American Rescue Plan Act heads back to the House

The American Rescue Plan Act passed by the Senate is heading to the House for a final vote with NEA’s top priorities intact. The bill provides $170 billion in dedicated education funding to advance the process of safely returning to in-person instruction at K-12 school buildings. At the higher education level, the funding can be used to provide institutional and student support to address the health, safety, and financial challenges created by COVID-19. An additional $350 billion in state and local aid will help avoid further layoffs of educators and other essential public servants. The bill also provides $7 billion in emergency funding for the Federal Communications Commission’s E-Rate program to address the “homework gap” and students’ lost opportunities to learn.

Other provisions include funding for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to test, track, and vaccinate people; larger Affordable Care Act premium subsidies; and extending supplemental unemployment benefits through early October.

Unfortunate changes made by the Senate include eliminating the proposed increase in the federal minimum wage—from $7.25 to $15 per hour by 2025—and shrinking $1,400 checks to zero more quickly for individuals making over $75,000 and married couples making over $150,000. The Senate bill also includes a $2.75 billion set-aside for private schools. Democrats aim to enact the American Rescue Plan Act before March 14, when unemployment benefits for more than 11 million workers begin to expire.

Urge your representative to support the American Rescue Plan Act, with $170 billion to ensure safe and just schools for all students—from kindergarten to college.

24 responses to “American Rescue Plan Act heads back to the House

  1. Ever since the trump stole OUR WHITE HOUSE he seems to think that he now owns OUR COUNTRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! His followers share this “thought” with him. He has nearly taken us down. It’s time to turn the tables on this pretender and all of his loyal pets (his followers).

  2. Public Education is in a great need for financial support to make it safe for our students and staff to return to schools. Your vote is greatly appreciated.

  3. “republicans” are obstructing this not because they have our best interests at heart, but because they do not want to hand President Biden and the Democratic Party a victory on legislation that is popular amongst voters from both parties. This legislation is necessary and vital. GET IT DONE. The “republicans” who choose to stand against this their votes will hopefully be remembered when it comes time for elections. Obstructing vital legislation during a time of national crisis is not patriotic

    1. Please support legislation that opens support for our teachers and improves educational opportunities for students

  4. Support schools and Teachers so they can stay open safely! Please put our children and staff safety first above financial gain!!!

  5. Where is the real support for our nation’s young adults after they leave k-12?
    Give them free college education and wrap around support.
    We owe it to our nation to have well educated, critical thinking citizens.

  6. Support schools and teachers so they can open up safely.
    Why needlessly endanger lives so the wealthy can make a few bucks?

    1. Please support the American Rescue Plan Act! Millions are struggling without jobs and the ability to care for their families. Protect schoolchildren abd school teachers and employees. Extend insurance for the jobless during these terrible times.

  7. Even if everything in this bill seems excessive, we must help the children catch up in any way possible.

  8. It’s time to return to school but safety measures need to be in place. It begins with supporting teachers first, vaccinating them and making the classrooms a safe place.

  9. Sadly the partisan passage in the Senate would have required the VP to break a tie were it not for a Republican Senator to miss the vote for a family funeral. The grab bag of dollars is disgusting when there are unspent billions ($60 billion) from the previous bill that was a bipartisan passage. A one party rule is not the bipartisanship promised by Biden and the efforts by teachers unions throughout this Nation are NOT working in the best interest of families and students when SCIENCE has stated a return to in class education in needed to achieve a level of learning needed to not have wasted a year where depression has been rampant with students committing suicide and missing the classroom education experience with their friends and other school activities important to emotional growth.
    My father was an educator, my wife was an educator and one of my children is an educator at in the public school systems in PA. I find it insulting to all of the tax payers and parents of school children who need in person teaching so they can return to their jobs and get the economy moving while teachers (many of them) are dedicated and want to return to the classroom, yet the unions and union leadership are blocking the way back. YOU ARE WRONG!

  10. Its time we honor part of the Preamble to the Constitution… to insure domestic tranquility…[and] promote the general welfare [for] ourselves and our Posterity…..What’s so hard about that?

  11. Education is imperative for a functioning Democratic Republic. It should always be among our highest budget priorities. Exceeding military and/or mirroring It’s budget.

  12. Vote against the Senate bill. Use your power the way Joe Manchin did. You stand with vast majority of Americans and Manchin does not. Fan out into states of senators who voted against min wage and shame them. Send Bernie and AOC to Biden and tell him to step up and be a leader. And fulfill his promise.

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