These senators are standing in the way of funding to stabilize public schools

Nearly 2 million education jobs could be lost over the next three years if the Senate fails to act soon to close growing state and local budget gaps caused by COVID-19, an NEA analysis and state-by-state breakdown warned. These five senators are standing by as Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) refuses to participate in negotiations and provide funding to stabilize our schools:

Susan Collins, Maine

So far, Sen. Collins has promised action on behalf of education, but there are no signs that she can succeed in moving McConnell to act on another COVID-19 relief bill. This has been a common complaint about Collins in the last few years: big talk, but little delivery on her words. Will she step up and deliver for the educators and students who are depending on Congress to help states stabilize schools? Maine educators and students sure need her now, with 11,000 educator jobs on the line in Maine alone.

Steve Daines, Montana

With Sen. Daines’ approval numbers slipping to 48 percent amid the pandemic, it is no surprise that educators in Montana feel their voices are not being heard, their students are going unrepresented, and over 7,000 jobs are on the line. Daines also filed an amicus brief to the Supreme Court in support of public funding for religious education in Espinoza v. Montana Department of Revenue. The case could create a legal path for the expansion of voucher programs, further draining already scarce resources from the public schools that serve 90 percent of our nation’s students.

Cory Gardner, Colorado

Sen. Gardner has blocked the rights of educators for years, a situation that has been exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic. Having previously received $49,800 from the DeVos family, Gardner has time and again supported an anti-public education agenda. Now, nearly 30,000 Colorado educator jobs are on the line.

Martha McSally, Arizona

While thousands of residents of Arizona suffered the physical and financial effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, Sen. McSally said that smaller cities and towns are on their own to receive funding. Instead of supporting additional funding to protect the 36,606 Arizona education jobs that could be lost over three years, she accused smaller cities of using pandemic relief as a “cash cow.” However, even with relief funding, many municipalities will still suffer from the impact of the pandemic. McSally has enabled McConnell’s obstructionism, leaving her constituents without the leadership and relief they need.

Thom Tillis, North Carolina

In a state that is projected to lose nearly 80,000 educator jobs over three years, one of the highest projections in the country, Thom Tillis has been missing in action. These educators and their families will be subject to one of the nation’s lowest unemployment benefits because of cuts made by Tillis. He has blocked Medicaid expansion and attempted to dismantle the Affordable Care Act, even at the height of the pandemic.

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  1. I do absolutely love the 0 posts from republican voters and trump supports on this site. You people cant be this blind. Look where most of the funding from the NEA goes towards. Follow a little paper trail and tell me these guys aren’t corrupt as all hell. They poor disgusting sex education into our schools, squash students ideas of opposing views, lie about the narrative and the ideology behind black lives matter (which is markism, you can watch the founders interview for yourself). The good news is, is that you teachers are not legally bound to these unions anymore. you can opt out of your money going to them.

  2. You will likely do “the right thing” a week before the election in hopes of swinging votes to Trump. This is about LIVES not politics.

    1. democrats and the nea have shown time and time again that this isnt about education. its about indoctrination. why is it that california teachers vowed not to go back to work till police were defunded. that has nothing to do with our kids education. why is it that the flu kills more kids every year than COVID (CDC has these stats for you). this is about keeping this money making useless union alive.

  3. This Republican President, his Cabinet and Senate majority have been successful in harvesting and mining so many of our natural resources for the spoils of the wealthy and greedy. We simply cannot allow our greatest resources – our children – to be collateral to the self-serving greed of those with little vision of the future of our nation and its citizens. Wake up! Put on a pair of glasses and move outside of your current paradigm! Even rose colored glasses can’t excuse your current stance on our schools!

  4. The NEA President and other Officers plus Members speak out for all educators & students against measures to dismantle public education. They also take direction from the Representative Assembly to uphold the measures we democratically choose to promote a quality public education & measures that support the well being of all public education educators. Unfortunately, the Republican platform seeks to hurt unions, ruin public education as a right, & therefore hurt our educator Members and students within public education. So, why wouldn’t we speak out against those senators for their terrible actions against public education and its students, educators, & those parents who also support a quality public education? These senators need to go back into being citizens again. Vote them out.

    1. I agree with Belinda! The time for citizen action on behalf of our public schools is now. Ensure your vote counts, even if you have to personally get and take your ballot directly to Sec. of State office or your County Clerk. Time to remove this authoritarian administration and stand for our public schools.

  5. It is shameful in how you, yes you Republicans, have abandoned public schools. It used to be unconstitutional to give tax dollars to private schools, but now it’s like Christmas, for private schools, with every budget session. You have siphoned billions from public schools, only to increase funding for private schools. I saw how Republicans yelled, and made derogatory remarks made towards teachers in the Red4Ed Movement. Public schools are in dire disrepair, and planning budgets are pittance. In the meantime, politicians pad their pockets by investing in private schools. You ignore the fact that public schools have excellent and dedicated teachers, and reward private schools with our tax dollars.! Shame on you! Voters remember this when you vote!

  6. After more than 30 years in education as a Teacher, Elementary School Principal, and Director of Leadership Development in the 6th largest public school district in the nation, I am appalled at the Senate’s current inaction to stabilize funding for public schools.
    Our nation’s promise is to provide a free and appropriate public education for every child in our country. Our founders must be turning over in their graves.
    History will write your legacy as politics above people, privatization above public education, and your self-serving decisions over democracy. I implore you as our elected leaders, to uphold the constitution and do what is right for the future of our country – our children!

  7. Stop attaching names to hide behind lack of decent decisions to support teacher, educational staff and students.When a nearly bankrupt Kodak Company is given a $765 million payout before other citizen groups..government makes huge mistakes!! Quit pointing fingers at education flaws. Isn’t it the Sentes job to solve a problem, not increase it? Support public education, a constitutional right of our citizens.

  8. We should consider all senators and house members, regardless of party, who do not try to work together for the good of our country. Especially those who block legislation for their selfish reasons.
    The NEA , who has their selfish agendas, know who I am talking about.

  9. I am a retired public school teacher who taught regular classes and special ed classes.
    What I observed was being put out as education caused me to homeschool my own children. I also was the secretary for our local NEA chapter. I found it to be the opposite in political matters to what I was a part of for six years in the United States Navy. I did solemnly affirm to uphold the Constitution of the United States against ALL enemies, both foreign and domestic. Had I given assent to much of what NEA wanted, and continues to want, I would have had to unafffirm my position of upholding the Constitution.

    1. Oh boy! Member delegates vote on what our NEA does. If you truly were paying attention, you would know that fact. Take the NEA Representative Assembly of over 10,000 delegates as an example who annually debate everything brought forward to the Assembly. It is the largest democratic assembly ever! I participated in it before retiring for 12 years. Many great decisions there push forward our values to uphold a quality public education. As a former military dependent child then a wife, I take great offense to the inference that NEA, which is the sum of its Members like me, goes against the Constitution. I really have to say that a true Member knows this is not the case when we assemble democratically together. Please address the subject of the senators who do things against public education instead of union bashing.

  10. As an retired educator, I just shake my head in disbelief when I hear politicians speak their inane postulations of what schools should do. I would bet that close to 100% of them haven’t been inside a middle or high school in decades. They have no idea what the environment is like. For example in my former middle school, we’d have over a thousand kids getting off the busses at the beginning of the day, jammed next to each other through the doors and down packed hallways to get to their 10 ” across lockers right next to each other. How about waiting outside the class door for the 28-32 kids to file out so the next large group could go in. Time to clean desks? None. Bathroom breaks in the 3 minute passing times? – social distancing – nonexistent. Not to mention gym lockers, lunch rooms, and the usual amount of snots and germs without co-vid. They have NO clue what they are asking schools to do in such a flippant way and wouldn’t know how to handle it if they were in charge. But sure, let’s cut funds as a threat if they don’t reopen in person.

  11. I dont believe what you have to say! You have lied about so many things and I am sure this is just another one-small part truth, big part lie!
    I truly think President Trump will do everything he can to assure that our students are back in school as soon as possible, with all safety measures in place!

  12. You should be ashamed of yourselves for ignoring your Constitutional obligation to promote the general welfare of all our people.

  13. Senators, you are hurting the American people, the students, the staff with disabilities. You need to think about the things that you are hurting.

    1. Although I’m not a resident of the state, I’m an educator, parent, and a colleague in education with these people. What you are doing to our children and country is inhumane. Shame on you. YOU agreed to be a voice for the people and do what is right. If this is what you call doing what’s right, I would truly hate to see what you would call wrong. Do the right thing.

    2. As a retired teacher, I feel that the preschool children are taught were
      sometimes more mature and caring than you are acting now. Please
      think of the future of this troubled country. Do the right thing. We are counting on you

  14. Do your jobs. 3 of you are in position To lose your jobs this November. Quit following your failed leadership. Schools and municipalities need assistance during this time. Provide it. Do your jobs.

  15. The number one priority for our govt. now should be to help schools deal with the extra cost of educating children during Covid 19.

  16. The future of America, our youth, and the teachers and staff who support them, deserve proper funding for public schools. Students should not be put in decrepit condition buildings, have poorly supplied or funded technical support, suffer little or no access to a school nurse or therapist, be denied healthy , enriching classes like, gym, health, music, art, speech or theatre, industrial or agricultural classes, or personal finance and family life skills.
    Teachers and students should not have to suffer the detrimental effects of crowded classrooms. Teacher aides are vital for students who need various types of physical or mental assistance and many communities just can’t offer that.
    There should be ongoing money for continued teacher training and mentoring, also.
    Many support staff- secretaries, bus drivers, janitors, cafeteria workers, etc. are poorly paid and often there is not enough of these people to go around.
    I also believe that for every 3 years a teacher commits to remain in the profession, they should get at least 50% of one semester student loan forgiven. It should be a higher amount if they agree to serve an extremely rural, isolated, struggling school district or an at- risk inner city district.
    A reason some young people don’t enter teaching these days is pay. They can enter the field of science, computers, therapy, and others, don’t have to deal with the long evening hours of preparing for the next school day or the stresses of not having the proper tools or support systems at their disposal.
    Now with the Corona virus, we are sending our most precious commodity, our children and their teachers and staff into a precarious situation. The states are wrestling with what will /won’t work. Very little leadership is provided from the federal government. And on top of that, school districts do not need to have funds cut or taken away! They need all the support they can get! That includes monetary support!

  17. Enough with defunding education. This is the moment to remember that if the backbone of our society is the economy and the heart of our country are its families, then schools are the respiratory system. Schools allow us to breathe life into the future of our country. Schools give us that oxygen to keep all of our systems healthy and running. Just like the respiratory system needs clear airways, so do our schools-especially during this COVID19 pandemic. Schools have been constricted for so many years without COVID19 and now with the pandemic they are facing a blockage that desperately needs your help. The health of the country is dependent on all systems getting what they need. Please fund schools properly all the time- and especially now.

  18. The future is in the generation in our schools currently Vote out the politicians who are getting the the way of their Public education

  19. These people are the terrorists of the nation. They are strong arming the public into having a de facto dictatorship that is privatizing all public functions for monetary gains and manipulation. It is truly disgusting that they do not understand the changes made, by law, to include all persons of voting age to have a voice in the laws of the land. As it now stands we have an oligarchy.
    In high school over a half century ago, I learned that was destructive to a democracy. These people would dismantle our democracy for financial gain for very very few individuals. They do not understand conscience or democracy or the power or goodness this country would have if it worked as a democracy.

  20. These people are the terrorists of the nation. They are strong arming the public into having a de facto dictatorship that is privatizing all public functions for monetary gains and manipulation. It is truly disgusting that they do not understand the changes made, by law, to include all persons of voting age to have a voice in the laws of the land. As it now stands we have an oligarchy.
    In high school over a half century ago, I learned that was destructive to a democracy. These people would dismantle our democracy for financial gain for very very few individuals. They do not understand conscience or democracy or the power or goodness this country would have if it worked as a democracy.

    1. Anyone that votes RED is a fool. What have they done for their constituents lately? They sat back (with Trump) and let the virus tear through this country. 160,000 dead Americans? Way too many. The economy is on the verge of collapsing. Trump is trying to circumvent the constitution to put November’s election on hold. Enough. Vote them out and take our country back!!

    2. Please commit to the people whom you were elected to serve, in a great and pleasing way. Children are our future, and if there is no funding for schools; we will agree later: that “the most expensive thing other than an education, is ignorance “
      Do not turn a blind eye to funding education, do it now, do the right thing. Conscience…….

    3. How come it is that all communications from NEA always suggest that the problem with anything stems from Republicans? It’s almost as if those sending these notices aren’t doing any thinking.

      1. Because it IS the Republicans who are blocking good legislation! If the NEA members, who are highly educated and positively motivated professionals, did not know that, we would have to question their intelligence, powers of observation and fitness to help educate our children.

      2. Because Republicans are the problem, they haven’t passed any bill that benefits the working class, including teachers. I know it is hard to deal with the facts, but the truth is in their actions, or lack there of. Keep posting the truth NEA.

  21. Please vote for helping our teachers and schools. At a time of pandemic crisis, our children come first, our future! Without the tools to work remotely and teachers to guide, how can we expect the children to stay on task? Our teachers are now the front line as success depends on their ingenuity and work. HARD WORK. Kids need structure and security along with safety. Give them all that they need.

  22. Separation of church and state is one of the core beliefs of our Founding Fathers. To use public funding to pay for religious education would make them roll over in their graves.

  23. It is utterly disgraceful for these elected officials to behave in this manner . Clearly they do not understand or perhaps care that is innovation and higher education which has made the US innovate and create more livable jobs than most other countries

  24. North Carolina is one of the lowest in the country in the per pupil amount it spends on students. If we want to be a progressive state, we must change this!

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