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Want to fire Betsy DeVos? Here’s the one thing you should do TODAY.

By Amanda Litvinov

Election 2020 is just around the corner. If you’re determined to help NEA fire Betsy DeVos by electing pro-public education champion Joe Biden, here’s the one thing you should do right now: Download the OutreachCircle app and use it to help everyone in your networks get ready to vote.

Research shows that voters are more likely to participate in elections when they are encouraged to do so by someone they know. Using OutreachCircle makes it easy to reach out to the people who are already in your networks and make sure they’re prepared to cast a ballot. 

Dave West. (Photo courtesy of Maryland State Education Association)

“It’s a good platform, because people are hearing from you, not from some anonymous person or organization,” says newly retired educator Dave West, who first learned of the tool after signing up for Educators for Joe. “Using OutreachCircle, I felt some of the same excitement I feel when I organize face-to-face,” said West, an engaged union member who helped organize his worksite, Montgomery Blair High School in Silver Spring, Md.  

I like these 21st-century tools like texting and social media. I’m already active on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook—I can post something and I’m in enough groups, lots of people will see it,” says music teacher Annice M. Benamy, a National Board Certified Teacher from Elizabeth, N.J..

She also appreciates that her email inbox is not overwhelmed with volunteer opportunities. Just go to or open the app, and you’ll find a list of actions you can take. 

“I also feel like I can accomplish a lot in a short period of time. I can set aside a couple of hours and send over 1,000 text messages and respond to any replies I get.” 

The 27-year teaching veteran says she will do whatever she can to get pro-public education candidates elected to the U.S. Senate and the White House. “We literally have a Secretary of Education who’s trying to take money away from public schools—that alone is reason to elect a new president, and there are so many other reasons,” she says. 

Annice M. Benamy, NBCT

As of now, Benamy has taken the most actions of any OutreachCircle user.

West, another OutreachCircle “super user,” thinks about the election this way: “Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell have already appointed about 200 federal judges. Betsy DeVos and the radical right would love to use the courts to strip rights from organized educators and continue to chip away at public education,” says West.  

“If Trump wins this election, and they get to put another couple of hundred anti-union, anti-public school judges in place, they could be stripping the rights of students and educators for the next 20 to 30 years.” 

The only way to stop them is to win the election. 

Here’s the easiest way to get involved: Download the OutreachCircle app or go to to find simple actions you can take from home. You can engage people in your networks and fellow educators by sending texts and emails or posting social media.

25 responses to “Want to fire Betsy DeVos? Here’s the one thing you should do TODAY.

  1. Yaba data doo! Both Democrats & Republicans running for office lie and can’t be trusted, too! Its not about service to the people for the people and it surely isn’t about making a difference unless you’re talking about that political members wallet size!

  2. There’s absolutely no way that Betsy DeVos should be in charge of anything let alone public education!!! What in the world is wrong with people?
    I am a public school employee of special needs children. There has been no mention at all of how much these parents go through on a daily basis! How dare she push her private school agenda and think that’s the best way for all!!! Get her out !!!

  3. Keep sharing your thoughts Lawrence. Public school is not the only answer while providing equably for every student is. Vouchers for every student based on age, and regional ergonomics plus additional funding for needy communities could level the playing field and become very cost effective, even providing more opportunity for our students.

    1. We need someone in Devos’ position who acts and decides as she cares about education for all children in this country!

    2. Public education is a major target for Betsy DeVos and her puppeteer Donald Trump. Anyone who questions that is just plain uneducable! We have to do all we can to get rid of Trump and his evil, lying, traitorous, and un-American cohort. I am 83 and remember Hitler too well to believe anything the orange pumpkin POTUS says! Like a jack-o-lantern: orange, hollow and thrown out in November!

  4. It’s too bad that some people who know nothing about education should suggest how large urban school districts should be run. Education should be about equal opportunity, regardless of your zipcode. Taking away public resources from Public schools to encourage those who can afford it to pay for segregated private schools is not providing equal opportunity for public education. Much of the reason people choose private schools is because they don’t want their children to go to the public school that is near them, because they think it is inferior: racially, behaviorally, physically, administratively, etc. Until Public School systems get the resources to make them equal, segregated schools will continue. There will always be private schools, but our government should not use tax payers money to support them and encourage elitism, racism, and discourage our Public Schools.

    Betsy DeVos and Donald Trump have just spent four years supporting segregated schools and undermining Public Schools. It will take States to invest billions of dollars in Public Education in cities and communities that do not have resources, to even out the inequality of opportunities. This money will have to be subsidized by Federal grants. Wealthy people and Corporations will have to pay their fair share of Taxes. Invest in our Public Schools, keep kids in school, provide free technical school, or College and people will get jobs, once they graduate. Make school so much fun and so interesting that kids will see a future in staying in school.
    It’s called Equal Opportunity for those who have no opportunity. And you are giving people hope and self respect. This is not a matter of race, it’s a matter of poverty, which includes every race. And it should be a top priority of any new administration.

    1. How do you associate monies going to schools with racism? Monies provided better equipment, books, hiring teachers, supplies, technology and things.

  5. Over the last sixty years, public school educational attainment levels have declined as school districts consolidated and teachers’ advocacy organizations morphed into teachers’ unions. Today’s controversial “common core” simply acknowledges this decline.

    There is no economy of scale in 50% graduation rates. We should deconsolidate all large urban school systems into smaller neighborhood systems with no more than 10,000 students each. Smaller school systems have fewer levels of bureaucracy and are more responsive and approachable for parents.

    We should offer State wide public vouchers so that the districts can compete head to head for enrollment and drive the continuous improvement of educational attainment. By providing choice in school districts, we would not be insanely prosecuting parents for trying to sneak their children into better school districts. This would also reduce the need for competition from charter schools. The State would have to subsidize differences in per-student funding between districts. Most failing school districts are already heavily state subsidized and spend more per student than more successful districts. Subsidizing vouchers would be less expensive than the long-term costs of welfare and incarceration. Rules for transfers between districts would include maximum annual enrollment changes, criteria for moving schools into adjacent districts, transportation costs, allowed residences, and student return policies.

    In our school counseling, we should focus adequate importance on essential higher value creating careers in skilled trades that match market demands such as designers, machinists, tool and die makers, electricians, welders, carpenters, and other skills where many are presently in short supply. Every high school should again have its own industrial arts department to give all of our students some ability to actually make things with their own hands. They will carry a positive “ I did it then and I can do it again!” feeling throughout their lives when approached with challenges. And we need to stop telling the lie that a four year degree is essential for self-sufficiency and a successful rewarding life.

    1. In response to your claim of a 50% graduation rate in the United States. “In school year 2017–18, the national adjusted cohort graduation rate (ACGR) for public high school students was 85 percent, the highest it has been since the rate was first measured in 2010–11. Asian/Pacific Islander students had the highest ACGR (92 percent), followed by White (89 percent), Hispanic (81 percent), Black (79 percent), and American Indian/Alaska Native (74 percent) students.” National Center for Education Statistics. May, 2020

    2. Your last paragraph is spot on! You are right about 1 thing…Industrial Arts! I was an Industrial Arts teacher (a good one I might say), who was laid off in 2011 after the Bush recession. Congratulations!..because about everything else in your privitazation and “school of choice” rant is wrong! Most school of choice stuff is just an exercise in young parents being mad at some teacher because their kid is performing and behaving poorly. It causes a race to the bottom because neighboring districts are now in completion. They even have “advertising” budgets now. Respectfully…you need some real life experience, not just some “theory” of how things “should be!”

  6. Democratic socialism is where the self-reliant and the industrious are outnumbered by the lazy and the envious who “progressively” kill all incentives for value creation through income redistribution, high taxes, and stifling laws and regulations to the point that everyone shares scarcity at the point of a despotic gun where government has all of the guns. Socialism is the black hole of economics!

    1. Wow! After you post this moment you have the nerve to tell Jean to refrain from giving politically-biased opinions without providing factual information? Look in the mirror! I’m also wondering what the source of your incorrect information — a 50% graduation rate?

    2. Yes vouchers, they provide parents with challenging schools to go to a another place. It’s not the teachers, but the demographics. Give people a choice. What’s wrong with that.

  7. Betsy DeVos is simply and without a doubt totally incompetent. She should have never been in this important position and has wasted precious time when so many much needed actions could have been taken to improve our educational system. She must go.

      1. Yes, to many people giving opinions and not stating facts and reasons about why they take that position.

        This very article has nothing quoted or stated about why Trump and DeVos are anti-education. I don’t know if they are? This article says they are. Where do I find this information. I don’t know who to believe. Is this fake news??!

  8. We Must win this election to save America from a right-wing anti woma platform. Everyone needs to sign people up and work with them to insure they vote.

    1. There is more involved than Betsy and education in this election. I would Never vote for the Dems and Biden and let them ruin our U S A. Open your eyes to ALL their plans. May God Bless America !! Vote Republican !
      Proud to be an old retired teacher.

    2. Two fundamental tenets of education are that each child is an individual, and parental support is crucial for long-term success in children. I am grateful for the wonderful education I received in the public schools and for that which our children are currently receiving through the public schools However, I also support the right of parents to determine their child’s education. It is also unfair to believe that one method of schooling can meet the needs of each child. Parents and families should have equal access to the wonderful, varied methods of education: public education, private schools (both secular and faith-based), charter schools, homeschooling and virtual education.

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