Senate majority continues to block COVID-19 relief

In a mostly party-line vote of 214-207, the House passed an updated HEROES Act that includes a dramatic $225 increase in school funding, an additional $12 billion to help narrow the digital divide and close the homework gap, $436 billion in aid for states and localities, and $75 billion for coronavirus testing, tracing, and treatment. Discussions between Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and the White House continue, but significant gaps remain.

The updated HEROES Act fulfills key NEA goals: at least $175 billion to stabilize education funding and provide Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for students and educators and at least $4 billion in emergency funding to close the homework gap during the pandemic. As many as 16 million students—roughly 1 in 3—are unable to do schoolwork at home due to lack of internet access and devices. A disproportionate share of those students are Black, Hispanic, Indigenous, and live in rural areas or low-income households. Additional relief for student loan borrowers is also among NEA’s top priorities.

Email your senators and tell them to take action now.

One response to “Senate majority continues to block COVID-19 relief

  1. MANY people I know have been directly impacted by this virus. From losing their jobs to not returning to the classroom for rear of bringing it home to family or being in a high risk group themselves leaving them vulnerable. Teachers need the training and resources for engaging and meaningful online learning experience for out children and the protection to be able to work hybrid learning safe for both students and staff.

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