Americans support Biden’s COVID-19 package by big margins

Stressing the need to act quickly, congressional Democrats laid the groundwork for passing President Biden’s COVID-19 package with a simple majority vote via the budget reconciliation process. Early Friday morning, after a chaotic process called “vote-a-rama,” the Senate voted 51-50 to advance the budget bill that will serve as the legislative vehicle—Vice President Harris cast the tie-breaking vote. Now, lawmakers will turn to translating Biden’s COVID-19 package into law. Democrats are rushing to complete the process by early to mid-March, when unemployment benefits again expire.

Ten Republican senators have offered a counterproposal that would provide less than one-third the $1.9 trillion Biden seeks to help heal our nation. Republicans reduced the cost by cutting $150 billion from school aid, eliminating support for hard-hit state and local governments, scaling back and shortening the duration of unemployment benefits, and reducing stimulus payments to individual Americans from $1,400 to $1,000.

More than two-thirds of Americans support Biden’s COVID-19 package, according to a new poll from Quinnipiac University. Democrats back it 97-3 percent and Independents 68-25 percent while Republicans oppose it 47-37 percent; 16 percent had no opinion. Nearly 80 percent of Americans favor $1,400 stimulus payments.

NEA’s top priorities for COVID-19 relief include dedicated education funding, state and local aid, and closing the homework gap via the E-Rate program. We support President Biden’s proposal for $130 billion to help public K-12 school buildings reopen safely, $35 billion to help public colleges and universities do the same, and $350 billion in state and local aid to avoid further layoffs of educators and other essential public servants.

Another big issue is the lack of paid sick leave—many education support professionals are among the 60 percent of U.S. workers who do not have access to paid sick leave through their employers. NEA is urging Congress to renew and strengthen the requirement that employers provide paid sick leave and expand family and medical leave during the pandemic—make it available to eligible employees whether school buildings are open or closed, and require all employers to provide it.

Email your senators and representative and tell them to pass a robust COVID-19 package.

41 responses to “Americans support Biden’s COVID-19 package by big margins

    1. Aside these strategies to help mitigate the spread of the coronavirus teachers should be next in the order of Frontline workers to receive the vaccine. I am so disappointed at the states’ response one again in the wake of an emergency. Every teacher knows that if the students fail, we’ve failed. How is it that leadership continues to fail us and we continue to accept it?

  1. Teachers are front line workers. If we are serious about wanting schools to be in-person then teachers should be receiving their vaccines now. I am a retired teacher. I can stay home. I want my former colleagues vaccinated so they can be safe when being required to teach in-person.

  2. We all hear the comment “Stay safe” on a daily basis. We want to stay safe and we want to go back into safe schools. Teachers and staff need to get vaccinated ASAP! Once we get tMhe vaccination, we will be able to “Stay safe!” Thank you for making this happen.

  3. Teachers are essential workers. They should get top priority in receiving the vaccine especially if they are in an older age group.

    1. Teachers and school support employees must have the vaccine before returning to their schools! It is essential that they are protected and cared for or they will not be able to safely care for our nations children!

    2. Yes and also contract workers who are many retired educators who work as Diagnosticians, LSSPs, Speech Therapist, etc.

    3. Teacher need to be safe. They need to be able to go home and keep our families safe. We miss the kids we teach as much as they miss us. Let’s keep us all safe.

    4. Teacher need to be protected.
      They need to be able to go home and keep our families safe. We miss the kids we teach as much as they miss us. Let’s keep us all protected. Let’s us be the next to receive the vaccination.

    5. I am a teacher and have received my first vaccine, however I cannot get an appointment for my second vaccine. I want to go to the classroom with my student, but I want to be protected. Why are we having so much trouble getting our vaccines?

  4. I am a teacher teaching face to face over 100 students a day since August. I am not quite old enough to get the COVID vaccination but I’m at risk daily to contract the virus. I pray that our Governor has enough foresight and compassion to do the right thing for educators on the front line. Make teachers a priority!

  5. The Covid relief package is a needed to assist the country avoid economic disaster, and to help those who are in distress through no fault of their own.

  6. My husband is 71 and hit the lottery, passing our local pharmacy inside the market he was asked if he’d like to get the Moderna injection#1.
    He’s on the list for #2 -late Feb.
    I can’t seem to get anywhere with my doctors, county, or local hospital.
    I’m 69 and have health risks, plus a cancer survivor of 4yrs. but have found it’s near impossible here in so. California to get an answer as to availability of any kind.
    I’m on a county list for notification
    of the vaccine, any type, hopefully soon?!
    Thx. Be Safe…

  7. New Jersey’s system for vaccination is horrible too. My in laws are 82 and their appointments just got cancelled. My husband and I are teachers and we have been unable to make appointments. I have heard that The Mega sites are set up great and very safe. Wish we could get our vaccines soon.

  8. My husband and I have also been trying to get shot but not from lack of trying, We are 68 and 69 years old with numerous ailments. We definitely fit the requirement but keep getting roadblocks. In our county (Hidalgo) in south Texas everything needs online registration …we need help I’m NOT computer savvy . Last week we waited 3 1/2 hours in line for bracelets at a stadium down the road from where we live. Entrance was closed before we could get there .Local news said traffic was causing problems on the expressway. We were not on the expressway. Even local pharmacies are requiring online registration . There’s got to be a better way. Our doctors clinic keeps telling me they’re not receiving shots They know a majority of their patients meet this criteria. How sad

  9. I am 81 and I have a heart condition(AFIB). I have not recieved a vaccination and no one can say when I will get one. I live in New Haven, MO I am signed up with 3 separate providers.

  10. It is not the time to coerce educators back into the classrooms with the vaccine just weeks away and new variants becoming dominant in the U.S. Please don’t force educators to choose between their health, that of their families and communities, and that of the children and their livelihood.

  11. I have been lucky to get the first vaccine dose; however, it is not the reality for many of my neighbors and many other teachers across our country. The most painful aspect to me is seeing my students’ parents get slaughtered by this disease. Thanks to all and anyone who are trying to help!

  12. I live in Valencia, CA., I am over 70 yrs. old and I still teach Kindergarten everyday on “ZOOM”. I went on to last Sun.1/31 to try to get an appt. for the Covid vaccine..everything when well setting up date, Fri 2/5/time 1:30/location of appt ,Magic Mountain Theme Park, 10 mins from my home YEAH!! ez/pz right I was even assigned the 2nd appt for the vaccine 21 days later. The last step was completing personal health questionnaire when the system “CRASHED” all information confirmation was I decided to call the HELP LINE@ 833-422-4255 the 1st thing following day, Mon., 8:00AM as soon as they accepted calls. I was on Hold, for about an hour,which I expected so, I just put my mobile on “speaker phone” and make a pot of white bean turkey chili..I was then connected to my “guardian angel”..Laura set up another appointment for me in 4 days 2/5, 10 mins from home..she was kind, patient and knowledgeble… I arrived @ Magic Mountain early@ 1:00 everyone was was helpful, organized, doing the job with my welfare in mind..we did a “ZIG-ZAG” dance with the cars..going in/out of orange-cone set-up traffic lanes instead of lining up in a “straight line that would have lined up the cars all the way up the “I-5” BRILLIANT…I stayed in my car, “Nurse Mary” double checked my photo ID and asked health questions, then asked which arm I preferred for the vaccine injection..she then swabbed my shoulder, was applying the band-aid before I realized I DID NOT feel the injection!! I was told I needed to wait in my car 15mins to check for an adverse reaction, Nurse Mary put a “stickie” on my windshield showing the time,15 mins later,she would check back with me..All was well with me , she gave me an “information” sheet and wished me well. I was in-out in 45Mins..incredible.I was asked to complete a “customer service survey” regarding my experience but I chose to comment through this venue to express my sincere and appreciative thanks to ALL the WONDERFUL people that literally found a way to “work together” to “SAVE LIVES”. When “AMERICANS” come together for the “COMMON GOOD” nothing, not even a virulent virus, can defeat or vanquish the US in USA. We just need to remember that NONE of US deserves to be “LEFT BEHIND”..WE WALK AWAY FROM NO ONE…Call a SENIOR Neighbor that may need help getting a COVID APPT. WE are ALL in this together… “WE THE PEOPLE” means…”WE LEAVE NO ONE BEHIND”!

  13. Same here in New Jersey. Difficult to get vaccines. It’s very dangerous for teachers and administrators around the country. Hopefully with J&J producing 100 million vaccines and NOVAVAXX and Astra Zeneca coming out soon, we can turn the corner. Stay safe and healthy my fellow teachers and administrators.

  14. I am impressed. Biden and Harris said they would take care of Americans. They are showing it! People do not know you care, until you show you care. The money is coming from the Treasury borrowing money from the Federal Reserve. That is what reserves are for.

    1. Hi Judith, I have to disagree with you on Biden and Harris taking care of Americans. They talk a good game but we need more action! Some of the executive orders Biden signed are not necessarily good for the U.S. either. Like shutting down the border wall construction and removing the travel ban and joining the nuclear arms treaty with Russia and China. This only restricts the U.S.. Those countries have been producing warheads and nukes in spite of the treaty. I’m not a Biden or Harris fan.

  15. I live in Michigan & my husband & myself have not received the vaccine yet.
    We are 69yrs old & I have COPD.
    I have quit working as a sub at the school I used to work at fulltime for 17yrs because I can’t be around all of those people for that long with a mask on.
    My breathing is labored as it is.
    Just want to get back to normal.
    Miss seeing everyone😢😷😢

    1. My wife and I are in our mid 70’s, both of us retired teachers. We finally were put on a list for WHEN the vaccines become available in Northern Illinois, West of Chicago and Cook County.

  16. I’ve had eleven members of my family get Covid 19. One of them died of it in Arizona. The other have all survived. My brother was in the hospital for almost three weeks, but he survived, he lives in Santa Clarita, CA. I know how devastating and dangerous this virus is. I am very proud that President Biden is trying to give the American people some help in this very precarious time.
    I am a retired teacher who taught for 30 years, I’m 69 years old and my husband owned a tour company in San Francisco, he is 70 years old.

  17. We, American Voters, have waited 11 months to receive a True Stimulus Financial Aid Package. We watched as ALL Developed European Countries, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand provided Monthly Financial & Housing Assistance; Ranging from $1650 to $2500 USD, While We, Americans, Have Gone WITHOUT. We PAY our TAXES to the Federal Government in order fund programs in time of National Disaster. Time To Pay US Back!

  18. The health care system and education systems need help to get vaccines in arms and kids safely in school. Remote learning is not successful for the vast majority of students. However, it is not fair for teachers to be expected to work unprotected! They must have vaccines, PPE and safe environments.

    We must have this COVID RELIEF Bill. By giving citizens some financial relief will help stimulate the economy as they spend the stimulus monies. This is a win-win for all of us. Thank you to the Democrats who care about the American citizens!

  19. At 77 I understand the need for the vaccine yet there
    is no enough for me yet and not even a future appointment. Seems wrong.

  20. There are 3 things you need to support to bring our rural county to become a healthy community.
    Comprehensive COVID relief. We all want to live. To pay for it , consider raising taxes on those who got a windfall from Trump. The stock market has made a killing, while minimum wage workers are paying with their lives. Time for the well-off to pay a fair share.
    Conservation Corps, with employment and training , to save our environment and bring good jobs with benefits to Fayette County. Big coal extracted from us, leaving cancer and black lung. Our elders told us to get a good education and contribute to our communities. They didn’t glorify mining. Many of their friends and relatives died underground. Frackingcame after, injecting who knows what into our water supply, providing transient wealth to a few. Now let’s build a sustainable, healthy community. One with good race relations, too, not a culture of hatred. I do not forget that most of our grandparents were immigrants. New arrivals enrich our communities.
    Nationwide we need an infrastructure plan, where we can rebuild all that is crumbling.
    I hope you truly care about your constituents. No more Trumpian lies. Work for the good of our nation, our state, our county. You will be blessed if you do this.

    1. Mary, there is no culture of hatred in this country. Our country needs to stop making victims of certain people. There is no such thing as social injustice, institutional racism or implicit bias. Let’s move on. Our country has to stop pointing the finger and move forward.

  21. Our senators & representatives are great! They are very visible on TV, on Facebook and other media forms. They are always supporting their constituents! I am blessed to live in such a great state! Thank you for all that you do to help those in need!

  22. We have appreciated your quick response to this COVID crisis. I like what you are doing. I am 69 my wife 68. My mom 92 and in western NC. We are on a ridiculously long list to get our vaccines Western NC is not getting its fair share. I hope we will get our vaccines soon. People around us are getting them and we can’t figure out why. We are getting nervous particularly for my mom. Thank you for listening.

  23. It is time to get back to reality. Stop CEO from getting vaccinated and get all teachers and school workers vaccinated NOW.
    Also, do what is right and stop hurting our country. Convict Trump. He did nothing but waste government dollars on him and his family and friends and create a hostile environment. If you can’t stand against him you should leave office. After all, you are supposed to be working for the people and not him.

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