House takes initial steps to end police brutality

The House passed the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act (S. 3912/H.R. 7120) by a bipartisan vote of 236-131 while a separate bill failed to advance in the Senate. The bill passed by the House takes initial steps to end police brutality, protect the civil rights and liberties of all people, and change the culture of law enforcement agencies. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) could take up the bill or consign it to the Senate’s legislative graveyard, where scores of NEA-supported bills passed by the House already languish.

Tell your senators to support the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act.

29 responses to “House takes initial steps to end police brutality

  1. The culture of the control freak in police departments has to be trained for reform. Why was shooting from the back necessary that with 3 repetitions and leaning on the neck of the person for 8 minutes necessary? The character training for the passion for justice has to be instilled over and over again. Make it weekly until the retirement. Instill it over and over again because unlearning racism takes time. Because with this mental infection of racism fused with control obsession
    carrying the authority as the police officer is the deadly combination.

  2. It is the fiscally conservative thing to do since oftentimes when an officer is not held criminally liable their governmental entity is for millions of dollars. It is thus a win-win , human cost and dollars as well.

    1. Thanking the Democrats for passing the George Floyd Justice and Policing Act Bill. Mitch McConnell it is time for you to step up and get this bill approved!

  3. We need a strong policy to show Black Lives Matter. We need equality in the treatment at the police departments and with other agencies.

  4. I’m waiting for the Senate to get to work and do something, anything. Must be nice to be paid to sit around and crack jokes to fill your time in office. I have to work to earn my keep.

  5. “…how many years can some people exist, before they’re allowed to be free
    how many times can a man turn his head, pretending he just doesn’t see…how many deaths will it take till [we know] too many people have died…”-Bob Dylan, 1963, nearly 60 years ago!
    Isn’t it time something was actually DONE?

  6. Justice for Floyd and others is long past due!
    Democrats did the right thing…..and passed
    the George Floyd act…..passed on to Mitch
    the obstructionist…..Vote him out!

  7. Justice for Floyd and others is long past due….
    Democrats did the right thing….Mitch, the
    Obstructionist ….is one despicable man…..
    Vote him out!

  8. Police do not, and must not be allowed to live above the law. This act needs to be passed immediately, and further measures need to be implemented to hold said police accountable for when they do go above the law, that they themselves can and will be charged, tried, and convicted by any means necessary within the confines of the law. Too many times ( and I am fed up with counting ) have I seen where they have the audacity to take into custody a white man, who is armed and dangerous, put a vest on him and sit them on the ground by a police car, when this person has obviously went on a rampage with a gun, yet you’re trying to tell me that you didn’t fear for your life. Yet , on the other hand, you’re going to tell me that you have an unarmed Black man, lying face down on the ground, already hand -cuffed behind his back, and he’s a threat to you. Come on now, how much more blatant can you get. This is obviously racial hatred and dissension, and it also should be called what it is, A HATE CRIME. You will never see , in this lifetime, a white man on the ground with a police officer’s knee on the back of their neck. You will never see a white man running for his life from the police, unarmed and shot in the back. And this is not only happening to our Black men, but they are blatantly and outright killing our Black women as well. This government is a disgrace to this nation and it’s so-called founding fathers, who based these laws on freedom and rights for all, no matter what color, religion, creed, ethnic background, etc. THIS NEEDS TO END NOW, WE DON’T WANT ANYTHING FROM YOU ALL, BUT TO BE TRULY FREE, LIVE OUR LIVES IN TRUE PEACE, AND HAVE THE SAME EXACT RIGHTS AS YOU DO. STOP BLATANTLY KILLING OUR MEN, WOMEN, AND CHILDREN BECAUSE YOU WON’T BE SATISFIED UNTIL YOU HAVE STARTED A RACE WAR!!!

  9. It’s not to late to make things right with people of color. Providing fair justice for all should be every human being desire. Treating people as one want to be treated.

  10. People of Color have waited TOO long to have all the rights and protection of America. It is past time!

    1. Let’s get to work and pass this legislation before this session runs out. Tell Mitch McConnell this must come to the floor for a vote. If he’s afraid, as it appears he has been for 3 years, then it’s time for him to get out of the way. We dumped John Bennor a few years ago, and he was infinitely better than Mitch. Let him know the public does not support his do nothing antics. He must be afraid more than 50 senators would vote with The House. There’s no other reason to stall. I’ll be waiting for you to take action.

  11. There were just too many videos of what happened that differed from the Police version of what happened for people to KEEP IGNORING. What people in the Black and Brown communities have been complaining about for decades has been verified by the videos and needs to be stopped.

    1. The house passed the George Floyd Act (3912/HR7120) by partisan vote by 236-131 but of course failed to advance in the senate. Senate Majority leader Stonewall Mitch just adds it to the pile of bills he refuses to allow to be signed to further advance rights and liberties of Americans. This man is a corrupt agent, anti American and belongs behind bars, not in our Capital

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