House takes initial steps to end police brutality

In a near party-line vote of 220-212, the House passed the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act (H.R. 1280) to help end police brutality, protect civil rights and liberties, and change the culture of law enforcement agencies. These measures \ are part of Justice for Black Lives, the call to action issued by NEA’s executive committee in the wake of George Floyd’s murder and national protests against disproportionate police brutality in Black and brown communities. They include ending racial and religious profiling and no-knock warrants, mandatory de-escalation training for police, prohibiting chokeholds and other potentially fatal maneuvers like the one that killed George Floyd, and requiring police to use dashboard and body cameras.

Email your senators and ask them to support the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act.

24 responses to “House takes initial steps to end police brutality

  1. Our union is not considering that police officers are trained in our institutions and are union members also.
    One size does not fit all. The vast majority of officers are dedicated and well-trained to enforce the law. Being on drugs and going away from officers makes situations more intense. This legislation is too biased against law enforcement. Just as individuals deserve fair treatment, so do officers. Thank you.

  2. Clorinda , I just response to someone name Frank who said he can’t support this bill. I let him know the way a Black mother feel. I pray everyday for my children and every black child for their safety . Yes, black and brown communities suffer badly from police brutality disproportionate. I explain to him , it’s Hypocritical to say Black and brown people need to obey , respect, cooperate with the Police who’s only doing their job. I ask him why is it alright for White People who attack the United States Capital against the Police and walk out by themselves not harm. The Black and Brown people would be taken out in body bags. White Privilege and Blues Lives didn’t Matter. Black Lives Matter and Thanks to the White People and others nationally who Stood by us and believe God created us all in his image and we are people too, and should be judge by the color of our skin.

  3. So true Clorinda!
    Furthermore, we all should recognize that moral responsibility should follow privilege in a social system that is biased in favor of people in position and power. Those with “more” need to reckon their sense of moral identity—their sense of moral responsibility to actively address those with “less”. Only then may we move forward in harmony together.

    1. Who has less? You are the privileged! You have the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title VII, Affirmative Action, Civil Service test points and quotas, points on college applications, EOF, NAACP, etc. You are the privileged. Get real!

  4. Police are trained to punish not to serve the public. This must be changed & military equipment must be defunded.

  5. To serve & protect must be applied to ALL of our communities, regardless of demographics. More education, training & resources need to be incorporated into our community services. The police should not be the total sum of a response – we need social workers, psychologists & comprehensive public health areas to support our communities changing needs.

  6. I know from experiences with a family member that this prejudice and police brutality do exist in some areas. It’s a serious problem for brown and black people.

  7. If we wish to be thought of as a moral, caring, people, in line with traditional U.S. values, we must apply those values to everyone—even those of whom we disapprove, and those of racial, religious., ethnic, etc. differences from us as individuals. To pat ourselves on the backs, to declare we are ‘a Christian country’ and then behave as those officers behaved with Mr. Floyd, is the worst kind of hypocrisy. We are not only NOT defined as Christian by the Constitution, worse, we are not defined as Christian by the behavior we accept against those we choose to devalue for various ‘reasons.’

  8. If the GOP continues down the road it has followed with trump, as an electorate we must kick it to the curb and replace it as a major party in America—and I was a registered Republican until the days following the 2020 election when I finally gave up all hope that the party had any intention of showing any kind of moral substance.

  9. A chockhold was not applied to George Floyd and did not kill him. His death was mainly caused by the amphetamines, cocaine and fentanyl in his system. His death was hastened by being restrained. If he had cooperated with police he would not have had to be restrained. The disproportionate activity between the police and the black community is because more crime, especially violent crime and murders are committed in the black community. Police are not racist. They do not target black people. Stop with all this police brutality garbage. Obey the law and cooperate with police and you won’t have a problem. This act severely restricts the police and I cannot support passing it.

    1. Yes, anyone who believes above is either ignorant of the facts or wants to perpetuate Amerika; not have the US be America w/rights, freedoms and etc. for everyone Since the civil rights movements, the right-wing fascist, authoritarians have been doing what they can to return America to Amerika.

    2. You’re delusional. Fortunately for us and unfortunately for you and the Officers involved, the whole world was able to see EXACTLY what killed George Floyd.

        1. Societal studies have shown, time after time, the years of life lost (referring to the difference between an individual’s age at death and their corresponding standard life expectancy at age of death), that police violence disproportionately impacts young people, and the young people affected are disproportionately people of color, i.e. which includes black, brown, indigenous, and other people who are marginalized in our country.

          1. The young people disproportionately affected are all those committing crimes. Obey the law and cooperate with police and you won’t be disproportionately affected! How’s that for logical advice?

        2. Really Frank?? No one was blind. We all saw what happened to George Floyd while he was saying that he couldn’t breathe and crying out for his Mother. I cried just watching it and yelled at the TV to let him breath. I would never want anyone treated in that manner. If Floyd was being unruly, which he was not, put him in handcuffs don’t kill him.

    3. Do you actually KNOW any law enforcement officers? THEY will tell you how screwed up things are in Police Departments!!!!

    4. Frank, I am a mother of Black men ,grandsons , nephews, uncles, daughters ,granddaughters, nieces, aunties and cousins. Everyday , I pray for their safety. Not because they sell drugs or use illegal drugs ,involve in criminal activities and Not cooperating with Police. I pray that my Black children be treated with respect for who they are and not because of the color of their skins. Frank ,you say they do not target Black people , I beg the difference, if a Police stop a White person , he don’t know whether this person is a relative of the Mayor, Governor ,Congressman, Senator , Sheriff, Police Chief. In many States all these position are held by White people. So before they shoot this is in their mind . We are not animals, and should be given the same respect as other. God created all us in his image. I hope one day Frank , you and other White people Not all White people will realize ,who created all of us. Frank you have some nerve to ask Black people to Obey the law and cooperate with police and you won’t have a problem. Well , Frank please email me back and let me know the different between cooperating with the Police, by killing them, injuring , beating with flag poles ,spraying them with bear spray , disrespecting them, yelling , throwing sticks ,bottles , pushing , chasing them ,laughing at them and still walk out of the Capital with their lives ,and Not , I said not in body bags. If they were Black People, you know and I know it would have been a difference situation. Black Lives matter was sprayed with pepper spray , shot with rubber bullets, and met with National guards. Tell Why, because of White Privilege .I pray you and your family, never have to feel they way some of these murdered Black family feel. Frank , you can make a different in this world if you search your heart and be fair .Don’t tell me Blue Lives matter ,after January 12 when the insurrection ,sedition , coup attack our Capital , by your people not mines. Frank, you say this act severely restricts the police and cannot support passing it. Do you still feel this way after January 12, if so , you are saying only White People have the Privilege to broke the law ,not cooperate, use cocaine, meth, commit crimes, murders, disrespect and especially violent crimes against the Police and the United states Of America trying to over throw the Freedom of this Country. This is Hypocritical .

      1. Armor, there is no such thing as white privilege. That was made up and is just an excuse. Those at the capital were arrested and are now being prosecuted. The Black Lives Matter protesters were assaulting and shooting police officers, burning and looting cities and they were still not arrested. Stop hiding behind the concepts of police brutality, racial profiling, implicit bias and white supremacy. None of these things exist. The fact is that black people, although are only 12-13% of the population in the US, commit over 39% of all violent crimes and nearly 55% of all murders in this country. It is no wonder that police officers are concerned. Also, the fact is that George Floyd died from the drugs in his system. He wouldn’t have been in hand cuffs if he had cooperated with police. He was a career criminal who once put a gun to the stomach of a pregnant woman during a home invasion and demanded money. He served 5 years for that robbery. Tell those you refer to above and those you love, to obey the law, lead responsible lives and cooperate with the police and they will be just fine.

  10. We MUST end disproportionate police brutality in Black and brown communities. This is America. Let us live together in a just society.

  11. Black Lives Matter! Equality! No matter what, no human being should be handled in this manner. Brutality needs to end. Maybe, counseling could even help the officers. As I encouraged many of my friends who fought in Afghanistan. PTSD. Or was abused in their own childhood, relationships, etc. It’s 2021. Let’s move on, tomorrow is not just another day, but a better future! For every race, religion, sex, culture, etc.

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