House to vote soon on democracy reforms

Educators rally to pass the Voting Rights Amendment Act

On Jan. 4, Rep. John Sarbanes (D-MD) reintroduced the For the People Act (H.R. 1), the most comprehensive democracy reform bill in decades. The measure rests on three pillars: reaffirming and expanding voting rights, strengthening oversight to end big money in politics, and ensuring an ethical government. Measures to achieve these goals include automatic voter registration, voluntary public financing of campaigns, placing new limits on partisan practices like gerrymandering and purging voter rolls, and requiring candidates for president and vice president to release their tax returns for the previous 10 years. H.R. 1 also makes a strong argument for the District of Columbia to become a state.

Passed by the House nearly two years ago, H.R. 1 was among hundreds of measures consigned to the legislative graveyard of then-Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY). Democrats have renewed the push for action now that they control both the House and the Senate—albeit by razor-thin margins. The full House could vote on H.R. 1 the first week of February.

Email your representative and tell them we need democracy reform NOW.

22 responses to “House to vote soon on democracy reforms

  1. Do Not let this Bill Pass. I do not support. Why should we expand voting rights to people who are not legal citizens of the United States? That is what will happen if this bill passes. This bill will not ensure an ethical government. Voter registration should not be automatic. Voting is a ‘right’ for all ‘legal’ citizens. Voting is not a privilege for all who just happen to be living in the U.S. Our current administration is not for ‘all’ of the people (not for ‘all’ of the legal citizens). This bill is just another way to proves it. This bill negates the rights of our legal citizens and opens a ‘Pandora’s Box’ to chaos in our country.
    As JK puts it…
    Don’t let this happen!!!!
    We the people are those who worked, paid taxes, supported our country and earned the right to vote. NO ONE ELSE !!!
    It would never happen in any other country, why would we let it happen here?!!
    Only ‘living’ legal citizens!!!

    1. You are misinformed. Please research this before posting incorrect information. There are laws that prevent non-citizens from voting. Clearly, this bill does NOT give non-citizens voting rights. I would suggest one 1st become better informed by not listening to Fox “News”. I dare you to do that for ONE week. Listen to NPR instead. You might learn you’ve been duped.

  2. We always must keep our voting and election systems secure. Especially by enacting the For The People Act (HR1). No foreign interference. No more Trump at all.

  3. Yes All Of Us may not include the two Republicans who voted illegally, however, all of us. ALL OF US.

  4. If it had been possible to vote twice in the 2020 Presidential election, I would have. It just isn’t possible. To say it is possible is patently untrue. Having ethical government must mean that government could not longer tell ‘we the people” untruths. Paraphrasing Mark Twain, “It is easier to make people believe a lie than it is to convince them that they have been lied to.” Wake up Americans, you have been lied to!

  5. Democracy is not always perfect, but it is a lot better than the alternatives. Allow, encourage, and enable as many citizens to vote as possible.

  6. I think there should also be a law passed that makes it impossible for a politician to hire any of his or her family as part of his or her staff, consultants, advisors, etc. that answer directly to that person or in close proximity to that person. I am not saying they can’t work in government, but they should not be able to surround and be in direct contact or even slightly removed contact with that person.

    We the people absolutely includes all of us, not just some.

    1. All the LEGAL voters, voting ONCE.

      The dead, minors, the cross-border invaders, legal but non-citizen residents, some felons, and all the folks voting more than once should NOT be included in “all” of us.

      Which makes “includes all of us” seem pretty silly.

      1. Those points go without saying, but those types of shenanigans would emanate from those on the right as means of countering votes from democrats.

        “cross-border invaders,” is a derogatory label. There is nothing wrong with the phrase ” includes all of us” since there are still many people that have the right to vote and be heard but are seen as inferior thus the shameful voter suppression tactics we see, particularly in the southern states.

        By the way, Trump is not the president anymore. Get over it and stay over it.

      2. You are an embarrassment to the profession. Buying into Trump’s lies and other sources of fake news. I weep for the community you serve.

      3. Unfortunately this rethoric is peddled without any evidence. Let’s stop spreading lies as facts. Undocumented immigrants don’t vote, legal residents don’t vote because they know the citizenship requirement, and folks voting twice don’t do it because of the penalty for being caught is particularly steep, is not worth it. As far as dead people voting, evidence was found that trump supporters actually did it and admitted to it.

      4. Yes, very well stated. I agree that all LEGAL voters have the right to vote, but doesn’t that go without saying.

      5. Don’t let this happen!!!!
        We the people are those who worked, paid taxes, supported our country and earned the right to vote. NO ONE ELSE !!!
        It would never happen in any other country, why here?!!
        Only living legal citizens!!!

      6. There is no evidence that the kinds of persons mentioned in your snarky negativity have affected the outcome of any election that I know of. The only vote fraud that affected an election enough to have it run over again was from a person hired by a Republican candidate who lost the fair re-run. Try being for fairness, letting all eligible voters vote without losing time from their work, making registration easy and encouraging eligible voters to vote. You might enjoy life more.

  7. There is a reason this bill is #1. The three pillars are foundational to our democracy! Please vote for HR 1.

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