Democratic leaders push for bipartisan COVID-19 compromise

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) are working toward a bipartisan compromise to address the rampant spread of COVID-19 that is preventing the safe reopening of our schools and our society. The effort took on new urgency earlier this week, as Congress tried to complete its work for 2020 and a bipartisan group of senators released a framework.

The framework would provide significantly less than legislation passed by the House, but could help break the eight-month logjam in the Senate that has denied millions of Americans the help and support they so desperately need. “In light of the urgency of meeting the needs of the American people and the hope that the vaccine presents, it’s time for Leader McConnell to sit down with Democrats to finally begin a true, bipartisan effort to meet the needs of the country,” Schumer and Pelosi said in a joint statement.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) failed to embrace the compromise even as it gained support among Republican senators. Instead, he circulated a new plan much like one that previously failed to advance, stressing the need to secure the support of lame-duck President Trump.

Pressure for Congress to act continues to mount as U.S. coronavirus cases approach 14 million, the death toll nears 300,000, and working families reach the breaking point. The pain and suffering will further increase at year’s end due to the expiration of previously enacted relief measures—among them, the suspension of student loan payments, a nationwide moratorium on evictions, and enhanced unemployment benefits.

Key NEA goals for a coronavirus package include at least $175 billion to stabilize education funding and provide Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for students and educators plus at least $12 billion in emergency funding for the established E-rate program to narrow the digital divide and close the homework gap (16 million students are unable to do schoolwork at home due to lack of internet access, devices, or both). NEA priorities also include relief for student loan borrowers, support for child health and nutrition, economic help for those facing hunger and homelessness, paid sick leave, and state and local aid to avoid laying off educators, firefighters, and other essential public servants.

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76 responses to “Democratic leaders push for bipartisan COVID-19 compromise

  1. Please pass the Covid relief bill! Thousands of people are struggling and need your help and support! Thank you!

  2. This pandemic is not over. Our members will continue to need this help and your support!! This is not a red or blue issue but a human one.

  3. It hurts all American hearts to witness a senate leader, and all of Trump’s lemmings, putting our country in the worst danger of collapse in our history.
    My observation of the POTUS is that he is incapable of caring about anyone else but himself. He has formed a new party, the IDCAY party. That is “I Don’t Care About You.” As hundreds of thousands of Americans suffer, he plays golf. All elected officials should be as appalled as I am.
    Stand up for the voiceless innocents who seek guidance and respite from your ability to work with one another if you cared.
    I beg you all to do what you know is right. Stop wasting time, and work together constructively, not destructively.


      Deep into America’s National Emergency for the COVID-19 public health pandemic with concomitant local, state, and national economic depression, citizen-elected, Constitutionally SWORN, public servants “of, by, and for the people…” MUST NOT compromise the health and economic well-being of 330 MILLION citizens for an EXPEDIENT, IRRATIONAL, UNJUST political end.

      After 8+ months of Republican/TRUMPIAN/McConnell irrational, political stonewalling of the Heroes Act, they offer a SUCKERS/LOSERS COMPROMISE. The Heroes Act is the honest, patriotic, effective, critical response to Americans’ National Emergency public health pandemic with economic depression.

      A MIDNIGHT, politically-driven, “SUCKERS COMPROMISE” violates Americans Constitutional spirit of “promote the general welfare,” of ALL THE PEOPLE not a minority of wealth and power.

      In sum, both The Constitution and REAL consequences of the 2020 National election DEMANDS: public servants “of, by, and for the citizens…” NO COMPROMISE with 51 Republican narcissistic, wealth-interested idealogs.

      We join with 85+ million politically attentive, critical-thinking, impacted fellow voters PLUS 12+ million JOBLESS/UNWEALTHY citizens in DEMANDING that our citizen-elected, Constitutionally SWORN public servants “of, by, and for the people (350 million citizens)…” DO NOT COMPROMISE our public health and economic well-being for an expedient, negligent, SUCKERS/LOSERS, narcissistic republican end.

      BUILD .BACK. BETTER.! (The Heroes Act.)

  4. These requested items made by the NEA are very important for the welfare of both the students and educators.

    These items, as well as direct payments to people impacted by COVID-19, should be included in any relief package passed by Congress.

  5. One hangup with the relief plan, is the Romney-Manchin Senate add-on that would exempt all corporations from COVID-19 liability. Many corporations took no safety measures to protect their employees.

    1. Manchin is looking out for his family as his daughter drove up the prices of Epipens. They don’t want to jeopardize their fortune being added to.

  6. People are hungry in the most affluent country the world has ever known–feed them. Some will be evicted to the street–house them with direct aid to their landlords–not postponement of a bill they cannot pay to cause an economic ripple. NO ONE can assert to be pro-life and turn their back in the face of this suffering. You were elected to serve the people. Do the job or go home and stay there. Covid–a year later–how about a plan.

  7. Senators time to stop stalling you have done nothing for the Americans who are suffering since March. You continue to get paid yet you are failing in leadership an not doing your job. Make the relief package happen drop the liability attachments sweet Jesus people are dying every minute! Get it done now! Kathleen Simmons

  8. Everybody, sign up TODAY to help get out the Democratic vote for the Georgia senate runoff races and donate TODAY to these efforts! It is critical that the Democrats take the Senate in order to have a pro-education pro-human agenda passed!!!

  9. I’m just amazed that McConnell handily won re-election after being such a worthless person in the Senate who refuses to let bills even come up for a vote. No one person in our government should have that much power. Our country definitely has gone way downhill under the Republican rule. It’s disgusting that they don’t care at all about ordinary people; it’s all about political gain. Such a sorry lot they are. With the pandemic and all the special needs that go with it, this bunch of people under McConnell’s thumb should all be thrown out. We need people who will do their duty and CARE!

    1. I agree 100%. Mitch McConnell’s one goal in life is to make life miserable for all middle and lower middle class citizens. He denied Obama the chance to nominate a Supreme Court Justice, Merritt Garland, a moderate,
      But allows Trump to pick as many justices as he can, including the 18th century mind set of Ms. Coney Barrett. She is like a combination of The Stepford Wife and the Handmaid’s Tale; very scary. Mitch McConnell holds on to power the way Trump trademarks it. Mitch McConnell must go.
      He really gets a smug satisfaction out of doing the wrong thing for our country.

  10. Republicans, it’s time to care for the citizens of this country instead of caring about your political power. People are hungry, homeless, and can’t find jobs because of the pandemic. Your role in Congress is to protect all of the people in the United States, not just the wealthy or Republicans. I wonder how you sleep at night.

  11. Mitch McConnell, as you sit in the warmth of your home without fear of eviction, as you sit at your table with an abundance of choices of food to eat at each meal, and as you step into your closet to dress with numerous suites, shirts, shoes etc. to select from, and as you step outside you can wrap yourself in a coat that keeps the cold off your body, you are fortunate. You are safe, warm, and your belly is full. Every day! Just remember there are millions of people who are without food, clothing and in fear of being homeless at the end of the month. They are becoming deeper in debt due to lack of or no income and their saving is being depleted to zero. Can you not see the miles of people driving or standing in food and clothing distribution centers? Can you not see that people are in pain because they are in fear of being evicted at the end of the month? How can you not count the increase of deaths every day due to the virus? As a retired teacher I employ you to embrace a COVID-19 bipartisan compromise that would suspend student loan payments, allow for emergency funds to narrow the digital divide that our schools are facing. A bill that has a nationwide moratorium of evictions, extend unemployment benfits. Also, a true bipartisan economic package that helps those facing hunger and homeless.
    Stop being heartless and help us!

  12. Let’s not forget, what America stands for and who our “elected” Americans in Washington( not politicians) , represent, which is “ALL PEOPLE” . This country is in a “HUGE” crisis and needs attention immediately. We as a country are failing on “ALL levels” of governing. In Washington you are our voice.

  13. Mitch McConnell trump is done he’s history. It’s up to you to help the people in this country who put you in your position. Stop the crap and wake up we need your help.

  14. I have never been more convinced that Mitch McConnell and his Senate majority are totally lacking in all empathy for the desperate plight of the ordinary people of the US. You are not worthy to represent we the people, because you care NOTHING for our life, liberty, or pursuit of happiness which are our rights!! You need to resign, retire, be voted out, because you are totally useless and have not kept your oath to uphold the Constitution and our rights. Stand up, woman and man up, and DO YOUR DUTY before God and country, or GET OUT!!

  15. Republicans can begin to redeem themselves from four years of gutlessness by agreeing on a compromise stimulus package. The time for the GOP to begin rebuilding itself is right now–the longer McConnell and Rubio and Cornyn postpone mature, responsible action, the more Trumpism subverts American democracy. Covid-19 is as real as the delinquency of Republicans in facing up to the most severe public health crisis in American history. A price will be exacted.

  16. We need (have needed) the Covid Relief Bill to pass immediately! Millions of Americans depend on this to prevent them from being homeless, jobless, and hopeless. Pass this legislation NOW!!

  17. Mitch, you and the other republicans put up Trump as your nominee as president to take care of and govern the country. Get him to do his and your jobs! Stop worrying about your careers. Pass this budget to simply put food on peoples plates. People who are the backbone of our society. They do essential work and without them we could not run our nation. Have a heart!!!!! Our children, all children need to get to school or be schooled at home so pass this stimulus to see that our kids do not fall behind the “8 ball.”

    1. The people of America need this Covid-19 bipartisan compromise to pay rentvor a mortgage and put food on the table. Please support it thru Congress!

  18. wait until biden is sworn in it is only a matter of 30 some says senate and congress have been fighting for 9 months why push now for a lesser deal. !!!!!!!!

  19. We are Americans first. Forget the political parties ,who are not doing their job. We need to be united now as Americans not political parties. Save us all

  20. I see Mitch McConnell as the cruelest most inhumane member of Congress and he BLOCKS anything the Dems try to do. If Dems and Repubs have a compromise, GO WITH IT, MITCH! If you would support it I think Trump might also. I watched you block Obama for years and never guessed you would do the same during a pandemic!

    1. It has so little to do with “blocking” congress. “congress” is but a dust speck in the scheme of things. it’s the MASSIVE SUFFERING OF SO MANY PEOPLE: THEIR HOMELESSNESS, THEIR HUNGER, WHAT IT DOES TO A SENSE OF WORLD WIDE DESPAIR. That is the problem.

    2. It is heartbreaking to see politicians supporting a president who has no ability to understand the needs of others and no desire to care for anyone but himself.

      His time is done – he failed to lead and care for the people of our country and he’s being lawfully replaced. Now he is trying to do as much damage as possible before leaving – it’s a presidential temper tantrum that’s costing lives every day.

      Members of CONGRESS and the SENATE need to help the people in their charge and stop enabling and catering to bullies.

      Please – your people are suffering and dying. Stop bickering and help us.

    3. You should realize that business will prosper if the poor can afford to buy food, pay rent, and buy toys for their children. McConnell is acting like a Scrooge.

  21. You can augment your constitutionally mandated, sworn duty by seeing to it seditious Trump is terminated in his corrupt path to overturn the voters’ will — you ought to have removed him when he was impeached, cowards

  22. It is time, past time, to start working together like functioning adults and not like kindergarteners, which right about now I seriously think they would be doing better. I know you all think you are doing your jobs, but please step back and try and hear and view what the country is seeing. People are dying, children are slipping under the radar and you are not listening to the millions of cries for HELP!

  23. The fact that health and safety is a political issue is sad. The fact that we have to ASK that the health and welfare of individuals be considered, is deplorable. When did science and truth become subjective? When did movement stop happening when data supports change?

  24. Please take the time to look around the community you are serving and see the number of homeless people on the streets. Talk to the people in public housing and see how they have lost everything and are barely able to stay in their housing. Talk to the families and friends that are living crowded in housing because they can’t afford a place of their own. Vancouver is in need of real leadership and financial help. Go to Washington and win some for our team. We are all looking to you and praying that you will save our state and country from death and poverty. We need you to fight for us.

  25. Please put the citizens of the US above political partisanship by working together to help those who are suffering most during this Pandemic.

  26. Teachers are essential workers keep us safe and pay us our worth! We are the backbone and heart of our communities! It’s mandatory that you protect All essential workers and pay landlords so they won’t evict our students families!

  27. Please pass a Covid bill that supports our citizens! People are in dire need!
    Cross the aisle and work together to aid your country survive this pandemic!!

  28. Our national government has failed to provide any leadership or help to their constituents and the nation. If that continues the legitimacy of that government is in question.

  29. Please get the relief bill completed. Our family including two sisters of mine and my husband, are out of work due to COVID and are struggling to make rent, house payments, and to put food on the table. We are desperate. Please help us.

  30. Do your JOB! Forget politics for once. Help your constituents survive the effects of this pandemic. And by the way wear a mask when out in public. Help set an example. Stay safe!

    1. Do your JOB! Forget politics for once. Help your constituents survive the effects of this pandemic. And by the way wear a mask when out in public. Help set an example. Stay safe!

    2. I am so sick of President Trump having these rallies & having our country going backwards instead of forward. He is like a lose cannon. He acts more like a dictator than a president.
      Can’t Congress do something about him?
      How about putting him on a short leash🐶🐶🐶

  31. Do your sworn oath of office. Stay in DC til done or expect to return next election. States need to begin firing their hapless employees.

    1. Do your sworn oath of office. Stay in DC til done or expect to return next election. States need to begin firing their hapless employees.

      1. Please pass the Covid relief bill! Thousands of people are struggling and need your help and support! Thank you!

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