Shout-out to NEA’s cyber-lobbyist superstars

The cyber-lobbyists listed below have been relentless in reaching out to their members of Congress during this difficult year. Thanks for helping us make a difference in 2020 and hold Congress accountable—and let’s keep the activism going in 2021!

Leadin NEA Cyber-lobbyists in 2020

  1. Trent Johnson, New Jersey
  2. Cassandra Montague, New Jersey
  3. Julia Skelton, Michigan
  4. Judy Trohkimoinen, Wyoming
  5. Linda McCrary, Tennessee
  6. Shannon Griffin, Massachusetts
  7. Marjorie Phillips, Pennsylvania
  8. John Atkin, Pennsylvania
  9. Jessica Rollins, Kentucky
  10. Anna Alden, New York
  11. Leilani DiCato, California
  12. Suzy Penny, Ohio
  13. Mike Kotasek, Minnesota
  14. Ovidia Molina, Texas
  15. JoAnn Churley, Nebraska
  16. Danielle Dehmani-Roberts, Ohio
  17. Justine Hurley, Washington
  18. Eric Beck, Alabama
  19. James R. Monroe, California
  20. Stacey Ann Trought, New Jersey
  21. Carrie Anderson, California
  22. D’Arcy Goodrich, Nebraska
  23. Peter Kramer, Washington
  24. Matthew Fitzsimmons, Pennsylvania
  25. Eric D. Forman, Florida
  26. Donna Koch, Missouri
  27. Guy Stanley, Tennessee
  28. Joan Schmelzle, Illinois
  29. Janet Henke, Missouri
  30. Liz Picone, Texas
  31. Stacey Clark, Nevada
  32. Pamela Williams, Indiana
  33. Manuel García, Florida
  34. David Watson, Maryland
  35. Tambi Heiter, Iowa
  36. Jessica Holy, Virginia
  37. Mary Kreul, Wisconsin
  38. Linda Cook, Pennsylvania
  39. Joseph Dobis, New Jersey
  40. Kenneth Filas, Illinois
  41. Jeffrey Jedd, Illinois
  42. William Keller, Pennsylvania
  43. Karen Kamholz, Illinois
  44. Garrick Balk, Illinois
  45. Kathryn Tirevold, Iowa
  46. Maureen Bierhoff, Pennsylvania
  47. Robert Gillen, Connecticut
  48. Joy Kirk, Virginia
  49. Lucas Rianto, California

Louise Shaffer, New Jersey

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  1. Join me friends, it is not hard. Sign up today to be an NEA cyber-lobbyist, it’s easy! They will send you the information, you read it, you choose to hit send. Together in just a few minutes a month, we can make a huge impact! Look what we have already done! Our union fights for our members and our students. We are the NEA!

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