New DeVos rule shifts resources from public to private schools

The U.S. Department of Education is requesting comments on an interim final rule that is diverting COVID-19 relief funding from high-poverty public schools to private schools, contrary to congressional intent. “Make no mistake about it,” said NEA President Lily Eskelsen García. “DeVos continues to use the coronavirus pandemic and resulting economic crisis to push her extreme agenda to privatize public education.”

The CARES Act explicitly requires districts to provide private schools with services in the “same manner” as Title I, which uses the number of low-income students in each school to allocate funds. Under the new DeVos rule, districts may instead base allocations on the total private school population—a change that could rob under-resourced public schools of hundreds of millions of dollars. In Michigan, for example, private schools would get four times as much—$21.6 million instead of the $5.1 million worth of services the Title I funding formula would provide, according to the Mackinac Center for Public Policy.

Tell the Department of Education that students MUST receive their fair share of financial aid provided by the CARES Act

127 responses to “New DeVos rule shifts resources from public to private schools

  1. Why does Betsy DeVos think she has the authority to change the law to suit her personal, arbitrary agenda? The last three-and-one-half years has been spent filing law suit after law suit over her illegal interpretations of the law. When will it stop? This latest move is despicable and unacceptabble!

    1. FAPE – FREE Appropriate PUBLIC EDUCATION!!!

      Remove the funding inequity in schools and give ALL students the same educational resources and opportunities! Take a GOOD LONG LOOK at the socio-economic and other data in schools tells it all – racism and segregation are alive and well – heart-breakingly. It’s just not-so-subtly disguised under policy and geography. Be adults, take what could be the “unpopular moves” and create meaningful dialogue with those that are out there peaceably asking for the change. Equitable education and equitable opportunity are going to be steps in the right direction toward healing the racial and social injustices in this country!

      1. No child in the U.S. is denied education because of race. Stop making everything about race. And there is not social injustice. I suggest travel to third world or communist countries to actually learn about racism and social injustice.
        No money should go to private schools other than from the people sending their children to them. No money should be give to religious schools as we have to keep church and state separated. Without this separation America freedom would not be what this country was established on. Separation of church and state.

      1. Unfortunately, I can’t imagine it would do any good. She is an entitled, self-important ignorant woman. And that’s just the beginning of the descriptors I could use.

      2. She should visit rural public schools. Some of our kids don’t have internet, broadband has not yet reached parts of the county. It is especially difficult without funding for programs , virtual education what with Covid expectations.

      3. No, perhaps she can talk to the parents of the students. It isn’t the teachers fault in any way. It’s the parents!

    2. Trump appointed her to do exactly what she is doing. Diverting monies to rich, privately run schools with racist policies. Students from middle and low income are excluded from any chance to be educated majors n order to contribute to a just and anti racist society.

    3. She is an idiot! To change funding from pulling to private schools is ridiculous! This is unnecessary! Not honest. Not fair!
      I am a good republican but cannot see this kind of bureaucracy! It is so wrong! I taught school in a rural district for 33 years. Funding was so crucial, every penny counted . Rural children do not have access to so many things. Technology is limited, broadband does not reach parts of my county. This move is wrong. STOP THIS ACTION from happening! Think of the children!

  2. No Tax Payor money for private schools! Private schools do not have to comply with state rules and standards and are funded by wealthy parents.

  3. This is unacceptable for reasons not yet mentioned. Private schools were not built to accommodate the very large amount of parents who would send their kids if it was free like public schools. Private schools are not going to allow students to hit each other or their teachers, in which case they would be without the “right to an education”. Then what Betsy? You better stick to what you know, and education isn’t it. Maybe you need to go to your private schools and raise the tuition so they can get what you want them to have.

  4. DeVos is trying to destroy public education—she has been doing this one way or the other for the past 3 plus years….never mind that she is the Secretary of Education….what ever happened to “tar and feathers”????

  5. Public funds go to public education. Period. I certainly can see why DeVos would try to divert Covid19 Relief funding from public schools to private ones. It benefits her and her fellow Republicans. After all, she was nominated by Trump and confirmed by the Republican Senate. We should all be weary of anyone who wants to run our schools like a corporation where unfortunately profits are always the bottom line. Our Founding Fathers knew that a free equal public education for ALL citizens was necessary to maintain true democracy in the newly formed United States of America. It still is! Now, more than ever!!! This president has NEVER held a public office of any kind in his entire life. Every decision (appointment, dismissal, firing, pardoning, what have you), he has ever made, ever, always has been to benefit only himself, not his fellow Americans.

    1. Well said, Linda! You are right on point. Another example of “the rich get richer … the titled feel entitled”. Democracy serves all…not the few that are already enriched!

    GET IT? Or is that too complicated for you, DeVos?

  7. Public schools do not have adequate funding now so giving money to private schools makes the amount even less. Private schools are a choice. Most people depend on public schools and their taxes pay for them. Not private schools.

  8. It breaks my heart to see neighborhood public schools suffering, some of them closing and crumbling down in the cities, especially Detroit. It is our tax dollars that go to public schools. Any government funding that goes toward public schools should be used only for public schools. School-age children need a fair playing field. A child in Detroit should get the same public education as a child in Birmingham. My grandson should be able to walk down the street to his own public neighborhood school in Detroit. Instead, there is a crumbling building with trees growing up inside it. He should have access to all the same, teachers, books and technology as all the rest of the public schools in the state of Michigan. This country is not taking care of its own! People who can afford private schools, can send their children there at their own cost. Public school money is for public schools. Free and Appropriate Public Education is for all children, no matter what their family income happens to be.

  9. This action speaks of one with an agenda that has nothing to do with educating the citizens of a democratic nation. Deplorable.

  10. This is outrageous and makes no sense. Why would we give more money through tax payers to already wealthy schools when the vast majority of students are not private schools and rely and need that money to have some sort of education. The education system as a whole is broken and we are looking at breaking it even more… why? What benefits come of this? Our goal shouldn’t be 5% being well educated and the other 95 being left to dry we should be trying to educate 100% of America’s future so we don’t have people of power who make stupid decisions like this.

  11. This is cheating, plain and simple. Only a phony education secretary would undermine public schools and the public trust.

  12. As having been an administrator of both public schools and private, I do not support the actions of Trump and his Secretary of Education, DeVos. I ha e had to personally cut program funds (Title dollars) from disadvantaged student programs when money was cut from my building budget several times. As a parent, i have friends that coulf not go to private schools because of their finances were too low to meet the tuition asked for. Truly this sets up a bias educational disadvantage for the parents.

  13. I am a retired educator who still substitutes in the district. My 2 oldest are teachers, my youngest is a 6th grader! I have had 14 children and 10 grandchildren in the public school system, some were in special education and I taught children who had behavior disorders. I now sub for students who have severe intellectual disabilities. I am appalled by the “forces” who are stripping educational opportunities and services from the majority of the young people in the schools!!! These same young people are the future of our United States. They deserve an appropriate education NOW to be be able to maintain or hopefully improve our next generation and the economy of our United States. What you are proposing now ROBS them of having a fair opportunity to do so!!

  14. This policy by DeVos is absolutely criminal! Robbing the public schools funding to prop up her elitist private school “voucher'” system! People who choose private education that teaches their values, religion, and racial attitudes need to pay for it themselves, NOT out of the taxpayers hard-earned money! This is simply a way to deny equal education to those who are most in need of it! It is segregation all over again! We will not return to the 50’s!

    1. She should never gotten the job, she only knows expensive, exclusive schools. How the public tolerate her? We can’t. Show that at the poles next November and change the leadership power! Only with a true educator in charge can we protect the rights of our children.

    2. This is high robbery. Betsy knows nothing about educational systems and the details of it’s inner workings. She a billion that took this job for the title as a hobby. Here children/grandchildren have been educated in the most expensive and prestigious private school. She should be arrested and charged with crimes against humanity. Impeach her uneducated !#$$%&

  15. Private schools are private, I thought, so that they will not have to accept students they don’t want or government interference in the operation off their schools, so why should they receive any “public” funding at all? If they want the money, they should have to accept all the same unfunded mandates and government regulation as the public schools do, and they should have to accept any students who apply!

    1. Totally agree with you. This is outrageous! Betsy DeVos, has never worked in education, and she is totally unqualified for this position. I am outraged that she has not been fired. Another one of Trumps unqualified picks! Private schools do NOT have to how they spend taxpayers money. Totally unfair that she continually diverts public school funding to private schools! FIRE Betsy DeVos NOW!!!

  16. Every student in America is entitled to a quality education. Public schools are the backbone of our education system and the most efficient way of guaranteeing the most people get an education. Taking money from public schools is a travesty. DeVos has a conflict of interest and is grossly unqualified for her position.

    1. Devos has a major conflict if interest. Her bias for Private schools literally under funds public school education.

  17. You and your cronies need to get a clue! You have absolutely no educational experience. Hurtful and spiteful what you are attempting to do. Complete conflict of interest

  18. A foundationally solid and comprehensive public school education is necessary for the continuation of our great experiment called democracy. With folks like DeVos in charge, get ready to teach/learn Mandarin.

  19. Another attempt to undermine the public schools that are ordered to teach and educate ALL students. The private schools are private and should run on private money. Our country has been run by people who for 150 years have been public-school educated…except for our elites and you can see where that has gotten us. My tax dollars are to go for public schools only… period, period, period. All the monies the government can come up with should enrich all students in public schools, and educate each child to the best abilities of each student and teacher. No more public funds for private schools.

  20. Get this stupid, unqualified woman out of office! She is ruining education and all because of her wealth. If Trump does not remove her immediately I for one will actively campaign against him. The silent majority has had enough and it is time to revolt and retake our country in which education is a key!

  21. When parents choose not to send their children to tax funded schools but to pay outright for elite, possibly financially segregated schools, they give up the right to be backed by the US government tax money to have their school bailed out in a crisis. We should not be funding such private schools. Many spent on them is depleting the public school funds.

  22. This will especially hurt rural and urban schools in America! If parents want to send their children to private schools they should pay for it!
    The Cares Act money was intended for schools with the neediest students! It will take money away from the poorest school districts that need it the most!

  23. Public education needs our support, It is the backbone of our society. ALL students need a high quality education. We cannot afford to widen the gap between rich and poor. Public schools need more funding, not less, if we are to have an educated and responsible populace.

  24. Do whatever it takes to get rid of the new “swamp creatures ” in the White House. Public money (taxes) are for the public . Those choosing private schools must use their private funds to finance their choice. I attended Catholic grade school, high school, college and post graduate university. At no time was it considered to use federal assistance for my choice. I taught in the public schools and they are a benefit to all children in our nations and the TAX money should go to them.

  25. This DeVos administration is unethical, corrupt and shameless. She is an incompetent puppet, widely despised.

    We should get rid of her and her entourage , including family (Mercenary brother).
    She had done a total dissrvice to the educational community over the past years.

    She has to live with the notion of corruption and with lack of any moral compass.Who raised her that way?

  26. This administration, including DeVos, is so incredibly corrupt and unethical that it simply boggles the mind to contemplate the damage that has been done to education, climate policy, trade, international relations, etc. But the fact that DeVos would do this to fund private education is simply not surprising given her antipathy towards public education.

  27. You have got to be kidding! How could anyone in their right mind steal from public education funds, that are paid for through taxes for public education? Only people who are the most selfish and greedy! Wanting to take away funds from those who are supposed to receive them and need them the most and give them to those who have chosen to go to a school that is paid for by the parents who enrolled their children to go to non-government schools? How long is this highway robbery going to continue? How long are the Republicans going to blatantly show their miss guided support for this kind of idiot governing? Some of them who have some ethics may realize but, it may be too late! There is a place waiting for them, and it isn’t in heaven.

  28. Betsy DeVoss is a disgrace to her state and to her nation. She is out to destroy public education and profit personally from federal tax dollars used for her own private school business. Tax dollars are supposed to support public schools, not private schools for the rich or religious schools. She has made a mess of the public schools in Michigan (her state). She is the worst Secretary of Education in our history.

  29. This is called “Corporate Greed” in it’s lowest form!! This Betsy DeVos has already shown us her hand in the state of Michigan… She needs to Go Far, Far, Away!

  30. It is important to not support the Public school. I say this for several reasons. First the Private school has different guidelines (requirements). There are classes that they don’t have to provide. PE not required. If a student has special needs, there needs aren’t met. If they are; it is the Public school that provides the service.
    The difference between the Public school and the Private school is thst Private schools can just drop a student because they are different. Public schools allow students to develop their differences. Allow them to be. In this nation we are to support the differences not make one role model. I can go on and on about my support for the Public school. They are asked to provide services for students and very little money is given. Let’s support our Public schools and remember the taxpayer supplies the money.

  31. The appointment of such an unqualified and personal agenda driven person as De Voss to this position of disdain for providing public education the funds needed to level the playing field for the disadvantaged in favor of those who choose private schools that most who do so can afford says it all about her bias toward the already privileged. It is the only class she can, and seemingly does, relate to- being of that class. She adds greatly to the dysfunctional disgrace of an administration that would choose to undermine the good of the whole with such ill-conceived appointments. ( a la Sec. of Energy, Rick Perry, who during debates couldn’t remember the name of this one of 3 Departments he would eliminate as president and was named to direct it-which, incidentally, has charge of the nuclear stockpile among other things. Oh, and also he would’ve eliminated The Department of Education, one he did remember.) These are the people placed in charge folks.(Perry has resigned)

  32. Clearly this is another extension of corruption intended to dismantle public schools. Yes, there is a conflict of interest by Betsy D. We have already suffered financially as we have worked to insure safety and education of our students and staff during this pandemic…not to mention under funding prior to the pandemic. Unfunded mandates have stretched us to breaking while we are threatened with less federal funding if we do not comply. Stop the craziness and let us educate!

    1. ABSURD!!!! What happens to the lower class students??? Why is it right and just for those children to get neglected??? What has happened to equality and fairness in this world??? The rich keep getting richer and the poor keep getting poorer!!! This is NOT what we are commanded to do by a God who loves us all – Richie poor – we are actually commanded to LOVE equally and GIVE to the poor – take care and GIVE to our fellow man – not TAKE from them!!!! Better get your heart right – we ALL will be judged one day!!!!!

  33. After working as a Special Educator in the Bronx for the past 12 years, my question remains the same, “Why do my young scholars deserve less resources than private school students, when their needs are greater?” Betsy DeVos lacks the empathy, human decency, knowledge/experience of public education, and critical thinking skills required to be effective in her position. As social justice educators, we are designing and building the world that ALL students deserve. A world where they are safe, valued, and beloved.

  34. As a retired teacher I have watched my beloved profession become a sewer of far left ideology; an insane and corrupt obsession with sex; government indoctrination, teachers dressed as sloppily as their student, pushing socialism over national pride in our Constitution, laws, supporting lawbreaking in the form of sanctioning illegal immigrants. No longer are our schools places of education but of indoctrination. As for Betsy DeVos I fully support her, Charter and private schools as well as Home Schooling. If public schools cannot provide classical education then they do not deserve to exist, And Ronald Reagan was right: “The worst enemy of education is the NEA!”

  35. Please leave public school funds alone. If you wish to fund private or charter schools, use your own money. After all, this is your personal pet project which has nothing, and I mean nothing to do with the structure and function of public schools. How would you like it if I interfered with your business and began starting up unions so your employees could be paid a fair wage. So stay out of the public school business where you have little to know knowledge and clearly do not belong.

  36. Well said! So inappropriate & without any consideration to the larger & in need population of public school students & teachers! What does she ever do except defend private schools & assure they get ALL that they request….needed or not! Disgraceful and yet another example of how our country’s Secretary of Education fails to represent the public schools .

  37. Betsy DeVos should not be allowed to change the intent of public funding. Funding private schools with pubic funds must be against the law. Distributing funding based on the population of the school and their needs is the intent of the legislation. We cannot allow Ms. DeVos to taint this.

  38. I am a public school teacher, and it hurts to think how unfair this is towards not only Public school students and their families, but us, educators, as well. We need resources and supplies which our students deserve! None of us understand how and why this person has been appointed to this position. Justice needs to be done and she needs to be re-placed as soon as possible!

  39. How dare you take money from poor public school districts and give it to private schools. You are a disgrace, DeVos. Give that money back to the public schools.

  40. We need to have our priorities set straight. It’s either pay now, and take care of those who are behind or we’ll be taking care of them the rest of their lives paying multiple times more!!

    1. Trump, and his cronies had giving money to private schools planned before a vote was ever taken. Look, who he appointed to the Supreme Court. Trump Devos, Pence and Roberts are a disgrace to the American way of life. They , are eroding the “Separation of Church and state.

  41. Trickery! I don’t know about everyone else, but I am getting very tired of people who have lived a life of privilege making decisions that affect all citizens but favor their own people, their own class, and their own belief system. When the economy and government are already rigged in favor of the wealthy, it seems doubly unfair to give the ones who can afford to pay for private school more money. When I was young, I read the Laura Ingalls Wilder book, Little House on the Prairie. There was a snobby little girl in the story by the name of Nellie Olson who was always doing things to make others feel horrible about themselves by touting her own wealth. I remember thinking how glad I was that she had someone in charge of her to make her behave, due to the deficiency of her character; but I was also afraid that she would do something horrible when her father was not around to keep her in check – and she was always so sneaky about it.

    When a person has no experience upon which to understand another, he must care enough to go and get that experience. Even though Betsy DeVos went to a Christian school, I could never see her caring enough about people to go and find out what life is really like for people in poverty. She obviously does not care, but she also seems not to want to find out either. This could be due to the tendency of white protestants to judge poor people, concluding that they are lazy and suffering the just fruits of their labor. According to a 2017 poll by the Kaiser Family Foundation and the Washington Post, white protestants are more likely to judge poor people as being lazy – even though they admit that companies closing and people losing their jobs, a lack of educational training, and an inability to find new employment is a big problem.
    Since about half of the U.S. lives in poverty, it is extremely unfortunate for the entire country that she has been chosen to represent all children. Since most people – particularly those who are less extreme in their thinking – do care about children in poverty, it would appear that she is a minority in this way of thinking and not fit to be in such a position of responsibility. Even if one is not a product of poverty, good people do feel a sense of responsibility to people who are less fortunate, because they understand that they have been very blessed themselves.

    As the saying goes, “To whom much is given, much is required.” Step up to the plate, Betsy. You are failing at your job of making decisions that equalize educational opportunity for all American citizens. Please do a better job of leveling the playing field.

  42. Money talks!
    Her money was used to push privatization in her home state, especially when she had piece of the “action”. And despite her claims, privatization was a failure and the children suffered. And what do unethical people do who are only out to push their “business”? They “invest” their money in the campaign of a like minded “money making scheme peddler” so they can be rewarded with being made Secretary of Education, for the sole purpose of moving their personal business agenda.
    Educators look at children and see hope and the future. DeVos and many of her Republican friends look at children and see coins. Gold coins! In their pockets at our children and thus our Nation’s expense. Ka-ching! Ka-ching!

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