American Rescue Plan makes biggest education investment in U.S. history, cuts child poverty in half

President Biden signed the American Rescue Plan into law on March 11, the day after Congress finally passed it. The $1.9 trillion stimulus package will provide critical funding for public schools, create and support millions of jobs, cut child poverty in half, make health care more affordable, and put this pandemic behind us.

“This historic legislation not only provides the resources to help every school building put in place the effective measures needed to keep students and educators safe; it also makes extraordinary investments that will lift countless children and families out of poverty and works to address the immense inequities that have systematically affected the most vulnerable students and communities of color,” said NEA President Becky Pringle. The bill provides economic relief, updates vaccination efforts, and helps educators and students return to in-person learning.

Over the past months, NEA members and activists wrote hundreds of thousands of messages and placed thousands of calls to their senators and representatives advocating for Congress to pass this package that will include the single largest investment ever in education funding, providing nearly $170 billion to public schools. READ MORE



17 responses to “American Rescue Plan makes biggest education investment in U.S. history, cuts child poverty in half

  1. My family has been involved in education since before the Civil War. That’s 6 generations of college grads, 4 generations of Master’s Degrees, and 2 generations of Ph.D.s. It would be 3 generations of Ph.D.s, but both parents died before completing their dissertations. The civilized world is bypassing most US states, by offering easily affordable education from K through the doctoral level including M.D. and D.D.S. Their citizens live longer, are better educated on average, and will drive the U.S. into the second or third world if we don’t get a far greater percentage of our citizens at least through the A.B. level. The future of a country varies directly with the median level of education in its populace, not with the prowess of its professional athletes.

  2. It’s about time we valued our children’s education. Most developed countries fund education more than the U.S.
    Covid “distance” learning was devastating as was the evil Betsy DeVos.

  3. Billions for private schools? WTH 🤦🏽‍♀️ Have you forgotten that public schools are the backbone of democracy? We just witnessed thousands of poorly educated people attack our democracy. Shameful, Senator Schumer.

  4. America is finally investing in its children. This is a moderate and wise move to save our future.

    1. What a waste? Teachers unions are the problem? You must be basing your comment on many years of working in the public education system. Really? How about if we put money into building a wall on the Mexican border. Don’t you think that would be a much better idea? Teachers’ unions exist to support people working in schools and to ensure the success of current and future students in the system. Without them, our education system would be lacking even more and it is now. I am a teaching veteran of 30 years. I teach about the elementary and the college level. In both levels of our public education system, there are financial and systemic needs that need to be addressed. Well-educated and well-rounded individuals entering our society are essential for our success as a nation now and in the future. For this to be a reality, current needs in our country need to be addressed.

    2. Yeah, right. Teacher’s Unions really drain the needed funds for schools. Teachers salaries too. Who do they think they are, CEOs?

    3. Teachers, like postal workers, have taken pay cut after pay cut over the years. They advocate for children. Unions give us collective bargaining and keep employers from taking advantage over and over. Our CEOs are making 300-700 times their employees while they took only 30 times forty years ago. How is that fair as we build our corporations and America?

    4. Why are you here in this thread? Jw. If you’re part of the Union, and you don’t like what’s going on, work to make it better, or just complain. Which action or inaction will make it better? Choices have consequences. What choice will you make?

    5. I agree with Scott. get rid of the democratic controlled teacher unions and allow for school choice. let them compete for the dollars. My grandsons private schools did not shut down at all during this and continued in class learning with no cases. stop asking for more money and work within your budget. or cut out some of the Top admin positions and football programs. that would open up lots of funds for real education.

      1. Maybe your private school.didn’t shut down, but so many charter schools, that Betsy DeVos fought for, have shut down and were often run by businesses that didn’t know anything about educating youth. But they did know how to take the money. I agree that sports coaches are quite irrelevant in education. Sports should be seen as good exercise, nothing more.

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