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House expected to vote soon on democracy reforms

Educators rally to pass the Voting Rights Amendment Act

The For the People Act (H.R. 1), the most comprehensive democracy reform bill in decades, is expected to come to the House floor soon. The measure rests on three pillars: reaffirming and expanding voting rights, strengthening oversight to end big money in politics, and ensuring an ethical government. To achieve these goals, H.R. 1 would institute automatic voter registration, voluntary public financing of campaigns, place new limits on partisan practices like gerrymandering and purging voter rolls, and require candidates for president and vice president to release their tax returns for the previous 10 years. H.R. 1 also makes a strong argument for the District of Columbia to become a state.

Email your representative and tell them we need democracy reform NOW.

9 responses to “House expected to vote soon on democracy reforms

  1. Some representatives have been acting as if they are not representing a democracy, and I am alarmed by and fearful of their behavior. This bill will help to hold them accountable to the citizens of the U.S.

  2. James K. Hadcroft here. I voted for you and I’ll vote for you again. THANK YOU for standing up and standing strong. You are doing what it takes to defeat fascism.

    Help stop the attempted fascist takeover of the U.S.A.

    “The freedom of speech may be taken away and dumb men silent,
    we may be led like sheep to the slaughter.” George Washington

    We’ve been socially distanced for years. It’s called racism.

    James K Hadcroft
    Veteran, Active Voter, Progressive, Taxpayer

  3. This is our chance to hold our representatives accountable. Rep. Schweikert, we are watching you!! All voting should be easier, not harder.

  4. Remove white supremacy and racism from all aspects of government especially police on up to the presidency, racism in not a political stance or “a difference of opinion” it has always been terrorism.

  5. I truly appreciate all your efforts fighting for we the people. Like never before we are in trying times and every dollar is needed, we need your support to pass this bill for our working-class family.

  6. I too enjoy contacting my senators, representatives and all my elected officials.
    I do it not for myself or self gain but for service that I will continue to do as veteran, teacher and parent.

  7. Please support the working class snd poor. In one inequality occurs off the backs of the poor and workers. Please do more to hold corporations, Wall Street, military industrial complex, etc. accountable. It’s been too long that the rich have not been made to pay their fair share. No more!

  8. I truly enjoy writing to my representatives. For me, it’s a chance to indulge in self-care. I wonder if other parents and teachers feel that way.

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