Key committees approve components of COVID-19 package

Key components of President Biden’s $1.9 trillion COVID-19 stimulus and relief package advanced this week as they passed out of these House committees: Education and Labor, Ways and Means, Energy and Commerce, and Oversight and Reform. The next stop is the House floor the week of Feb. 22, and then the Senate. Democrats are pushing to pass the entire package by early to mid-March, when unemployment benefits again expire.

The package approved by House committees this week includes NEA’s top priorities: $170 billion in dedicated education funding to help advance the process of safely returning to in-person instruction at K-12 public school buildings, college campuses and universities; $350 billion in state and local aid to avoid further layoffs of educators and other essential public servants; and $7 billion to address an aspect of the digital divide known as the homework gap—the inability to do schoolwork at home due to lack of internet access—via the E-Rate program administered by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

NEA is also pushing to require all employers to provide paid sick leave for the duration of the pandemic. Sixty percent of U.S. workers do not have access to paid sick leave through their employers, including many education support professionals.

Urge Congress to pass the American Rescue Plan, with $170 billion to ensure safe and just schools for all students—from kindergarten to college.

15 responses to “Key committees approve components of COVID-19 package

  1. it is past time to deal with the business of education, meeting the health challenges that covid has produced and coming back in our economic development for all

  2. let’s get the country’s health both mental and physical start moving in more positive and helpful directions

  3. So many people need this help.
    With all the bad & ugly things that have happened, this will be a bright spot.

  4. Congress must pass the American Rescue Plan, to ensure safety and just protection to schools for all students—from kindergarten to college.
    Also to pass the employers paid sick leave till the pandemic it is really controlled and ended.

    Ms. Maria Celia Hernandez 2-14-2021

  5. Approve a package which helps failing business’s, assists schools in re-opening covid ready, individuals and families whose jobs were affected by covid.

    I don’t feel those whose income has not been affected by covid should receive any assistance in relation to the affects of covid.

  6. I would ask that when you are considering voting that you cross the party line and vote for the education and care of our children. Remember, our children are our future and the future of our nation.

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