McConnell confirms more judges, refuses to act on COVID-19

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) continues to focus on confirming conservative judges even as COVID-19 reaches new heights—nearly 12 million cases and a quarter-million deaths—and the expiration of previously enacted relief looms. Measures that expire at year’s end include the suspension of student loan payments, a nationwide moratorium on evictions, and enhanced benefits for more than 13 million unemployed million Americans—a number that is expected to increase in coming weeks due to the resurgence of COVID-19.

Meanwhile, the need for coronavirus relief grows ever more urgent. The HEROES Act—first passed by the House in May and updated in October—fulfills key NEA goals: at least $175 billion to stabilize education funding and provide Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for students and educators and at least $12 billion in emergency funding to narrow the digital divide and close the homework gap. As many as 16 million students—1 in 3—are unable to do schoolwork at home due to lack of internet access and devices. A disproportionate share of those students are Black, Hispanic, Indigenous, and live in rural areas or low-income households. Relief for student loan borrowers is also among NEA’s top priorities.

Promising news on the vaccine front will not lead to a quick fix. Two companies, Pfizer and Moderna, have announced highly encouraging results—as much as 95 percent efficacy—in vaccines created with cutting-edge technology and U.S. government support to speed development and distribution. The Food and Drug Administration has not yet approved either vaccine and even if it does so soon, the general public will not have access to them for months—spring, at the earliest. Both vaccines require two shots and must be stored at extremely low temperatures, which will complicate distribution and administration.

Email your senators and tell them to take action now.



110 responses to “McConnell confirms more judges, refuses to act on COVID-19

  1. He is the best example of why we need term limits, along with the long tenured Republicans in the Senate who continue to support Trump and block progress.

    1. I totally agree. We need term limits in both houses of government. Senators especially need to start focusing more on the job they are supposed to do in representing their constituents and states and not lining their own pockets. They are supposed to look out for the American people and help them yet they only care about their next term. Ridiculous. If they were doing what they are supposed to do they wouldn’t have to fear re-election. Their track record would speak for themselves and no one would have to lie about all the so-called good they are meaning to do in their next term.

  2. The Senate is like a box of chocolates, you never know which one you are going to get. Mitch McConnell is a nut.
    Time has been wasted. People are suffering.

  3. Past sickening and beyond reprehensible what the GOP Senate has wrought onto the country. They’re still playing fast and loose with people’s lives and letting the coronavirus continue to kill thousands, and still refusing to provide money and relief to the American people, letting them become homeless, jobless, broke, struggling, just sitting back watching people’s lives being destroyed, all while they’re stacking the courts with unqualified Republican judges. Doing all they can to destroy democracy and turning this country from a democratic republic to a fascist dictatorship. The GOP are going to have to answer for what they’ve done, and when they meet their maker, it ain’t gonna be pretty.

  4. Many people, including my son, have been laid off from business that have severely cut back their operations or closed because of the danger of spreading covid-19. Many of these people need help paying their bills & buying food. They will remember Republicans who did not offer government assistance in the form of extended unemployment insurance & economic stimulus. They will remember & never elect them again.

  5. I am totally sick of McConnell’s obstruction! Totally deflated when he got re-elected. We NEED those two senate seats in GA!!

  6. Eat shit & die. MITCH OR Burn in hell, both come to mind when his name is mentioned. Pitiful legacy. Starving Americans, families in crisis, & he just gloats.

  7. It is ridiculous McConnell got reelected, when he only serves himself and Trump. He will be remembered by history as one of the biggest most corrupt demons in politics. Hopefully we can remove him before he completely takes the country down with Trump! A disgrace!

  8. Senators, please be brave to stand up to Mitch Mc Connell, it’s a shame that we are at a standstill during this pandemic crisis. Not only it’s difficult to teach remotely, but Special Needs children are the ones hurting the most.
    Please, take action your action on this matter is extremely important.
    Thank You,

  9. The (mostly unspoken) truth is the current Republican Party was elected due to unlawful, morally bankrupt voter suppression tactics. They do not represent the people. Their conservative judges do not represent the majority. Conservative values only benefit the elite. This is why there is no action on Covid relief or any other issue negatively impacting Americans. The Oligarchy can afford private schools, clean water, top notch healthcare, etc. And the elite and their Republican representatives have been successful at cultivating deep mistrust in our democracy which only serves, again, to benefit the elite. Read “Unrig” to learn what you can do to effect change. All the issues we face will not change until we ensure every vote counts.

  10. Unconscionable that Republicans refuse to send necessary funding for PPE and essentials to reopen our schools safely. Moscow Mitch and the Trump Administration are doing irreparable harm to children.

    1. I called your office mailbox full a joke. You continue to serve YOURSELF and the DICTATOR. An absolute disgraceful example of how corrupt elected officials behave.

    2. Typical playground politics! Mitch and Lindsey are nothing but circus clowns riding their off the rails clown car! It’s time to do your JOB!!!!

    3. I am appalled at our republican senators who refuse to help suffering Americans who are closed mouth about the election results President elect Biden will be our new president it is unacceptable that you as our elected officials are not doing your job for Americans shame on you you continue to get paid for a job you are not doing that is following the election legal process of democracy an stalling an blocking the transition to our new leaders. As an educated woman who votes I am ashamed of your representation in office. Do your job transition our new president an pass a bill to assist Americans an provide relief to those suffering in this deadly pandemic open your eyes an see how your actions are hurting the American people an dividing a country in crisis. Remember this is your legacy an woman get out the vote we will stand with people of color to vote for honest,decent representatives to replace senators who can only see themselves. .

      1. Sorry, but if you have a clear message in your mind, it is just about lost in your writing. If you are an educated woman, please go back to your schooling and re-invent punctuation! I’m an educated woman who took the trouble to weed out your thoughts in the word jumble above. Most people may not have the patience to try to punctuate in their heads to make sense of what you are saying. It’s a shame to lose your valuable content this way, even if it is stylish, judging by the rest of these replies. Your remarks truly are valuable!

    4. McConnell & the rest of the Republicans that are using their office to gain wealth & are corrupt must be investigated & forced to resign or be fired.

    5. Never has there been such a rampant effort to steal elections from those new dully elected by the people. This notion that a sitting president cannot can be prosecuted for breaking laws is insidious. No one deserves a pass on breaking the law. This nation and its people have been demoralized, lied to, cheated, and have caused thousands of deaths due to the covid virus. Please modernize our electoral system, like the electoral college which is arcane. Hold this president and his minions accountable for this insane and corrupt administration.

  11. Appalling, Republicans once again show their unconscionable lack of action on relief for the countless Americans in dire financial straits while a pandemic and numerous natural disasters have wreaked havoc on the economy, they are driven instead to pack courts with conservative judges in a win-at-all-costs strategy. We will not forget this!

  12. Senator McConnell is not fulfilling his commitment to the American people. What happened to the Republican party? It has turned into the very antithesis of democracy.

    1. The republican party needs to do their job instead of being mute to a sitting president 2ho is leaving office. The republican party needs to step up an represent the American people the whole country an they need to transition our new president in this deadly pandemic this group of representatives will go down in history of a legacy of greed unethical behavior and the lack of courage to stand up an do what’s right for the American people. They are being viewed by the world as cowards enough they need to do their job which is to represent our whole country

  13. McConnell should be impeached for his dereliction of duty and obstruction of legislation passed in the House for pandemic relief, investigated for likely acceptance of bribes from Russia ( hence the “Moscow Mitch” epithet ), and given a nice stiff prison sentence if found guilty – quite likely – for all the above offenses. A disgrace to his office and a symbol of all the things that citizens loathe about politicians.

  14. Mr McConnell you are playing Russian roulette with the American people. Stop playing games and get true relief for those who need it passed.

  15. It is clear now that this GOP is nothing more than a criminal enterprise. A quarter of a million Americans dead. Hospital staff overloaded and exhausted. under insured patients hospitalized with COVID-19 face bills of $40,000 to $70,000 while for profit hospitals charge 1000% over costs. And what is the GOP doing? Packing the courts.

  16. Stop confirming judges and confirm help for our children across the United States where disparities are apparent during this pandemic!

    1. My god are you kidding me you as representatives are not standing up for our communities that are suffering in a deadly pandemic we voted you in we expect you to do your job. As educated woman we have stood with people of color to change the direction of our country. Do your job stop the unethical stacking of the courts this is not American Democracy

  17. I agree that Republicans should be ashamed. Their partisan theatrics while forsaking the health and welfare of the American people is despicable and inexcusable!

  18. It is a shame and disgrace for the congress and all its members acting in government leadership to respond to those it serves in a sarcastic manner.When you pay people at a unrealistic way such as price gauging to represent you and get response that only a KING would give,it is not only disgusting ,it is just plan and simple ignorance.To me Mithch McConnell represents such.He needs to realize he dosen’t own any thing in government,he is suppose to be a servant of the people

  19. McConnell simply doesn’t care about the majority of Americans. How many more will suffer under his watch until Congress takes action?

  20. Enough already of the shenanigans! Can we set aside the partisan rhetoric to focus on all humanity and the basic humanitarian acts to ensure that all learn in a safe environment?

  21. In the textbooks of our country we are told regularly that Congress’ job is to represent the people of the United States-to serve them. This i=has not happened for the past four years and it continues not to happen. People are suffering, struggling, and literally dying in huge unprecedented numbers, and the Senate in particular has done NOTHING to help them. The HEROES Act passed the House over three months ago, and the Senate has done nothing-NOTHING-to enact it, leaving hundreds of thousands of Americans food insecure, in debt, without a steady stream of income, Congress is playing political games while the people are suffering and dying. SHAME, SHAMES, SHAME!

      1. Mitch McConnell is a danger to the American people. He has continuously put his party and agenda ahead of his country and oath to represent the American people. 250,000 deaths & he is busy stacking the courts. Unconstitutional, undemocratic, and disgusting. Fire him!

    1. You are shameless. People w/COVID are dying & need cash. You’ll go down on history as a fraud and enabler of weakest & most dishonorable President in history. Weeks before a new President, you are doing everything to insure Democracy won’t function!

    2. Agree time for you to stand up an represent American citizens woman vote we stand with other woman of color to change the direction of our country. Our country which you are supposed to be representing you get paid yet you are doing nothing for those who are suffering shame on you!

  22. We are in need of leaders that are for the soft spoken and often overlooked public citizens that help to make up our cities, states, and this nation.

  23. This is beyond disgusting apparently the only things republicans care about is themselves they are not Americans they are lowlife , SPINELESS bought and sold scum bags WE ARE WATCHING AND WILL REMEMBER. Americans are starving , no income ,losing their homes and dying in unimaginable numbers and trump and all his polyps literally do not care

    1. This is truly disappointing and it shows the priority of these elected leaders which is not that of those they represent. They have a God-given duty that should never be jeopardized or used for their own personal agenda!

  24. Such insanity that has only impeded the way to stopping the spread yet McConnell and his cronies somehow find time to elect narrow minded judges. Their focus seems to be more on power than doing what is right and it is time they stop being so self centered. Surely this is the worst regime in history.

  25. Congress and the President must provide the favorable conditions for the safe opening of schools via adequate funding to stem the number of cases of the Coronavirus.
    The funding for families and individuals that have been adversely affected by the lockdowns must be provided.

  26. Mitch is a criminal, I would like to see him in jail. In the cell next to twump would be nice for them both!

  27. We will Not forget this hideous play out of your careless actions while Americans are dying
    you Only think about Yourselves greedy power grabbers
    we do Not support and it is time for you to Get OUT of OFFICE NOW!

  28. McConnell is as evil and DJT and needs to be reigned in. I am so afraid of what is going to happen to the USA with these two running the show. This cannot be allowed to go on. DJT needs a psychiatric evaluation ASAP.

  29. You are being lead by a fool, don’t you recognize when that happens, are you totally ignorant of what is going on, wake up and do your job..

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