New immigration bill provides pathways to citizenship

President Biden’s promise “to restore humanity and American values to our immigration system” is the basis for the U.S. Citizenship Act introduced Feb. 18 in both the Senate and the House. The bill would provide legal status and pathways to citizenship for Dreamers—people brought to the United States as minors who know no other country as home—and others allowed to remain here for humanitarian reasons.

“The introduction of the U.S. Citizenship Act of 2021 is a necessary and good step towards transforming America’s inhumane immigration system into one that is more humane, functional, and centered in racial justice, and respects all people, regardless of race, religion, or birthplace,” said NEA President Becky Pringle. She noted that those who would benefit include “an estimated 15,000 educators who have continued to provide and sustain student learning during the pandemic.”

For participants in Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and Temporary Status Holders (TPS) since Jan. 1, 2017, the pathway to citizenship would be three years. For undocumented individuals in the United States since Jan. 1, 2021, the pathway to citizenship would be eight years—temporary status for five years, then Lawful Permanent Resident (LPR) or green card status for three years. The bill would also eliminate restrictions on family-based immigration and expand visas for foreign workers.

Email your senators and representative and ask them to support the U.S. Citizenship Act. 

17 responses to “New immigration bill provides pathways to citizenship

  1. I have many relatives that came to this country illegally from Mexico,in desperate need to provide for their families. Over the years, most of them have become residents and all of them are productive members of our society. Their children and grandchildren getting the opportunities that the parents and grandparents didn’t have and enriching this country culturally and economically with their work.

  2. It is about time that Republican Senators work faithfully with the Democratic Senators to pass a reasonable immigration bill that will benefit the many immigrants in this country who are living in the “dark shadows” due to status in this country. I have not seen any desire on your part to do anything for needy families in this country. They need to feel that they belong in this country.

  3. This bill is LONG overdue! The current system is so harmful and traumatic to students, families and entire communities as well as the nation.

    1. No way. It isn’t long over due. Too much stress on America and the people who have been here and working to pay their bills.

  4. I am the grand-daughter of immigrants searching for a better life after all of the wars in Europe. I thank them for coming.

    1. So true but when my family came from Italy the we’re proud to be Americans, worked hard to contribute to society, and followed the rules and laws as I was taught! We had good core values and RESPECT of others, LOVE of country and family!!

  5. Please help. No one should suffer from separation, nor loss of life. Making it cheaper and easier to become a citizen,
    should include all walks of life.

  6. I am in favor of providing a path for citizenship to all immigrants who have a history of working hard here and contributing to our country. For those who would be proud to be American Citizens. But, I am not in favor of letting those with a criminal history in this country stay here. We don’t need criminals here. They need to be deported. Get them out of our country and let those that obey our laws and work hard, stay here.

    1. You have been listening to fake news. Immigrants with criminal records are almost non-existent. Unless you can provide a credible source, please stop furthering this lie.

      1. Jana, you are the one furthering the lie. There are plenty of gang members and criminals in this country that are undocumented. I have friends from Equador that came across the Mexican border with bad people. My friends are hard working, trustworthy people who are proud to be American and deserve a path to citizenship. But, there is always a criminal element in society and under past administrations they have been deported. Don’t you watch the news?

    2. Totally agree with you frank, things need to be fixed, criminals jump back and forth especially MS 13, they r heartless, have had contact with them before have no conscience, and these poor families need to be back together

      God Bless

  7. I have worked with DACA students;many came here when they were very young. They really only know the USA. Let’s give them the opportunities to make our country better.

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