Dr. Miguel Cardona gets bipartisan support at confirmation hearing

The Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions (HELP) Committee voted to advance Dr. Miguel Cardona’s nomination for Secretary of Education by a vote of 17-5. During his confirmation hearing, Cardona stressed that “we must be able to reduce spread and contain the virus” to reopen school buildings safely. “If we really want to recover, we need to invest now,” he said, noting that President Biden’s COVID-19 package would make it possible to hire more teachers, school counselors, and expand summer programming. The full Senate is expected to confirm Cardona’s nomination before the month is out.

Please email your senators and tell them to support Miguel Cardona for Secretary of Education.

3 responses to “Dr. Miguel Cardona gets bipartisan support at confirmation hearing

  1. Any and every market that can be open to the American Market needs to be open. We must also recognize that many jobs are paid a lot less in other countries than in American. Many of their employees are paid slave wages, so as these markets move to America, how are Americans going to be paid? What training is available to 11th and 12th graders, and maybe even 10th graders who may want to enter those markets without going to 4 year colleges?

  2. Education should be broad way not narrow way because our future of generations and our country depends upon education systems and all researches and invention discovery through education. Mostly Engines theories and inventions come from Europe because at that time their education was advanced than other countries. West German invented so many advanced Techniques like Rotary Wankle Engines but US made and manufactured those advance machines. I have worked for Michigan Automotive State(Motor State) more than Twenty Five Years and also in California State for Manufacturing Industries, but mostly Production Machines and Machine Tools are imported from Japan, German & Korea, why we can’t make those machines because lack of education and lack of support from our Government about advance techniques. So please we need to change our education systems through by brain not through Microphone to communicating with the people or the students because these people are hurting to our country and to people.

  3. Please confirm Dr. Cardinal as Secretary of Education. As a constituent and educator it is vital and a relief to have someone with his experience in education.

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