Comments due July 31 on DeVos rule that robs schools of resources

There’s still time to weigh in on a new rule from Education Secretary Betsy DeVos that is diverting COVID-19 relief funding from high-poverty public schools to private schools, contrary to congressional intent. As a lawsuit filed by the NAACP says, “The Rule is as immoral as it is illegal. In a moment of crisis—when public school districts are called upon to educate their students in unprecedented circumstances, to protect their students and staff from disease, and to feed families who have been plunged into poverty, all with decimated state and local revenues—it is unconscionable for [DeVos] to siphon away the CARES Act’s desperately needed funds for the benefit of more affluent private-school students.”

The CARES Act explicitly requires districts to provide private schools with services in the “same manner” as Title I, which uses the number of low-income students in each school to allocate funds. Under the new DeVos rule, districts may instead base allocations on the total private school population—a change that could rob under-resourced public schools of hundreds of millions of dollars. In Michigan, for example, private schools would get four times as much—$21.6 million instead of the $5.1 million worth of services the Title I funding formula would provide, according to the Mackinac Center for Public Policy.

Tell the Department of Education that students MUST receive their fair share of financial aid provided by the CARES Act

10 responses to “Comments due July 31 on DeVos rule that robs schools of resources

  1. C’mon, Congress, get a leg up and stop DeVos from ruining our public school system. Private schools should not–I REPEAT NOT—get governmental funds OF ANY SORT. Their PRIVATE!!! DeVos is an enemy to American education for ALL!

  2. This is crazy, shameful, and a crime against those that need the most support. DeVos should be Deleted from anything to do with schools.

  3. Many Parents are not able to afford Private Schools for their children. As an retired teacher, I have worked in both situations. Please do not take anything else from the poor. We need funds for Public schools for every child. Put GOD first.

  4. Public school funds have no business paying for private schools. I went to private schools my entire career and my parents paid for it. I also worked for St. Paul Public schools for 32 years. I believe in separation of church and state. It is the law…and devos is breaking it in multiple ways. No way…

  5. An educated public is an essential building block of democracy. Public education is a right.
    The constitution guarantees the welfare of United States citizens.

  6. I am a former parent from The Potters House School and volunteer at Cesar Chavez School. There is a HUGE disparity between the two schools! School of Choice has left GRPS with the children most at risk and most in need! Teachers are given very little support and expected to provide more supplies and deal with children who need special education services WHILE also teaching students with a variety of other needs. To take away this support adds to an already very stressful environment and sets up our public school children for failure!

  7. Public funds should go to public schools. Let parents pay for their own private school education of that is their choice. It’s not fair to low income communities if they don’t get their fair share.


  9. Congress cannot let the private school champion DeVos destroy public education and prey on our most needy children.

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