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Nearly 2 million education jobs could be lost—unless the U.S. Senate acts

By Amanda Litvinov / photo of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell: AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

If the economic damage wrought by the coronavirus pandemic goes unchecked, the nation stands to lose 1.89 million education jobs over the next three years, according to new analysis by the National Education Association 

Stated another way, we could lose one-fifth of the workforce that powers public schools and higher education institutionsThose cuts will not only impact the educators who receive those pink slips and their families. It will also profoundly impact the 50 million students who attend public schools and their families 

No community would go unaffected, but the looming cuts will disproportionately affect students of color. They are more likely to attend schools that rely on federal funding to lower class sizes, provide specialists, and sustain a rich curriculum in schools that serve high concentrations of lower-income students.

Colorado music teacher Yolanda Calderón. Her state could lose nearly 30,000 educators in the pandemic recession.

There are just so many people we need in schools to make everything run, to make students feel safe, and to give them dependability,” says Yolanda Calderóna music teacher at Wheeling Elementary, a Title I school in Aurora, Colorado.  “We can’t provide all of that if we’re down almost 2 million education jobs. 

Only Congress can mitigate the damage, by taking swift action to dedicate funding for education to lessen the number of job losses and stabilize public schools.  

The U.S. House of Representatives did its part, passing the HEROES Act (Health and Economic Recovery Omnibus Emergency Solutions) on May 15. The bill includes $915 billion in direct relief for state and local governments that can be used to pay vital workers such as educators. It also includes $90 billion in additional education funding to help save educator jobs.  

If senators pass the HEROES Act, more than 800,000 education jobs could be saved—more than 673,000 K-12 and 153,000 higher ed jobsthe NEA data shows. But the Senate has yet to take up the next COVID-19 relief package, and Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has indicated that he doesn’t intend to address it anytime soon. 

“I think about a month from now we’ll take a look at how things are going and be able to make a more intelligent decision,” McConnell said at an event in Kentucky on May 21. By that date, the pandemic had already killed nearly 100,000 Americans and left 40 million jobless—roughly a quarter of the U.S. workforce. 

“The American economy cannot recover if schools can’t reopen, and we cannot properly reopen schools if funding is slashed and students don’t have what they need to be safe, learn and succeed,” says Lily Eskelsen García, NEA President and elementary school teacher from Utah. 

The longer Congress delays, the more likely it is that financially strapped state and local governments will cut essential student services and lay off tens of thousands of educators.  


You can help: Urge your senators to stabilize education funding.


State budgets decimated as schools face greater needs 

Over the next three years, state budget shortfalls will likely be the largest on record, far worse than those of the Great Recession (2009-2013), according to projections by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities 

The NEA research is a conservative analysis focused only on losses to state general funds, where most state support for education and higher education comes from. Some studies that include shortfalls to other state and local revenues show even deeper education cuts are possible.  

The Great Recession led to a loss of more than 350,000 educator jobs. The recovery was gruesome and incompleteNearly a decade later, 29 states were still providing less total school funding per student than they were in 2008, and states are still down 135,000 jobsresearch  shows. 

Those numbers are devastating. But the pandemic recession could be six times as bad for education without federal intervention. 

Public education job losses were already greater by April 2020 than in all of the Great Recession, with a loss of 468,800 jobs in local public school employment aloneAcross the entire education sector, 760,000 jobs have already been lost, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics.  

As a music teacher entering her tenth year of teaching, Colorado’s Yolanda Calderóhas often had to worry that her job might be on the chopping block. Her chief concern is what students like hers—mostly students of color, many of whom are immigrants and refugees—will miss out on. 

“These cuts will take away opportunities from some kids who, without public schools, don’t have access to things like music, which have historically been for more affluent and privileged people,” says Calderón. 

“It’s one thing to be an adult living through this, which is hard enough,” she says. But it’s another thing to say to a five-year-old, ‘Now we’re not going to have P.E. or art, or the other things that made you excited to come to school.’” 

Colorado alone will lose nearly 30,000 educators if the Senate doesn’t pass the HEROES Act. Those cuts invariably lead to ballooning class sizes—conditions that are antithetical to CDC recommendations on reopening schools safely.  

NEA represents more than 500,000 education support professionals, who will be critical to re-opening schools safely. © 2016 NEA / Moses Mitchell Photography

More maintenance staff will be needed to clean all spaces in school buildings, and more bus drivers will be needed to transport children who are social distancing. There should be at least one school nurse in every building to oversee health screenings. 

Between personnel needs, upgrades to ventilation systems in older buildings, and adequate cleaning supplies and personal protective equipment, an average school district with around 3,700 students could be facing another $1.8 million in additional costs, a new study shows. 

Educators are also speaking up to advocate for separate funding dedicated to narrowing the digital divide and closing the homework gap, to ensure that students of color, lower income students, and those in remote areas can fully access distance learning. 

And so far, schools do not have the support they need from the federal government. 

Senators must act now to protect our children from the harmful effects of these extreme budget cuts at the state and local levels,” says NEA President García 

“The American economy cannot recover if schools can’t reopen, and we cannot properly reopen schools if funding is slashed and students don’t have what they need to be safe, learn and succeed.” 

Demand the Senate take action now so schools can re-open safely.

202 responses to “Nearly 2 million education jobs could be lost—unless the U.S. Senate acts

  1. Education constitutes the backbone of a vibrant and economically bouyant society. America has an obligation to support the public school system in order to maintain its pole position as the most advanced country in the world. Increase funding for the public school system

  2. Please do not cut funding to Public School education. Our children, our future. Please look for other areas to cut – One thought might be to reform the USPS instead. Thank you.

  3. Our government spends countless $BILLIONS for the military to wage war on 3rd world countries, and for police here at home to wage war on “We, the People”. It is long past time to de-fund the military and police and spend our tax dollars on: EDUCATION, which should be top priority – an intelligent populace will ensure good governance ; ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH i.e. solar, wind power, healing the oceans etc.; changing the prison system to LEARNING/TRAINING CENTERS FOR JOBS i.e. to re-build infrastructure; restore national parks; build low income housing etc. (FDR did this at the time of the great depression in the 1930s). This IS the time for systemic change to save our country from ruin. It truly is: “now, or (perhaps) never”!

  4. I believe that the HEROS ACT bill is essential to our country moving forward. Education for all in a safe, well staffed, supportive environment is the only way to rectifying the inequities of this country during this time of pandemic and social unrest. Education promotes communication, lowers fear, and builds tolerance of others. I believe we can get through these turbulent times with financial support from the government which would help to level the playing field for all. America is at an important social and economic crossroads. We need to work together and change/ support our educational system. America’s future depends on it!

  5. America already falls behind the world educationally. If we want America to be great, we need to build up our education system and focus on creating a bright and strong future.

  6. The students who most need DAILY, IN PERSON, AT SCHOOL education
    are the most in danger of losing it and suffering the life-long consequences..

  7. Your program for this is screwy. Only Senator Markey was sent the letter — supposedly Senator Warren’s “choice” box had the title SO on it and was not appropriate. However, I was given NO CHOICE as to what she was called. When I tried to find an appropriate choice (Senator) I was given a VERY long list of choices, none of which were, in fact, the term “Senator).

    Why is Senator Elizabeth Warren being cut out of this process by your program?

  8. Every member of society is met with a teacher. Parents and teachers inspire children to become doctors, nurses, judges, lawyers, writers, actors, artists, musicians, engineers, mechanics, astronauts, inventors, and more.

    The future of the world is already grim with the public health crisis of COVID-19 and its unrelenting death toll.

    The future of public education, its student body population, and all educators involved need you to take action for the millions of lives the passing of the HEROES Act will benefit. Not only will the HEROES Act and all other approved and increased educational budgets benefit American life now, it will benefit and secure our future and all members of a global society.

    Leave behind a legacy your very own children and grandchildren can be proud of.
    America is simply asking for the same opportunity for ours as well.

    Please do what is right. Do what is human, for man and all our next generations to come – have a bright future.

  9. Everything starts from this, everything. Our future, our children’s future, our ability to move forward, our ability to make sure everyone in this country has a fair start. Everything.

  10. Our educational system needs better improvement. Funding and resources should be available to ALL students regardless of the postal code they are in. Systemic and institutional racism has been an on going issue for kids in low income cities. I urge you to correct this issue and fund the educational system. Our children deserve proper education and tools to succeed!

    1. Children are our most important asset. They are our future. Do not make cuts on education where we are already behind other countries!

    2. Please help school district and all teachers, custodians, parents and students to have a safe learning environment. School districts have spent money they did not have to provide computers for distance learning to all students. They will need to clean as well as continue to provide computers to all students this next school year – please provide this funding!

    3. As a parent of two young boys, ages 5 & 7, and as an educator of 17 years we need to put education in priority. As the eldest of eight who grew up in a home where both parents did not go to college and were paycheck to paycheck I needed my teachers as role models. They were that for me and undoubtedly are for so many children who lack role in their lives. I plead do not reduce teachers who impact more than instruction but character education. I now have two Masters Degrees in Organizational Leadership and Curriculum & Instruction and would not have been able to change the cycle if it had not been for the excellent educators in my life. I urge that you prioritize the education of our upcoming leaders in the United States.

    4. The impact of this virus should not echo. My daughter is an excellent teacher. Despite her one on one diligence, it was impossible to support her 545 students effectively. Please consider the ramifications of not supporting educations. Isolation hurt our children’s progress.

    5. Hello I am a parent of twin eleven year olds and a Daycare/Pre-K Teacher. I do not feel safe sending my children to school in September even if they wear mask. Students are mean and they will take them off of other students. Misbehaved students will cough in kids faces and not social distance due to their parents saying they do not have to wear mask or social distance. Also how do teachers make children wear masks all day? Also as a Pre-K Teacher how do you social distance 3-5 year olds? How can we tell them they can not play togethe? All of this is sad and it’s sader when we are throwing students out into environments that we know can not follow the guidelines.

    6. Now is not the time to further defund education. These students are our future. They are a grappling with the most serious issues of our times, they deserve and need, the arts and health and fitness education, along with the usual academic curriculum.

  11. I am writing to you today as a parent of a Hopkins High School student. I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the staff of Hopkins School District for their tireless commitment to excellence and care they have for my child.

    The efforts that were made over the last few months were tremendous, despite an unprecedented learning environment.
    As we look to the fall, I would also like to express to you that I oppose using the misguided CDC guidelines for re-opening schools.

    According to the World Health Organization, coronavirus patients without symptoms (asymptomatic) are not driving the spread of this virus and transmission from an asymptomatic carrier is ‘rare’. Attempting to adhere to the recommended CDC guidelines will not only add to the financial burden of our schools but create an environment damaging to both students and teachers.

    First, current data shows children are not an at-risk group for COVID-19. WHO data shows no confirmation of asymptomatic transmission and school closures have little to no health impact on death, with the latest showing akin to a bad flu ( Original predictions were grossly inaccurate. Throughout this, many day cares have been open and some countries never shut down schools and had no negative health impact.

    Second, requiring masks and social distancing impedes schools in educating while causing psychological harm to students. Masks create a physical distraction to students and act as a barrier to effectively communicate non-verbally for teachers. Masks and social distancing will psychologically impact students, particularly younger children, and those with special needs. These measures reinforce an unhealthy concept in developing minds of isolation and fear of others. Without the ability to physically interact or see faces of adults/students the special needs programs in our schools, including speech and OT, will be unable to function.

    Third, re-outfitting schools with the CDC guidelines will cause financial burdens to both schools and families in a time when both will already be hurting from the economic shutdown. These measures will cause families who are unwilling to expose their children to these forms of social isolation to homeschool, potentially causing a job loss for a parent. Also, the proposed hybrid model of schooling partially at home is not feasible for parents who need to return to work. This will lead to a financial situation schools may never recover from and financial strains on a family with income loss.

    Children need to return to school for face-to-face instruction with no hybrid models, no masks, and no social distancing. We can increase cleaning/disinfecting protocols and encourage hand washing. We can accommodate the small number of parents have concerns about returning but there is no justification for mandating an unhealthy new norm for all.

    Personally, we faced several challenges while supporting our son the last few months, which has caused our further concern for the upcoming school year. My husband and I work outside of the home and through the last three months I was on a leave of absence from work (thankfully).
    Even with staying at home I was not able to effectively balance sitting with our son, guiding him through his work, & keeping him on tasks at hand. Doing his work from home, in front of a screen, was not sufficient. He needs interaction with his teachers. He needs interaction with his peers. Doing school work at the kitchen counter is distracting. The ability to access internet connection was a huge obstacle for us (which I gather many in the district had this problem), and the teachers did their best with what they had to work with, we went the paper method which required a trip to school weekly, we hired a Spanish & Geometry tutor, drove to areas that offered free WiFi (which was not ideal-trying to do schoolwork in a vehicle). None of this would have been possible had I been working.

    I implore you to consider NOT implementing CDC guidelines for the upcoming school year and, instead, return to school as normal. The data now available does NOT merit the dramatic response being proposed for schools. If these guidelines are implemented, we will be forced to pull our student from Hopkins Public School in the fall.

    Thank you for all you do.

    Melisa E.M. Weber

    1. The above message from Melisa says it all, thank you Melisa. As a parent in one of the largest districts in Colorado urge and beg you to fund our teachers, schools, districts, etc. Our children deserve a good and solid education. While my son is your average/above grade level student, he needs his school, his classmates and his TEACHERS! There is no reason to not fund our schools. Mitch McConnell you as the “Majority Leader” need to address this situation now, not in the near future. Please do your job!

      1. Start at the local level. Ask your local and state government where all the money goes. I bet you will be surprised how much is wasted on “free” programs. The CARES Act is a state bailout and and filled with democratic pet projects that are a waste. Look at the first stimulas: $25 million to the Kennedy Center for the Arts and what did the country get in return, not much (didn’t Speaker Polosi have a connection?). That money probably could have helped your school district. Yes the republicans are just as bad, but the house has botched this from the get go. If you want school funding, write to Speaker Polosi and ask her to quit bailing states and organization out and send a clean school bill. Then contact your state legislature and tell them to quit wasting your money.

    2. Melissa,
      I hear your cry and understand your plight. I understand the challenges you face as I too was required to be home with my three children plus teach my class from home. I differ in that I, I am asking the local, state and federal leaders to keep the schools closed until the scientist find treatment or a vaccine so that our children can be afforded with a better chance of survival. Students and children with compromised immune systems requires an effective treatment method before returning to school. The original impact Covid-19 was supposed to have children has changed. I am fearful to send my children back to school (without a mask, daily temp checks for both teachers and students). Not only should they be wearing masks, but they must implement the CDC guidelines and take additional measures to keep our children/staff safe. I believe it will be a BIG mistake to return our children to school in August with the anticipated 2nd wave and the flu season on the horizon. We owe it to our children to keep them safe. Respectfully submitted.

    3. Children are being affected by COVID
      Check out the condition of MISC-C (Multi-Inflammatory Syndrome – Children) and I believe we need to follow the recommendations/data set forth by the medical/health experts. This disease is not merely an “inconvenience” and something that we can ignore as a result. It is a public health crisis – a pandemic. People are dying, the disease is spreading, there is no vaccination.

  12. I am secondary science teacher having completed 32 years in teaching 20 years in high school and 12 years in middle school. Our students need to have enough funding so that classes are not more than 30 per class and smaller for those with special ed or low ESL students. Thank you for supporting our cause in helping educated the next generation of young people.

  13. Lack of education only creates more troubled children. Don’t make cut in education!!! You will only create higher crime. We need to make education a priority!

    1. Having spent 32 years in public education as a teacher, advocate, and most importantly a parent, I am absolutely horrified at the lack of attention and funding that has been taking advantage of the public school system. ALL of our children deserve the right to a free quality public education!

  14. I’m writing to encourage you to support adequate funding for public schools in this and future budgeting efforts. Every year, we hear about historic funding initiatives by state and federal government for education, but we also live the reality that these initiatives simply do not meet the needs of the students and communities we serve. Too often we hear of teachers drawing on personal resources, some working two jobs to do so, in order to provide basic materials required for students. Public schools in Indiana serve approximately 90% of Hoosier children while not receiving 90% of funding earmarked for education. Schools are tasked with not only teaching children, but also in acting as a community resource for a variety of needs such as food distribution, mental, emotional, and medical healthcare, as well as acting as community anchors tasked with addressing issues of crime and social injustice. Inadequate funding makes these initiatives incredibly difficult, if not impossible. Now we face the daunting challenge of safely opening schools in a pandemic environment. This new challenge presents the need to create safe environments for students that will require adequate staffing and resources that are simply not in many districts’ existing budgets. Reducing funding would only make this significantly more difficult and require educators to make unnecessary difficult decisions about what to sacrifice in order to do everything possible to assure the safety of the children they serve. Schools are willing and working to rise to this challenge as it is the ethical and responsible thing to do. Is our government willing to be equally ethical and responsible in assuring schools have the resources necessary to do the work ahead? My hope as an educator is that our government, that you, will see schools as an essential community/societal resource and give them as much consideration and support as is given to big businesses often bailed out due to being too big to fail. My hope is that you and your colleagues will finally realize in the face of this new challenge that public education is simply to big to fail as well. We are preparing the future of our society and you have the potential to help shape that future for the better or for worse.

  15. This is the time to build up our educational resources following the already devastating losses for our children.

  16. As an employee of a school and a parent of two children who receive special education services, I am begging you to please save our schools. Cutting more funding just can not be an option. Our kids & schools Need & Deserve better.

  17. Public Schools are the backbone of democracy. Without well educated youth who will become the adult citizens of our United States of America, who will maintain the economy, the security, and the leadership of this nation as it has so well in the past? Our elected leaders at this time of crisis MUST NOT neglect their responsibility to support public school education at the federal level as well as the state and local. Today, right now, the state and local levels are in desperate need of the federal funding assistance!

  18. Please help the schools provide quality education by helping pass the needed relief for school districts.

  19. Distance learning can only work when the parents at home can help their children. Not all parents can do this for many reasons. Please keep our schools open because our students need it.

  20. We need to help students remain in school safely. School dismissal for COVID-19 did not provide an optimal education despite the heroic actions of dedicated teachers. It is our duty, as a society, to mitigate the loss of educational opportunities. The most important thing we can do is to make sure that class sizes are small. Smaller class sizes will improve academics and keep students safe, while avoiding shutting down schools.

  21. I sat on my porch today in my small-town in nowhere MO, pop 600+. I’m a retired math teacher. Teachers today in my town were giving food to students lined up around the block, in a pandemic, through 50 mile an hour wind, possible tornado and they still keep giving.

    As a teacher I used to spend $500 every year before school started for notebooks, pens, pencils, paper, hand sanitizer (before COVID 19), toilet paper, tampons, sanitary pads, crayons, colored pencils, toilet tissue, copy paper, card stock, reading supplements, newspapers (40), rulers, protractor, etc, colored paper for dyslexic students, transparencies, and more because we had no budget for supplies. That’s what teachers do.

    I protected my kids from and armed rifle carrying parent in a lockdown. I had students who didn’t want to go home when school was out because they didn’t have food in the house. I bought coats, shoes, hats and gloves for students who came to school with nothing during the winter. That’s what teachers do.

    When I retired I felt sad because my former students told me math wasn’t fun anymore because I was gone. I made math real life. I always told my students “There are no answer books in real life the answer you give, right or wrong is the answer. You need to show you are correct because lives can depend on your answer.”

    Now, the answer cannot be “wait till this all blows over, wait to see what happens” from a millionaire who never had to worry whether or not they would have to put back groceries because they didn’t have enough money to pay for them. Has one of them even walked into a grocery store? People do not automatically get unemployment, unemployment is designed not to be paid out, it is designed for the most persistent, able bodied, computer proficient, patient person. Does the Senate know that local government offices are closed? I dare them to walk into a store, a school, down an ordinary street incognito without fanfare, open your eyes. Come down to earth from your lofty perch, from your throne and see with your own eyes what is happening to real people.

  22. No words to express, education spending should be increased, not decreased.
    It is appalling to learn the the spending on education is going to cut down. Do we not value education in this country?

  23. As a classroom teacher myself this is heart reaching to even think about not just for myself but all the students and their families. This is every youth and kids future we are talking about, our next generation. Everything you do in life stems from education and the educational background you have. I think it should be going the other way as educators are shaping the kinds of all who are growing and moving up in the world. This is truly sad.

  24. Education is our future. if we water down education because we don’t have enough funding or enough teachers then we water down the future of America. now more than ever our children need to be well-educated to be able to take the mess that the world is now and make it better. Education is key for everything.

  25. I am the grandmother to 2 girls (high school) and the mother of a teacher. I have to believe someone in Washington is going to do something to help our education community. This dedicated group of individuals should be at the top of the list when it comes to being taken care of – not at the bottom. If we want to ensure that the students of today will be adequately educated to be the leaders of tomorrow change must be made NOW. Our public education system is in serious need of help. The majority of that help needs to come in the way of legislative reform both nationally and statewise. Please do your job!

  26. I am a choir teacher, and my students need the arts more than ever. However, I am terrified of getting cut. I am already part time between three schools due to our lack of support in the arts. This was before the pandemic, and I am almost certain that I will be cut soon. The worst part isn’t my lack of job security, it will be the incomplete education that my
    students will receive. It is a horrible day when we can’t even educate our kids. Please fix this.

    1. If you can maintain two large choral groups at the high school level, the principal will want you as a teacher because he can use your class sizes to offset small class sizes in advanced subjects, e.g. foreign languages. To maintain large high school choral groups, it helps if you are your own feeder choral teacher at a feeder junior high.

      To be able to accomplish all this, your musical skills have to be solid, you have to bond with your students without being patronizing, you have to teach healthy vocal production [Wm. Vennard–Singing: the Mechanism and the Technique–Carl Fischer], teach feeling the beat and pulse throughout your body, pick great music for your groups that is within their capabilities, teach them to interpret that music with all they feel, and let them show off how much they’ve learned in get-ready concerts, concerts, and choral festivals, etc. You would be amazed at how much you can train yourself in various musical skills if you invent little exercises for yourself and keep at it. The first 10-15 minutes of every rehearsal is for voice and ear and beat/pulse training using exercises that you develop. You’re not only their teacher; you’re their coach too!

  27. Please fund schools. Please create an aid package that helps public schools keep their programming, offerings, and extracurricular activities. Students attend school because of their electives and sports- that keeps them coming in the door. We need to to be able to pay our teachers fair pay to keep quality teachers working. We need money to do all of this.

  28. Please help the Las Vegas students to continue to thrive in English. I’m a Library Assistant. Books are the backbone of Elementary School learning. We need adults, who have come through the Clark County School District, to be competent in English so they can be ready to hire when they graduate. Please make sure our schools, which already are under-funded, and are struggling with many English Language Learners, have enough money to retain our support staff. Our schools are very overcrowded. We need every support staff member to meet even minimal education goals. Please make sure our schools are fully funded and fully opened this 2020-2021 school year.

  29. Our future depends on this. We need a well educated generation of young people. Our public schools work hard to help students succeed in this global world!

  30. All students deserve a good education. Our country seems to fall behind other countries because we devalue our education system instead of supporting it. Our education system is the foundation of learning that should not and cannot continued to be cheated. In this time of crisis, learning environments will change and need to be cleaner. That being said, $ needs to be fairly given to districts so that schools are clean and continue to be safe, places to learn the content. Distance learning is an excellent learning tool for adults in colleges and universities. However, is distance learning the answer when some children may not have enough support at home to do their assignments on- line? Elementary children need face to face contact with their teachers and socially they need each other. Please don’t cheat them by not funding their needs.

  31. Please give us your support! Take time to visit our schools in our poor neighborhoods and you will realize just how badly our students are in need of resources! I hope you care enough to do so!

  32. We need to invest in our children’s / grandchildren’s . How can we remain a great nation without ongoing education? We need more educator’s , not less.

  33. Please ensure that:

    1. our schools open safely
    2. our students and staff are well
    3. our School Counselors, CST and Nurses are able to able to adequately support and/or provide resources to meet the mental health and social and emotional needs of students/families.

  34. As a constituent, I urge you to immediately address the devastating budget cuts from the COVID-19 cisis that threaten the ability to safely reopen our schools to serve our students. Decisive action is needed to help students, educators, and the economy. The House passed the HEROS Act . Now it is your turn. Money is needed badly to stabilize education. State and local governments are facing huge shortfalls. Kids are our future in Iowa. In all of the stress we see going on due to COVID19 let’s not losxe sight of that! We also need money to address the digital gap for many of our most vulnerable students. Having taught concurrent enrollment courses for IHCC during the shutdown, the inequality among students was noticeable. Students in poverty and often of color, had no internet access. They had to go to the school parking lot to connect to WiFi and submit work. Many high school students had to watch younger siblings while parents went to work at JBS and other places as day cares were closed. Families with a number of children often with parents tryng to work from home. had to share computer time. No, online ed., is NOT for everyone! It will be imp. to have protective ppe available when we do return to school this fall and it is IMPORTANT that we do. The social/emotional and mental health of our students needs face to face contact. I dealth with one suicidal students and several who were very depressed. On top of this, a large portion of my students need the school lunch provided each day. Until you see what this is like for struggling familirs day in and day out, you really have no idea what it is like. As an educator who helped place signs in yards of seniors this year, I saw first hand the struggle. There were homes without a stick of paint on them and cars in the driveway that barely run. It is quite a humbling experience but makes one keenly aware of how much these kids need school everyday. i urge you to support this funding now for education. DO NOT FORGET THE PEOPLE YOU WERE ELECTED TO REPRESENT in this troubled Presidency. I am counting on you to do the right things and so are the children in Iowa! Colette Fisher, Ottumwa

  35. Sooo sick of fighting for funding!!!
    Our children and this country deserve better! As educators we work day, night, and weekends making sure our students get the best education possible, but it is not enough to work long, hard hours. We must have funding to keep educators for core curriculum special education, and art, music, and PE., we need education support professionals, technology and other needed supplies to do our jobs. It takes many people and many dollars to raise educated, talented, well-adjusted young adults. We must prioritize public education in the United States of America.

  36. I am support staff at the 5th largest school district in the nation in Las vegas, NV. I’m in the Occupational/Physical Therapy Dept. providing therapy services to over 4000 students with special needs. Our dept. has never been staffed appropriately. Our therapists have caseloads of 55+ students. Our office which provides support to our therapists is severly understaffed. We can not lose any employee. We operate with the bare minimum staff and licensed personal. I urge you to PLEASE take action so we don’t lose funding to our schools.

    Thank you,
    R. Rush
    Las Vegas, NV

  37. Unless we have a workforce of robots ready to be utilized in the classroom or to teach special subjects or to be caregivers, then no teacher’s job should be on the line for discussion for elimination. Further, the money spent on non-essential items on a federal level might be enough to sustain schools until a better solution for learning institutions can be developed.

    This may sound far fetch, but why else are educators and children being victimized by our nation’s leaders. Currently, families are coping beyond normal circumstances for these United States of America. To our Congress:
    I appeal to you to work for the American family. Attempt to reduce further anxiety for our children, our schools and the future American society!

  38. Students need your help. They need you to make sure they are able to learn not only math, science, english, and social studies but also all the other things that help them grow as people and give them ways to express themselves and relieve stress. Art, music, physical education, band, strings, technology, and counselors. Throughout this pandemic the things that have given us comfort are the things often eliminated during difficult budget times. Please help us help our students. Fund the schools so there are no more cuts. We are already working with as little as we can. Now is the time to step up like we stepped up for businesses.

  39. Our children are our future. They should be a funding priority! Safety should be a priority for them! Teachers are a big part of the economy. When I was teaching I spent well over $1,000 dollars each
    year to make sure my students had
    quality storybooks, science equipment, artifacts for social studies, and so much more that the schools could not supply. This helps the small businesses called teacher supply stores and stores like Target and Big Lots. Since this seems to be a time for change, let’s
    Make it a positive change for education. Let’s fully fund and more our schools and bring up to
    quality standards our schools in low income areas which are way under funded! Quality public education is our children’s right. It is a legacy which holds the key to a
    prosperous future for all of us. Education will possibly be the savior of democracy and the United States of America. Lawmakers should deeply ponder that. We need you NOW!

    1. Now is the time for the Senators to act. The educational system is the foundation, where all professions developed. you are appointed to this position. you have the voice and power to make things happen in favor of our students educators and staff. If the foundation is destroyed where will Americans be?

  40. Teachers are greatly needed in this country. We need more personalized teaching available so each child can reach their full potential. Remember, they are the future of this country.

  41. It’s bad enough that we are working every year understaffed and out of compliance, but if you fail us now, the special education departments will mot be able to to provide the education and social skills needed for their futures. The special education departments usually get hit hard by budget cuts and these children pay dearly for it. Please don’t punish these children or we that teach them, (teachers, para educators and AAA), because of political nonsense. They deserve better and so do we.

    1. So true, I’m a para-educater. I can begin to tell me you how much this will affect not only the teachers but it will certainly have a huge impact on our children Tremendously

  42. Please take action so our schools do not lose funding. We will have no money for our classroom supplies and will lose teachers in our schools.

  43. At a time like this it is important for our children to see familiar faces when they return to the classrooms. It is not a time for furloughing the people who educate the future of our country. Please be sensible.

    1. Please take action so our schools do not lose funding. We will have no money for our classroom supplies and will lose teachers in our school. It is essential to the development of the children in low economic areas to get the needed education to get them off the streets as they become productive citizens of our society.

  44. I believe that good can come from tragedy. Not only are we experiencing a world wide pandemic, there are, also the Black lives Matter, protests also seen around the world. Because the world has pretty much stopped, NOW is the time to initiate the changes needed for the greater societal good. Public education, fair and equitable, truly equitable, needs to start now. This country has had a double standard since before it’s founding and it needs to STOP now! This means keeping our teachers and support staff, to insure all our students get the education they need. We need to be a nation that cares for those who struggle so that they in turn can lend a helping hand when they get on their feet. It is the right thing to do. It is the necessary thing to do!

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