NEA calls for immediate removal of President Trump

Senators Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Mitch McConnell (R-KY), leaders of their respective caucuses, normally don’t agree on much. But they are of one mind when it comes to Donald Trump’s last-ditch attempt to stop Congress from certifying the victory of President-elect Joe Biden and the insurrection fueled by Trump’s seditious rhetoric. Totally unacceptable.

January 6 “will live forever in infamy,” Schumer said. “This temple to democracy was desecrated, its windows smashed, our offices vandalized.” 

“The voters, the courts, and the states have all spoken,” McConnell said. “If this election were overturned by mere allegations from the losing side, our democracy would enter a death spiral.”

To protect our democracy, NEA is joining Democratic, Republican, business, and civil rights leaders in calling for Trump’s immediate removal from office.

“Our nation is based on a promise that every single person—Black, Latino/a/x, Asian, Native, White, regardless of wealth—can pursue a better tomorrow. That promise is in jeopardy because President Donald Trump and his allies refuse to accept the will of the people and have endangered Americans and American democracy,” said NEA President Becky Pringle.

In government and social studies classes, NEA members teach students about the Constitution and the duties of citizenship. They teach that our elections depend not only on citizens to exercise the right to vote, but also on our willingness to accept the results of elections. They teach that interested parties can and often do challenge election results. But once the challenges have been examined, those on the losing side concede defeat because they prize our democratic traditions over any single Election Day win or loss.

More fundamentally, we teach our children—even before they begin formal schooling—this basic concept of fair play: In any competition, someone wins and someone loses. Conveying this concept is challenging when our children are getting a lesson from some elected “leaders” in what NOT to do: Throw a temper tantrum, discredit the process, attempt to delay the inevitable, and if none of that works, sow as much discord as possible before you exit the field.

NEA has developed materials to help you talk to kids about the violent attempt to stop Congress from certifying that President-elect Joe Biden won the election. Check them out!


220 responses to “NEA calls for immediate removal of President Trump

  1. I can’t believe that the Trump travesty has gone on for so long and unpunished. A few years ago, If anyone were to tell me that we would have a US president that would seek to demolish our democracy and invoke sedition, I would have said, “no way.” It’s been one bad dream after another. I say impeach so that he is out of the running for good and on record that he was ousted. So happy that the Biden’s have a realistic picture of public school needs.

  2. This is my prayer. I doubt it will happen, but I can hope. The mistake was made when he “somehow” became the president. Then when he started calling people names and being a bully and just a no-good person….he should have been removed.
    If he’s not removed, it’ll be more of the same when he leaves office. His daughter is already asking for donations for the Trump News Network. This man doesn’t care about the American people and he did tell his cult to go to the Capitol from his Twitter account and in person. He is a traitor and has to be stopped. He is a racist!

  3. Not a big fan of Pence, but I hope that Pence would not pardon Trump. Pence defied Trump’s request to overturn the electoral college vote, which he could not do anyway. I don’t believe Pence wants to be lumped in with Trump and his traitorous followers.

    1. ALL Republicans are compliant
      In Trump’s chaos and confusion
      for the present treachery and
      insurrection. They said that he
      more presidential. Go to YouTube
      to find his latest threat to democracy called the Real Scarborough

  4. Lies upon lies, deceit, verbal and physical assaults on the most vulnerable and now unimaginable violence and death at our nation’s Capitol. When is this nightmare going to end? Stop pretending that our nation is fine, it is not. trump needs to be REMOVED immediately. Enact the 25th Amendment, impeach him, or at least tell him he lost in our free and fair election. Enough is enough!

  5. Trump and his entire clan are a national disgrace. How he was elected in the first place is baffling, but now all our eyes are wide open to the damage he can cause.
    Plus, he always worked for the Russians, who benefit from the chaos Trump brings to our people and nation.

  6. Absolutely, he needs to be removed ASAP if possible. It is inexcusable, unacceptable, unethical and downright disheartening for high ranking leaders ( I believe others helped him) and their team members (supporters) to be a part of the event that took place at our nation’s capital. Enough is enough!!!

  7. Unfortunately Trump’s presidency was not an aberration. This day has been coming since Ronald Reagan was elected. Since then more and more power and control was heaped on corporate America.

    From Reagan’s tax break for the wealthy from 91% to 35% , the SCOTUS Citizens United decision giving corporations the same voice as people (only louder), Trump’s further tax reduction for the wealthiest to 21%, to the multiple appointments to agency after agency of people hell-bent on destroying those agencies to the benefit of corporations.

    Fascism has been coming since Reagan. However, many Democrats and most Republicans refused to look and refused to act from both greed and self-interest to ignorance and disbelief that this could happen in the United States of America.

    Social media giants and Fox News perpetuated the lies and deception that fanned the flames and consequences be damned. They were getting hits and making money and in some cases furthering their own reactionary causes. They paid no heed to anyone’s warnings and here we are. Insurrection, an attempted coup.

    Police reform has been suggested and demanded. Republicans scoffed. Wednesday’s lack of action by Capitol police illustrated all too well that sympathies with the fascists/Neo Nazis (primarily white domestic terrorists) in this country dwell all to deeply within police departments, local, state and federal.

    Will major change result from this? Vice President Pence refused to impose the 25th Amendment even though it has never been more apparent that Donald Trump is unstable and unfit to hold the office. He is unfit to hold Twitter and Facebook accounts, but okay to remain President of the United States of America? That’s insanity.

    Even after the armed insurrection, incited and then congratulated by Donald Trump, over 100 Republican House members and many Senators still voted to declare the election a fraud. The GOP remains largely a cult following of a wannabe fascist dictator, hoping to return the United States to the days of the Confederacy.

    We have a democracy primarily for the wealthy white. Like a plant with its roots sitting in stagnant water our system needs uprooting and re-potting or it will die. We have allowed the degradation of our democracy. If we hope to ever create a better and more fair society for all of us we need to elect honest, intelligent, articulate and progressive people to political and judicial positions on the local, state and federal levels. Then hold their feet to the fire.

    Wednesday was shocking, but not surprising.

  8. Trumpokov kissed ass to the Russians, alienated or long-standing Allies, and now has done the unthinkable. How has the Republicans backed him this far? When will they realize they need to step up and do the right thing? Force him to resign and face charges for his crimes, and impeach him.

  9. Remove Trump immediately! Trump ordered an armed attach on the US Capital. No excuse is acceptable. Trump is a clear and present danger. We were terrified and still are terrified. What will trump do next. We should not be made to continue to be afraid until January 20th. Anyone who does not vote to remove Trump immediately should be tried as a conspirator. Any further attacks ordered by Trump will be on their heads. Trump must be removed now.

  10. I like impeachment because he will lose all the benefits of having been a President. The impeachment won’t go through until after Pence is out of office so he won’t be forgiven. If we allow this behavior the next ‘wanna-be’ dictator will be more successful.

  11. I agree that Trump should be removed from office and I have been opposed to him since before he ran for office.

    1. He displays the intelligence of a child who acts out when he doesn’t get his way. The difference is that we can teach our kids what is right and wrong but Donald is an unyielding old oak that can’t be bent. He was an embarrassment that we suffered for the last four years.

    2. Enough is enough! Trump has done nothing but dragged the country down, divided the country more, and lied. He must go and be held accountable along with others.

    3. Please work to do whatever can be done to hold Trump accountable for the attempt to overthrow the election on 01/06/2021. Please add my name to any petitions you might be gathering to know that I support anything that results in either his removal from office or second impeachment. A second impeachment would take away his benefits (security detail after he leaves office, etc) I don’t want my tax dollars going to support anything Trump stands for!

  12. President Trump was cheated out of office ,the communist have taken over ..My father was in the navy & my brother was a marine, and my mother was national blue star mother…And everyone is entitled to vote how they like…And I would like to know if antifa will have charges filed against them for destroying the cities and treating down our historical statues…Better read the constitution and Bill of rights…

  13. Any failure of the GOP to stand up to the PINO and his co-conspirators who both planned and orchestrated the coup against this great republic, as they now scramble to convince us that they did not see it coming (almost equally as alarming) is nothing short of contemptible and, in some cases, seditious. To think that President Lincoln’s Republican Party has morphed into what its apparent mainstream is today leads me to believe that he would strongly support its destruction. In truth, failure to swiftly denounce, remove and bring to justice the PINO and his cabal sadly ensures it’s destruction. This is not about politics; this is about a Constitutional crisis of epic proportion that cannot be allowed to stand. Make no mistake, just as our Founding Fathers failed to address the snake coiled at our feet during the Constitutional Convention, any failure to swiftly and decisively respond to the leadership of this insurrection “in the name of unity and moving forward” ensures that future generations shall be forced to deal with the subsequent ongoing and subversive consequences of such failure.

  14. Never before have teachers and social studies and civics education been more important. All teachers should help put an end to historical and civic ignorance by reaching every student with the historic facts of our nation and people. We must teach the analytical skills students need to understand evidence and media literacy so they participate in civic life and the democratic process. Ignorance was on full display by those that attacked the Capitol. Ignorance is a threat to democracy. All states should mandate historical, civic, and media literacy now.

  15. This president must have consequences for his actions!!! He must be held accountable for what he has done. I also believe he should be stripped of his government pension and any other money or support that typically follows an outgoing president.

    As a teacher, if I would have caused a similar situation with my students at school, they would be swift to fire me and strip me of my pension. His actions should reap similar consequences.

    Do we operate under a system of equal justice under law? Or is there one system for the average citizen and another for the high and mighty? ~ Edward Kennedy I would like to believe in truly equal justice under law in this situation.

  16. Trump needs to be impeached for his criminal behavior. Pence should have invoked the 25th but he hasn’t yet so impeachment needs to happen. Healing our nation will only begin once Trump and his conspirators are held responsible.

  17. Trump has broken his oath of office. He needs to be removed from his revered position as President and held accountable for the attack on our seat of government. For shame, he has no conscience, he has no moral compass, and he has no respect for our democracy or human life!

  18. Once trump’s rioters gained entrance to our Capitol the enormity hit me and I ended up just crying. trump is a narcissist, liar, and traitor to his country. He is unable to care about anyone but himself. Therefore, he never had our country’s best interest at heart. Too many Republicans sided with trump when they should have shown concern for the United States. trump needs to be punished. Impeachment would be the best option to make him pay for his actions, otherwise this will not stop him from pursuing his agenda.

  19. Want to undstand this cra-cra President? Read Mary Trump’s book. Wednesday’s attack on our democracy was not unexpected. What boggles the mind is how many American voters have sustaoned his lies truth and followed him unquestionly. Years of support from LImbaugh, Hannity, Ingraham, Levin and a host of orther media and Congressional enablers together with the pass given to the “alt right” white supremicists gave us the Capitol seige that Trump found enjoyable.
    For the sake of us all, Trump must be removed.

  20. Trump has been an evil embarrassment to our country and the office of President.

    Send him out of office!!

  21. I have been saying for years that the current president needs to go from the White House to the Jail House with the best psychiatric care we can provide for the rest of his life if that’s how long it takes to cure him of his narcissistic madness.

    Of course I agree with most of the comments made to date, but for all our civic mindedness in teaching our young people, I must ask, is anyone helping our students and parents to make a connection about the need for an educated citizenry required for a successful democracy to survive? In my most recent experience in an inner city school, my students had no idea why they were there and they didn’t care. Some younger teachers and administrators have lied and manipulated their way to keeping their positions or climbing to the next one without a thought to the effects on our students. Our kids are smart, they know how to play the game and are willing to do so if we do not offer them an alternative to the world around them. School used to be, in many cases, the last bastion for students who were desperate to learn consistently the boundaries, discipline, care and community building that most of us work so hard to teach and achieve, but even educators do not always share the same values and our kids and families lose. Let’s agree at least on this – why they are there. Not to get a better job, not to get into the best schools, but so that they will have learned enough in character and community as well as academics and justice to be ready, able and committed to participate in the democracy into which we were born and in which we must serve to maintain the freedoms we enjoy.

  22. enough about hate and division… lets go back to the country we were on 9/12… put aside our political differences, work together and restore our great nation.

  23. Over the past several days of media coverage from both ends of the political spectrum, the most valuable message I have heard related to moving our country safely forward came from Mitt Romney on the floor of the Senate and I will paraphrase,

    “Joe Biden and Kamala Harris won the election and the president continues to say the election was stollen. The best way to show respect for those voters who are upset, is to tell them the TRUTH ! ”

    This message from Senator Romney got a rare and extended applause from the Senate.

  24. Let us not forget those who joined the sedition caucus when they come up from reelection in two years. If your congressman or congresswoman was part of the treason
    coalition, you need to never forget their failure to uphold their oaths to the U.S. Constitution. One of the “Benedict Arnolds” was my congressman of the Texas 22nd: Troy Nehls. I am writing a letter to him denouncing his participation in a coup
    that attempted to overturn a free and fair election. Everyone needs to call, email, or write their congressman or congresswoman and make them pay for their participation in Trump’s attempted insurrection. John Borders, Rosenberg, Texas

  25. Bullies beget bullies. Our children are being encouraged to bully and act out in violence. Trump be removed and never allowed to hold office again. I have grieved our country’s assault and it’s mark on history.

  26. Mr. Trump is capable of destroying our nation, as has been demonstrated, and he must go NOW!! VP Pence is an honorable American and will get us safely through until the inauguration. PUT HIM IN CHARGE NOW, PLEASE!!!!

  27. I believe that Trump and all people who stand with him perpetuating hate (including senators and representatives opposing the certified election results) should be held accountable and charged with crimes for every single law that has been broken. The only way to do that will be once Trump is no longer president so that he cannot just be pardoned. The comments that I heard from members of the senate rallying against our democratic process and standing in support of Trump’s lies was really mind blowing given the extent of violence and loss of life throughout the capital building desecration and mishandling of this pandemic. Do we really have that many individuals involved in the law making branch of this country so out of touch with reality and so ignorant of our Constitution. Maybe they should have to pass a proficiency test before they swear to uphold our Constitution so that they demonstrate knowledge of what exactly they promise to uphold. The whole situation sheds light on just how fragile our democracy and freedom really is, and how important it is to push for education and seeking out multiple sources for true facts instead of madmen and women pushing their lies and self serving agendas onto the masses.

  28. There must be punishment or justice at last for this latest egregious act of POTUS#45. Nothing else has “stuck” to him. It is critical that he should NEVER be eligible to run for any type of office ever again in this country. We need to do this. Not only is our country divided ,but the lame excuses that any type of punishment,etc will pull our country further apart is ridiculous. Trump has done this during the past four years repeatedly. At long last Twitter, his tirade medium of choice finally ended his media tyranny. Anything less than appropriate actions for his terrorist deeds is unacceptable!!

  29. Donald Trump should be immediately impeached and removed from office. The world needs to see that Americans believe in the sanctity of our right to choose our leaders. I prefer the impeachment route over invoking the 25th Amendment because it requires a vote which is the way things should work in a democracy, but given how dangerous Trump has proved himself to be, the quicker the method, the better.

    1. Being attached to the NEA through work and not ever in agreement with the NEA spending my money on view I totally disagree with. I think President Trump has done an outstanding job job as president and he has been badgered and attached with unfounded lies for four years and has done nothing wrong. People hate him for standing up for America and not playing along with your deep swamp games.
      Do NOT impeach this great man. Impeach Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff for their constant lies.

    2. I totally disagree with this. Donald J Trump did not incite rioting. He said to walk peacefully to the Capitol. He enacted his first amendment rights as a citizen of the United States. I am so upset with the acts of the NEA. You are disgracing our profession. We are teachers and you are telling our students to disrespect a sitting president of the United States of America!
      What right do you have to take away the rights of the Constitution. I think you need to take the time to really read what we did teach!
      I am appalled that you think to do this.

    3. Yes, he should be removed immediately as well as others in the government that backed him. I fear this is not over and we must remain vigilant. He must be held accountable.

    4. I don’t want Trump eliminated, unless it’s by the courts, as a candidate for president in 2024. If he’s still legally able to run, he will be able to destroy what’s left of the Republican-Trump Party. They will have all-out internal warfare, which can only hurt them and, importantly, help Democrats so that progress can be made on many things (including matters relating to the Supreme Court and the possibility of statehood for DC). It’s not like Trump would be getting off the hook if he isn’t removed and replaced by religious kook Pence. He’ll be running into all kinds of legal problems. Let’s not add the presidency to Pence’s resume.

    5. Nothing less than impeachment is due. Protecting our country from Trump running for public office is our only protection from his mania.

    6. This is true the quicker his removal from office the safer we will be. He is a danger to our society and should be removed from office.

      1. The NEA and the Democrats
        are in cohoots. Neither have the best interest of your child’s education as their priority. We need school choice . We need teachers who tell the truth about our
        Government. We need schools that teach technical skills. All students do not need to go to college.

  30. Trump is a disgrace to our country and himself and he should resign immediately. He in now way represents our democracy!

  31. Clearly either an abuse of power, some result of a traumatic experiences or a outright temper tantrum the president has failed to instill and maintain American Virtues and Values. The moment has arrived when we must look to leadership to demonstrate and hold the actual line protecting our democracy. Leadership has been elected to protect our democracy from those who use it for personal gain. It is unfortunate the President has made choices that demonstrate his disregard for the office of President. Accountability for this abuse of power is our only recourse.

  32. Trump must be impeached. The shear magnitude of the destruction of the U.S. image world wide that the fall of the Capitol by insurrectionist demand that all involved by held accountable. The years of lies and especially lies since the election demand that trump be removed so that generations from now see that he was held accountable. Also trump should not receive a life-time pension and secret service protection considering his creating the situation the resulted in the storming of the Capitol and its eventual fall.

  33. On Jan 21, 2021 impeachment proceedings should be filed. No chance for any pardon by Pence.
    Should not be given any perks of a past president or a chance to hold any government position.

  34. The future of our children is in jeapordy! He should be impeached! History should not repeat itself. As a nation and educators we have to speak up on their behalf!

  35. Like many of my peers, I have noticed a considerable difference in the behaviors of children in the last few years. Students seem to be more opinionated, less accepting of others and showing more defiance. I attribute this to our leader, as he has been conveying and modeling temper tantrum, discrediting differing opinions, showing blatant disrespectful for women and people of color while bullying many of those who work for him. What has this done to our future citizens? We must change this mentality and show students that these actions are not acceptable. Without some repercussions and corrective actions, our students will see that this negative behavior is acceptable. Trump must deal with the consequences, so our students see his way defies true democracy!

  36. My Father was a Marine in World War II, & he would be so disappointed in our country right now.
    Is this what he and all of our military personnel have risked their lives for?
    I am so ashamed that our congress has let it get to this point.
    Quit hiding your heads in the sand & do your jobs.
    That’s what the people of America have elected & pay you for.

  37. The choices an individual makes brings with it it either benefits or consequences. During the four great, Trump has in been in office, decisions made or guided by him as brought pain and suffering to millions. In other countries, he would have been labeled a dictator.
    Here, in the U.S, he has been allowed to continue as the President. Why?
    Looking back, there were so many opportunities for others to stand against him, and do what is right.
    They chose to look the other way, and it cost the United States dearly in the present, and the future.
    In his last stand, Donald Trump made the choice to once again exert his “power that he had been given” not earned to lead a mob of individuals to attack the very foundation and institution of this country. The world watched and took note of every action that took place under his regime. He will never be forgotten or held accountable I’m sure.

  38. I agree that President Trump has made the most outrageous attempt to overturn our country’s election. He cares only about himself and staying in office. I am also angry at the Republican elected officials , who were elected by us to protect us and our. country.
    They gave President Trump permission to continue spreading his lies. They gave him permission to keep using his seditious rhetoric to fire up his base. These are the people that I feel should be removed.
    President Trump will be gone in ten days. I am tired of everything revolving around him. I feel we should put our energy toward our new administration.
    I would much rather like to see senators like Senators Cruz and Senator Jordon gone. They still believe the election was stoled. I am concerned about their actions to interfere with state elections rules. I see these Senators as a much greater threat.

  39. My perspective is, where were Chuck Schumer and Mitch McConnell when democratic mayors and governors of cities like Seattle, Kenosha, St. Louis, New York, Chicago, Pittsburgh, and Minneapolis (not all inclusive) were being destroyed this past summer? Where was the outrage when the married couple in St. Louis defended their property and were charged with a crime? Where were C.S. and M.M. when a teenager in Kenosha shot two ANTIFAs who were attacking him and was charged with murder? Why were they not calling for removal of those mayors and governors for standing by and allowing their businesses and citizens to be destroyed and terrorized? How would you feel if you saw the school down your street burned to the ground? The silence was deafening. These two “sacred cows” now mandating removal of President Trump is hypocritical. The “stop the steal” rally for the most part was peaceful and it was definitely lawful (within the first Amendment of the Constitution). The few who usurped the capital walls will be prosecuted.
    Also in question is the mayor of D.C., Muriel Bowser. It was predictable that violence would emerge from a crowd of almost one million people. Why did she not appropriately prepare for a problem to occur? Why did she not appropriate enough police to protect the capital building? In light of the violence that has occurred over the past year, it was common knowledge that this event could very easily turn violent. Then, there are the accusations of fraudulent voting procedures in the swing states. It would have been just to show the American people the evidence. Don’t you want to see evidence in order to discern? As a civil society, don’t we all embrace due process? As educators, we ought to think critically and not just accept whatever is fed to us.

  40. What an incredibly poor example President Trump’s words and deeds has set for American students. He should be punished for inciting the Yahoos who stormed and vandalized the Capitol.

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