Demand social justice and an end to police brutality

George Floyd struggled for his life for 8 minutes and 46 seconds as a police officer thrust a knee against his neck, maintaining the pressure even as he repeatedly said, “I can’t breathe” and bled on the ground. Americans saw what happened with their own eyes—bystanders recorded it on their cell phones—and responded with an outpouring of anger and grief. Now, those emotions are fueling a renewed, long overdue push for racial justice and an end to the police brutality that disproportionately kills African Americans, especially African American men like George Floyd.

“[This issue] is a cancer on our nation, and we must stand together to find the cure,” said NEA President Lily Eskelsen García. To realize that goal, NEA has joined hundreds of organizations in calling on Congress to take swift and decisive legislative action. As a first step, we are urging legislators to support H. Res. 988, introduced by Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-MA), which condemns police brutality, racial profiling, and the use of excessive and militarized force while preserving civil rights, liberties, and protecting all people from police abuses.

Email your representative and ask them to cosponsor resolution condemning police brutality, racial profiling, and excessive use of force (H. Res. 988)

66 responses to “Demand social justice and an end to police brutality

  1. Please put strict restrictions on high speed police chases. Too many times police use poor judgment putting public safety, the pursued, and themselves in danger.

  2. Please recall the National Guard from our streets. They put our communities at risk of extreme violence. We need dialogue with our officials not oversight from our troops.

    We should be having community talks with the purpose of providing meaningful guidelines for moving forward, not troops on our streets and in our communities.

    There are immediate things that can help, like insurance that covers abuses which lawyers, dostors, pastors and other professionals have.

    Training, should be ongoing and murderous procedures eliminated, like knees on peoples necks etc. These things would be a great place to start…

    1. Please remove the National Guard from our streets. It’s presence creates more conflict. Is the government at war with it’s people?

  3. I work in a school. Each day, our students say the Pledge of Allegiance. On a daily basis, my students, and students across the country, vow to support this country, in part because it offers liberty and justice for all. But how can we expect students – children – to continue to make that pledge when they are confronted frequently and regularly that there is neither liberty nor justice for large swaths of our citizens?

    And how is it possible that 150 years after the end of the Civil War and 50 years after the Civil Rights statutes were enshrined in our legal system that racism is still allowed to flourish, to stain our country, to destroy lives, to go unchecked in our streets?

    If we truly value what makes America great, we cannot allow this open wound to continue to fester. We need to realize that we cannot be great if we allow our own citizens to be ignored and impoverished at best, and too frequently brutalized, by the systems established to help those who need help.

    A society’s true values are revealed by how it treats those in need. What does that say about American values?

    1. Systemic racism and police brutality must end. This is not the America I want my 5 year old African-American son to grow up in. It’s unjust and despicable.

  4. Hundreds of U. S. chiefs of police go to Israel to learn the brutal techniques used there against the Palestinians, the remnant of the indigenous population that was mostly expelled when the apartheid state of Israel was established. Why is this allowed? We, the People, must demand an end to sending our police to be trained to treat us as the Israelis treat the Palestinians!

    1. I agree agree with Nancy Withington ! Stop our American Police Chiefs from going to Israel for training !

      1. Gail — we are turning our focus to African Americans for the 1st time in over 300 years, and I’m pretty sure they deserve that. But you are still trying to turn this into a referendum on Israel? That is unbelievably disrespectful to the people this movement is finally about. It is just interjecting your own selfish agenda, which has killed every attempt at social change over the last 20 years. It killed the peace movement, the Women’s March, & the 1st iteration of BLM. Now you are trying to kill BLM a 2nd time by hijacking their agenda and saying, no, all we really care about is Israel. If the extreme right wing was trying to find the best way to kill BLM, I don’t think they could find a better way than this. It really makes me wonder what your true agenda is, and who you serve. You couldn’t do a better job of serving the right wing than trying to divert everyone’s attention away from racial injustice and onto Israel like this.


    3. This is wrong on so many levels. If you take an oath to serve and protect…them do just that. Start preserving BIPOC lives and not take them away from us! Be kind! Treat us as if we were you child, siblings, parents, grand parents! Give a damn!

    4. Is there a way to flag these comments? Some of them are beyond the pale, and so contrary to the spirit of unity and respect we are trying to establish here. Nancy: a) don’t bring Israel into it; we have enough problems here in the U.S. that we’re trying to solve without your getting on your high horse and telling Israel how to do it. b) read the Bible! The Jews were in the land of Israel centuries and centuries ago, long before they were expelled and the Arabs took over. So if anyone is more indigenous to that region, Jews are, not Arabs. Just look at the ancient Jewish holy sites like Joseph’s tomb and other ancient Biblical ruins in the West Bank if you don’t believe me. c) restraining someone by putting your knee on their neck is a common, widely-known martial-arts move. We hardly have to waste our money sending people to Israel to use it. The problem is not that that move was used as a non-lethal restraint on George Floyd. The problem is that it was used to exert lethal force on an already-restrained man, a man who had not done anything violent to begin with. We use lethal force on people in this country who are completely innocent and non-violent, while the IDF uses non-lethal restraints on violent criminals, and you are criticizing the IDF for that? Gimme a break! Idk which of those cultures you’d choose to live in. But please stop blaming the Israelis for the problems we’ve created here at home. It’s unbelievably disrespectful for you to do that.

  5. I grew up in Iowa and my town was and is still is a good town. I didn’t know much about how blacks were treated but I have seen movies that show how slaves were treated and it was so terrible. I am a Christian and I have respect for any raise. I was raised to respect people and that is how this country should be. We should not be judged because of the color of our skin. We should respect where respect is needed. I have no hate for anyone even those that have done me wrong. I believe this country has and always will be a country that accepts people of any color. When you respect others you get respect back. That is what this country should be. Show respect you get respect. But if this country is going to grow and prosper, love thy neighbor as you would be loved.

  6. We need to stop injustices of all humans period! Whether they’re black, brown, yellow or white, all humans should be treated equally!!! All the work that has been done in the past to unify all people has been lost if wevdon’t continue to have open dialogue to exchange thoughts and ideas of how to better our world for the children of the future!!

  7. The protests will go away, as they always do. But this is a chance for our country to begin addressing all of the policies and procedures, laws and rules, formal and informal, that have created huge inequities in income, health, wealth, housing, incarceration rates, education and employment, that are the terrible legacy of our nation’s original sin of slavery based on race, which has expanded to include all people of color. White people need to do this work, because white people own the levers of power. I am white, and I know that I am a racist. I feel nervous when I am the only white person in a group. I hold my purse tighter when I see a group of young black men coming toward me. I am trying to become and antiracist, which is the only answer. I can only imagine what a black person feels when he or she is stopped by the police. One can only grieve for George Floyd, but we also need to grieve for the policies that allowed this to happen, and try our damnedest to change those policies.

  8. In the ’60’s, I marched for Civil Rights and equal housing. In the 70’s I marched against the Vietnam debacle. For my efforts, I was threatened, tear gassed and arrested (later expunged). I did not expect to have to do this again. But there is absolutely no excuse for what happened to Mr. Floyd, and no excuse for the other officers who did nothing to stop it. Everyone must demand equality of treatment, and an equal and nonviolent approach to law enforcement, or we will all find ourselves in an authoritarian state.

    1. Every problem has solution if some one want to solve with
      Political techniques or according to laws of US constitution and
      according to local laws state Gov.
      or with Democratic manners. If
      Some one say I am the Supreme
      what I want will do this kind of
      behavior will not work in US or in
      Democracy,people will get more
      spark to destroyed to our country because some wrong
      elements are involving to destabilized our country to damage our Democracy.

  9. I thought we had moved forward but now I know that we are going backward. We must change the rules and the rhetoric.
    Mama taught me “actions speak louder than words” …let’s have some positive action!

  10. Let’s pray that something positive comes from the peaceful marches and other gatherings. Shame on the looters and shame on the policemen who pushed an older man down and don’t try to immediately assist him.

  11. I will not support NEA in this decisive action that will harm the relationship building between the police and our youth that has been going on for years in our communities and schools. The perpetuation of this false narrative is harmful and more importantly, not based in evidence or data. This action serves to sever the gains that have been made in race relations and trust in our community helpers. You should be ashamed of yourselves for falling for this destructive false narrative pushed by those who want to destroy positive race relations. God help America. We are going to need Devine intervention to rid us of this cancer.

    1. So right you are, but you are a voice crying in the wilderness on this website. Our country was doing quite well with race relations until Obama arrived on the scene. He set us back decades. And now things are worse than ever.

  12. It is way past time that we implement and embrace racial equality in this country. Too many innocent lives have been lost. Enough is enough!

  13. This has been a struggle for People of Color since the inception of this Nation. We shift and then the majority “white” for far too long has continued to slip in small little laws that allow violence to contiinue. Example the 1982 Qualified Immunity by the Supreme Court. There may have been many reasons for passing this but when it can be used to pass off violence by police officers against those who have the least power in this society it is wrong. We as a nation have been called many times to see our racism for what it is and it is time to call it out, say it for what it is and start a shift to a more equitable laws. Which hopefully can shift our society.

  14. My heart hurts for people of color. I can’t imagine what it is like to be in fear every time you have to venture outside.
    I also am sadden by the acts of violence & destruction to property which is a show of not caring for your fellow beings.
    This is not helping the situation, & they are leaving someone else’s lives in destruction.
    Keep your eyes on the prize, EQUALITY😍😍😍

  15. Lacy I have voted for you every year to renew your term since 2001. I have seen LITTLE if any change for the betterment of African Americans in the St. Louis metro area. Unfortunately, the death of George Floyd is not an anomaly but ROUTINE and it MUST stop.

  16. Racism is a cancer in our nation that must not be allowed to fester and grow, particularly in those entrusted with authority in our nation.

  17. Bob Dylan said it best:
    “How many deaths will it take till we know,
    That too many people have died?”

    1. We need social justice for all. End police brutality. No militarization of our communities. Do not turn our country into a police state.

    2. As an independent I watch the votes of my elected officials very carefully so I know to vote. So far, I have been less than excited about Republican support for anything to do with the people they are supposed to represent.

      I urge to pay attention to this critical issue and consider what is best for ALL OF THE PEOPLE, not just your own standing with President Trump.

      Nancy Dunkin

  18. If people are not outraged by the continuing racist police brutality, they are likely uninformed because they do not see the evidence in their white classrooms, such as Vermont. People need to be educated that this is not a one-time event of one bad cop. Besides POC losing their lives, the amount of discrimination against them from racist cops is truly unimaginable for most. It’s constant and it’s happening everywhere every day. NEA needs to take the lead on making sure people are educated by hiring the very best social and racial equity experts and putting pressure on states to mandate training in our schools. We have made great strides in feeding students at schools and I dare say this is becoming just as important.

    1. Yeah, our schools are feeding the kudos very well with a daily diet of far left ideology: white privilege, white supremacy, oppression and victimhood of blacks, transgender to kindergarteners (thanks to NEA and Lily Garcia), socialism and Marxism, equity, social justice, restorative justice and lack of accountability, Black Lives Matter, anti-Americanism, anti-military, anti-police, entitlement, and all the other tenets of the Socialist/Democratic party.

  19. Racism and brutality have been deeply embedded in our culture since long before the birth of the United States. This will not simply work itself out. We need to be vigilant in our push for justice and equality.

  20. As a young white girl growing up in the ,soutH, raised to see people not color, I was appalled at the way black people were treated. Here, now, I am 77 yrs old and the only thing tat has changed is tat things have gotten worse. To see the Policeman’s knee on George Floyd’s kneck and see his smug look on his face as his fellow officers stood and did nothing while George Floyd repeatedly said “ I can’t breathe”, sucked the life out of America and I can only hope and pray that for the first time, though it came at the cost of George Floyd’s life, America heard. The world heard. And the protests of people of thousands of every color marched and said “ no more”. Dr king was killed for saying “ we shall overcome”, Kapernik was blackballed for taking a knee for “Black lives Matter”, persecuted because it was misinterpreted as a sign of disgrace against America and the flag, sadly promoted by our secret agent, our president! We must all remember this moment in time and never forget that George Floyd’s last breath has breathed life into an opportunity for all of us to take a good look at one another and decide who we are and who we want to be and who we want our future generation to become. G-d created us all equal, we are all the same, we bleed the same and we need to learn acceptance

    1. I’m white and I know that it is time for me to listen with an open heart to our black brothers and sisters. This is the time to acknowledge their pain with a saddened and grieving heart. This is the time to take action by writing my legislative representatives. This is the time to speak out against racism.

    2. I am 80, so I can identify with all you are saying. I am white, living in predominantly white cities, etc. I have a 28 year old bi-racial grandson whom I love so much. He and his wife live in the Twin Cities in MN, and are in the midst of where much of the recent activity began, with the murder, yes, it was murder, of George Floyd. I was appalled the first time I saw the footage, and no less so, now. I teach in central MN in an Area Learning Center, and have gotten to know my POC students better than I thought I would –so much to deal with. I was newly married when I saw Dr. King and his peaceful marches and speeches- cried when this young man was murdered, and now,50+ years later, this. There is still such divisiveness-and sadly POTUS#45 is instrumental in perpetuating the continued separateness. We NEED to make changes -now- and learn that people should be judged by the content of their character, not by the color of their skin. Remember those words? Still just as true today!

  21. Enough police brutality, racial profiling, and excessive use of force. It is time that we all truly practice God’s commandment of Love thy neighbor as thyself. Notice he didn’t say just your white neighbor. We are to love all our neighbors and to treat them with respect. I am a white teacher who loves and respects all my students, as if they were my own children. I don’t see color. I see children who look to me for my love and respect as I teach them. I wouldn’t have it any other way. As Mahatma Gandhi said, “The future depends on what you do today.”

  22. This has got to stop. We need the civil rights activists of the 1960’s to emerge again today. We all need to work towards racial equality and a more plurlistic society.

    1. George Floyd did not resist arrest, as the video clearly shows. Even if he had, did he deserve to die? Was that police officer the one who got to decide that? Speaking of career criminals, that police officer had a documented history of brutality on the job. Why was he still employed as an officer of the law?
      Facts: you don’t get to decide.

  23. I stand with the millions of millennials that are standing up for our future. You are the future.
    Your educators stand with you. Stay strong, fight the fight, VOTE and stay safe.
    God Bless you and God Bless our America.

  24. As a retired public school teacher, I am begging you to speak out against brutality in all its forms: financial, educational, social, judicial.
    Ann H. Witte, Ph.D.

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