House infrastructure bill includes more than $130 billion for schools

Your advocacy has paid off. The House is scheduled to vote this week on the Moving Forward Act (H.R. 2), which now includes the Reopen and Rebuild America’s Schools Act that provides significant support for public schools and the students most in need. Specifically, the bill would create a $100 billion grant program and $30 billion tax-credit bond program that target high-poverty schools whose facilities pose health and safety risks to students and staff. It would also provide $5 billion in funding to help close the digital divide and equip more students to go online. Nationwide, as many as 12 million students—1 in 5—are unable to do schoolwork at home due to lack of internet access.

Email your representative and tell him/her to support the Moving Forward Act.

12 responses to “House infrastructure bill includes more than $130 billion for schools

  1. I am a retired SLP and my daughter is a 1st grade teacher. The essential intimacy of teaching in these roles will require good planning and careful implimentation supported by adequate funding during the Covid19 pandemic.

  2. Make our public schools safe for our children to return back to the classroom.
    Keep the government money out of private schools

    1. I agree and our schools were being starved when I retired 27years ago and now we have a person in the DOE who hasn’t a clue and wants to take public tax money for private, religious and for-profit charter schools. ALEC must be dancing on the tables!!

  3. Se must ensure that the US government demonstrates in real, concrete ways its commitment ot public education. Making this proposal into actual law is one way of doing that. Remember: the money is TAXPAYER money; not the government’s money. Common, ordinary taxpayers. and the use of this money must benefit those whose money it is!

    1. Make our schools safe for the staff and the students can return . Funding is needed to ensure a quality education .

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