COVID-19 package passes House; now it’s up to the Senate

By a vote of 219-212, the House passed the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan proposed by President Biden. The bill provides $170 billion in dedicated education funding to advance the process of safely returning to in-person instruction at K-12 school buildings and provide institutional and student support at the higher education level to address the health, safety, and financial challenges created by COVID-19; $350 billion in state and local aid to avoid further layoffs of educators and other essential public servants; and $7 billion in emergency funding for the Federal Communications Commission’s E-Rate program to address the “homework gap” and lost opportunities to learn by equipping students and educators with internet access and devices for remote teaching and learning.

Other provisions of the bill include funding for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to test, track, and vaccinate people; increased Affordable Care Act premium subsidies so people don’t have to pay more than 8.5 percent of their income for coverage; and increased support for Medicaid, community health centers, and tribal health programs. The bill also provides $1,400 payments to eligible individuals earning under $75,000 a year; and increases supplemental unemployment benefits from $300 to $400 per week, and extends them through August. While the bill also includes a provision that raises the federal minimum wage from $7.75 to $15 per hour by 2025, the Senate parliamentarian ruled that the provision violates budget rules and cannot be included in the package. Senate democrats are exploring their options, but will likely need to find another vehicle.

As the action moves to the Senate, Democrats are pushing to enact the law before March 14, when unemployment benefits for more than 11 million workers begin to expire.

Urge the Senate to pass the American Rescue Plan, with $170 billion to ensure safe and just schools for all students—from kindergarten to college.



24 responses to “COVID-19 package passes House; now it’s up to the Senate

  1. A lot of people have become homeless or are on the verge of becoming homeless. With over 500k people dead because of the virus, a lot of families can not survive financially. Have a heart! People are suffering. $1400 doesn’t even take care of one month’s rent for most people. How much more do we have to suffer to get some help?

  2. We have suffered enough, so please do the right thing and hopefully the Senate will pass this bill, President Biden knows what we need 🙂

  3. What else is in this package that has not one thing to do with COVID-19. Money for overseas, Money to rebuild the smitisonian institution., etc

  4. With hundreds of millions destined to the Defense Dep. Not to mention to the making of guns and weaponry. Why wouldn’t matter even most the imperative support to all the working class people and their families in this excruciating agonic times we all are facing on?? DO THE RIGHT THING & GET US WHAT WE HAVE ALREADY EARNED!!!!

  5. The American people do not care what the parliamentarian thinks; they care about whether Democrats can deliver on their promises. We must do so, now.

  6. This is an investment for the future of the nation. The money spent here will come back to our nation when we protect businesses from failing, provide for public health and other needs to reopen businesses and salvage the economy. Unlike other government spending this money will not go down some rabbit hole to never be seen again. It will be money well spent that will generate income for business and help us recover from a public health crisis

  7. This is about helping the people who really are the engines of our economy. It is about “trickle up” economics, not “trickle down” economics. “republicans” claim to be all for small businesses and yet when push comes to shove , they abandon small businesses and working people in favor of large donors. GET THIS DONE. We are watching you and there will be an accounting if you vote against the overwhelming will of the people during the next election cycles to come for sometime.

  8. The Senate has done nothing for the past 12 years but pass a tax break for the rich. That was wildly unpopular. This is your chance to demonstrate that you actually are worth something. Do the right thing.

  9. It is time to help our public schools, businesses and communities during this pandemic. Don’t you want to be on the right side of history?

  10. It is time to respect education and educators.. so do the right thing and help out the people who show up EVERYDAY to make a difference!!!

  11. Educators, students, and parents and their employers, have suffered long enough. It is time to get America back to where it was before the pandemic, and it all starts with public schools. It is up to the US Senate to show that they really care about the American people.

    1. As a former educator, we need to plan and pay for our future with education. Students need a good education to be good citizens of the future so they can understand what needs to be done.

  12. Please do the right thing. 70% of Americans want this bill, so if you are truly representing Americans it should pass by 70%!

  13. Please do the right thing. 70% of Americans want this bill, so if you are truly representing Americans it should pass by 70%!

  14. I consider it an embarrassment that neither Senator from Indiana voted to help the American people. I will remind my fellow Hoosiers when election time comes around.

  15. How long are the people in our Government going to wait before they give back to the people not big business but the people – Covid 19 isn’t out of nature from a Biological warfare lab – so Governments owes the people ☠️ And about 15 dollars an hr. Would any of you guys work fir that ….. I think not ……. better do whats right – remember you work for the People not a bank account☠️

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