the US? We must choose the right officials to represent us! Those not supported by the NRA!

  4. NOWHERE else in the WORLD is there such a TOLERANCE for GUNS and the DEATHS and CHAOS that result as there is in the USA! We keep saying, “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!” but WHEN is it REALLY?

  5. I hear gunshots in my neighborhood almost every week. It’s scary, unsettling, and nerve wracking that we continue to do nothing about these material possessions that harm so many. I am ok with responsible gun ownership but at some point it’s obvious that we clearly have an excess situation of guns in our community. Peoples lives should matter more than weapons designed to kill. Native Americans and African American people have been target off these deadly weapons for some time now. Can’t we invent less lethal weapons???? I mean we’ve sent man to the moon.

  6. ‘ The United STates has far too many guns ! Assault weapons are not ever needed by private citizens. They are not used for hunting, or to protect a persons home. Assault weapons are designed for war, for killing many people as quickly as possible. I do not see why private citizens are allowed to buy them, even with background checks. This needs to be changed, and many massacres in recent years of innocent people bears this out!

  7. The 2nd Amendment speaks to a well-ordered militia – it did not mean that each individual could take up arms for any reason under the sun – the NRA and gun rights activists and those who make money producing these military weapons insist that Americans are protected under the 2nd Amendment, but obviously the intent of the amendment when it was written did not or would not sanction such military weapons in the hands of individuals . Many congressmen and women are getting kickbacks from the gun lobbies to keep the status quo – You have to ask yourself how these people sleep at night – if some of these officials had family members or friends on the receiving end of these weapons, maybe they might have the strength to stand up to the pressure they receive from the gun group – however, the fact that Sandy Hook did nothing to give them pause, pretty much says that these legislators are in the pockets of the gun groups and lobbyists – it’s absolutely disgusting and hard to wrap your head around the callousness of these people!!

  8. I marched 3 years ago after the Parkland shootings. Nothing has been done to curb these shootings. It is appalling why nothing has been done. It is time. I was a former teacher and it breaks my heart why children or anyone should have to worry about shootings.

  9. WHY are we allowed to have semi-automatic weapons of mass destruction in America?WHY? This is far progression from muskets to military weapons. We need to protect our communities from mass destruction, no maatter what.

    1. I totally agree. I have NO comprehension why responsible gun owners would need/want any kind of semi or automatic weapon. They would certainly not need to be used for hunting. Please let me know if you find anyone who actually has a rational for their use other than massacring people. What a waste of innocent lives…

  10. These preventable tragedies are happening all over our country every day, it seems. For what are we waiting? How can people against gun control sleep at night?

  11. Everytown for Gun Safety identified 549 incidents of gunfire on school grounds between 2013 and 2019. This organization has far more credibility than the NRA, which is essentially a lobby for gun manufacturers; the NRA’s leaders have engaged in self-dealing and enriching themselves, and opposing police organization’s call for a ban on a type of cop-killing bullets that can pierce Kevlar vests. The NRA is currently under criminal investigation in the state of New York, and is undergoing a bankruptcy proceeding in an effort to escape its creditors.

  12. We, in America, have too many gun tragedies. It is time to end the sale of automatic weapons. We must have background checks. Nowhere else is this such a terrible problem but in America.

  13. It is way past time for meaningful gun legislation like The Bipartisan Background Checks Act (S. 529/H.R. 8) which would require a background check for every gun sold and most transfers. And the Enhanced Background Checks Act (H.R. 1446) which extends the initial background check review period from three to 10 days. A little more cool down time while in review could save lives.

  14. Criminals do not uphold to unconstitutional Gun laws. Nancy Pelosi and her gun control allies in the U.S. House recently passed two-gun control bills H.R. 8 and H.R. 1446. Joe Biden and Chuck Schumer are now pushing these bills in the U.S. Senate.
    This legislation won’t have any impact on crime or criminals, doesn’t address America’s broken mental health system and doesn’t address the underlying causes of violence.
    The first bill, H.R. 8, would criminalize the private transfer of firearms and targets law-abiding gun owners for persecution. It would make criminals out of law-abiding gun owners for simply loaning a firearm to a friend or some family members. This bill would not stop criminals from obtaining guns because criminals do not comply with the law. And the legislation would be unenforceable without federal gun registration.
    The second bill, H.R. 1446, would allow unelected government bureaucrats to indefinitely delay firearm purchases for law-abiding Americans – depriving them of the ability to defend themselves and their families.
    Giving the government total authority to document and oversee the movement of every legal gun in America is a recipe for a crackdown on law-abiding gun owners, while leaving criminals operating outside the bounds of the law untouched.

  15. 611 mass shootings in 2020. The IRA has marketed to those fearing gangs, drug groups. etc. We are a nation living in FEAR for our lives. The upsurge appears to have been after 911. Guns kill. People grab guns to solve their problems. Innocent people are dead.

    Why? Perhaps we need to go back to why a child throws a tantrum. Adequate rules, controls, and guidance have not been provided. However, other cases seem to stem from loss of personal control of their lives, ie, Covid-19 has pushed us all to the limit.

    A former president who supported individuals and groups with subversive ideas did not help. A senate which does not look down the road as to what is best for our country instead supporting only their party. The House could do some better. COMPROMISE does not seem to exist anymore. This will break our Nation into two parts.

  16. Stop the slaughter.
    We or our loved ones could be killed on a whim or brain flaw by anyone.
    Stop the guns and we stop the killings.

    1. There is one important item you are forgetting, the bad guys aren’t and won’t following laws, gun laws, robbery laws, or murder laws.
      So if you take guns away from law abiding citizens who have guns for their personal and their families protection, WHAT DO YOU SUPPOSE WILL HAPPEN???? Try thinking beyond the tip of you nose.

      1. who was talking about taking guns away from law abiding citizens? no body in this article. Why don’t you want background checks to buy guns? why would a law abiding citizen oppose that?

      2. I think that assault riffles are not needed to defend families and the only reason the republicans in congress favor that every bad guy or crazy guy could buy without problem that kind of gun is that the NRA put money in their pockets. Assault riffles are even ilegal for hunters, a pistol should be the only weapon available for private citizens. Try thinking beyond the base of your nose.

      3. No One wants to take guns away from Law Abiding Citizens. Gun SAFETY Laws are needed to protect citizens…At Church, Shopping, Where ever they go in our Country! Children should feel Safe At School…As they used to be in years past! We need to look at How and Why things have changed. I have especially seen the change … As a now retired Public School Teacher with 40 years of teaching! I think more counselors in schools and Awareness and Access to counseling
        for citizens in their communities would help, also! There are also a variety of ways and laws to prevent criminals from having access to guns! Assault weapons are for war …Not designed for use by civilians! I Especially know this from a Maine speaking about it to others…And from having worked with the military children and their families. This is also proven by the reduction in death by mass shooting when assault weapons and high-capacity magazines were banned in 1994 and the following years that they Were Banned in our Country. Let us Do What Work to Save Lives! Organizations training people to have good jobs and community service are also ways to lead young people Away from criminal behavior and into a successful way of living and caring for each other . Some are In Place Now!
        We do not need to be a country when everyone must be armed at all times where ever they go each day. We are Better than that… Working Together to support each other to be Civil in a Civilized Democracy! Together We Stand…For and With Each Other in Civilized Decency and Care for Each Other!

      4. It is pure madness and a sign of a lack of civilization when individuals attempt to rule with violence instead of legal, organised action. How will we be safe? Reduce the seeds of violence by caring for one another, eliminating poverty, expanding opportunities for upward mobility, taking care of the mentally ill, taking care of all the children to ensure safe and healthy lives, and let our trained professionals protect us when programs fail.

      5. Would you recommend carrying a loaded gun with you and the kids to the grocery store, school drop offs, the library, all sporting events? Everywhere!

        Keep it loaded in your bedside table handy for kids, too?

      6. Jim, nobody is going to take guns you might use to defend your family. This is about weapons of war being used by civilians. Do you also want a bazooka or hand grenade for defense? How about a tank? We The People are sick and tired of dying for your gundamentalist, ammosexual fetish.

      7. Common sense gun laws DO NOT suggest that guns be ‘taken away’ from ‘law abiding citizens’ ya’ll keep them if you must. But keep them locked up so children and irresponsible people can not access them. THAT SHOULD BE A LAW. Keeping guns out of the hands of the mentally ill and the people with criminal and/or a violent history IS what common sense gun laws aim to do. Must you own an assault rifle also? Because those weapons of war should be banned to preserve the safety of the public.
        Getting guns out of circulation will limit access by the bad guys, if they can’t get them they can’t use them. No it won’t stop the violence but it will reduce it. Eventually you won’t need to protect yourself with one That’s what I think will happen. Look at the statistics from other developed countries.

        going to school, shopping or to church or just walking in their neighborhoods.

  17. Maybe the Democrats should stop fomenting so much hate and division among various groups of Americans. Just a thought.

  18. We have to outlaw these military type weapons, and this racism has to be dealt with! Why some people think that they are the only ones who belong in America is outlandish! America is a melting pot for all who want to live free!
    Guns and racism don’t mix, and when you have people who think that they re superior to others it will always lead to tragedy! Haven’t people learned anything from our past yet?

  19. It is a common-sense approach to have a waiting period for buying a gun, while a background check is completed on the purchaser. This is the only way to keep guns out of the hands of the mentally deranged and felons. Republicans keep pivoting to the idea that we want to take away all the guns from everybody and they are defending the 2nd amendment. It is a bold lie. We do not want to take everyone’s guns. We just want to keep guns away from those people who should not have them in the first place. We do not offer a driver’s license to anyone who walks in the door. You must show a certificate of birth and then must pass a test to qualify for the license. It’s time to have a common-sense approach to gun ownership.

  20. The world is not stagnant. If our constitution is to continue to have meaning we must interpret it in terms of the current day not the past.

  21. We do not need assault weapons on the street. We need to ban them. But the crisis at our southern border is a problem too. Even though the Boulder shooter came here legally, terrorists can sneak in through the border and kill Americans like those in Boulder. The gunman was Syrian and I believe it will come out soon that he was connected with an extreme group that hates Americans. In hind sight, President Trump’s travel ban to certain countries was a good idea for our safety.

    1. Check your history Frank, the majority of mass murders committed on US soil were by White Americans. White racist Americans are our true terrorists. They have been terrorizing Americans citizens for decades and need to be put out of this country.

      1. Wanda, check YOUR history. There are no racist white Americans. The only people terrorizing anyone in the streets are the Black Lives Matter terrorists that got away with burning and looting cities last summer and assaulting police officers. We need to classify this organization as a hate group and eliminate them from America.

    2. Most gunmen involved in these killings are us citizens. Tangling gun reform with boarder issues and travel bans is misdirected.

    3. Frank, nice try, propagandist. Many more Americans are killed by DOMESTIC home grown terrorists than your boogyman foreign terrorists. BOO! Maybe you should go hide under your mommy’s bed.

      1. You missed the point Rob. If thousands of people are coming across our southern border, terrorists can enter the country and do harm to Americans. How is that propaganda? Try to stay on track Rob.

  22. The only purpose of an AR15 is to kill people; it was developed by the military for the military. We don’t allow people to have hand grenades, RPGs, or fighter jets. Why in heaven’s name do we allow civilians to have AR15s?

    1. I don’t want to come off sounding ‘partisan’, but it seems to me that the majority of the Republican party doesn’t want your 2nd Amendment rights violated nor do they want the flow of $$$ from the NRA hampered in any way…

      1. Just to clarify my statement of March 28th… the majority of the Republican party appears to be just fine with anyone being able to access ‘military weaponry’ for the mass killing of innocent adults and children just as long as the NRA keeps up the flow of money to their political party. Sending their thoughts and prayers after these horrific events seems to be enough for them to ‘comfortably’ side step and fight any kind of legislation that would place a ban on military style weapons.

    2. It is beyond time to ban production of, and ownership by civilians, of assault-style weapons. There is absolutely no need, nor any valid excuse, for such weapons to be in the hands of civilians.

  23. God control is desperately needed to put an end to the senseless, heartbreaking and ruination of this country. NO OTHER COUNTY IN THE WORLD EXHIBITS SUCH HANEOUS CRIMES WITH GUNS.

  24. What is wrong with this country, that people who are deranged can buy guns and shoot innocent people? This has to stop!

  25. We need gun reform laws now more than ever. Expanding background checks should be a minimum requirement.

  26. It is far beyond time for common sense gun laws. This does NOT restrict anyone’s 2nd Amendment rights. Let’s stop this ongoing slaughter in the US!

  27. Background checks may be a start to keep guns out if the hands of unbalanced individuals. We must also be vigilant and watch for signs that people are becoming irrational or losing touch with reality. Better to report some one than wish you had after the fact.

  28. Are we going to blame the pencil when a student fails a test? It is not the guns, it’s the social issues that need to be addressed! As an educator I oppose any new restrictive firearm laws that would do nothing to solve the crisis were in.

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