McConnell still stalling on fiscal aid while 40 million are jobless

The coronavirus has killed more than 100,000 Americans and left more than 40 million jobless—roughly a quarter of the U.S. workforce, the level at the height of the Great Depression. But that’s no reason for Congress to act anytime soon, according to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY). “I think about a month from now we’ll take a look at how things are going and be able to make a more intelligent decision,” he said. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) responded, “We need a pause? Tell that to the virus.”

The longer Congress delays, the greater the likelihood we’ll see a repeat of the Great Recession a decade ago, during which financially strapped state and local governments cut essential student services and laid off tens of thousands of educators. This time, the damage could be even worse. NEA supports the HEROES Act passed by the House, which would provide $915 billion in direct relief for state and local governments that can be used pay educators and other vital workers. The bill also provides $90 billion to stabilize education funding, takes steps to narrow the digital divide and close the homework gap, and recognizes the pressing need for PPE for educators.

Email your senators and tell them to support the HEROES Act.

55 responses to “McConnell still stalling on fiscal aid while 40 million are jobless

  1. Let’s just stop the madness, and let all adults began to act like adults. The conduct I have seen is not only childish, it is inhuman. Get the Heroes Act done for the sake of humans who need it.

  2. Our country should be mortified by the actions of our government leaders, a disgrace to mankind as well. The citizens of USA MUST VOTE, whether at the polls or by mail in voting.
    We must rid ourselves of these bought and sold Senators and administration. Other adjectives: warped, amoral, blind-sighted, irresponsible, dishonest, corrupt, conniving, disgusting, appalling, and most of all, SAD, tragic, disappointing.

  3. It’s more than past time to stop McConnell’s obstructionism and ‘let the states declare bankruptcy’ approach to helping Americans. Only Republican complicity allows this and if just 3 Republican Senators had the integrity to do so, they could stop it and at least discuss legislation that supports all Americans, not just their corporate and billionaire masters.

    1. Hi,
      Please consider supporting the true heroes that have been under appreciated for quite some time now. Be a hero and show your support the HEROES Act by voting to approve the act now. Thanks for your consideration.

    1. At this time, it is imperative that all children of America will receive an education. The gap is widening. Teachers and educators are essential part of any chid education. Many types of provisions should be put in place, to provide the best for the children. They will be the future adults who could boost the economic system. If they are left behind, the economy of this country will suffer. Everything is interconnecting.

    1. Teachers are concern with being with protected while working. We want to see the homework gap shrink and return to classroom teaching.

    2. I haven’t gotten my Minnesota Unemployment for 15 weeks. Although, I live in Texas; I applied in Minnesota because I had a open case.

      Have not received my Stimulus check yet; poor and struggling.

    3. Moscow Mitch,

      Do the right thing, have integrity, and pass bills that help the citizens of America. Quit being so partisan. Please!!!

  4. He REALLY needs to go. He also has many incredibly important bills from The House, including the overarching one that protects and secures the voting system (which is a threat to Republicans), sitting on his desk, freezing any action in the Senate to argue, adjust and then possibly pass or at least alert the public of these protections. Support any campaign that throws the bum out and puts Amy McGrath in.

  5. You need to be responsible leaders and act now on the bill before you to help the millions of Americans who are now unemployed or will be if funds are not made available. If this were affecting your day to day costs you would want something done immediately. Do what needs to be done.

    1. I do not understand what the problem is? Why is it so hard to send the American people another stimulus check!! People are about to become homeless and/or starving out here!!!
      They need a safety net in order to survive….

    1. Mitch McConnell has lost his ability to understand the American People a d do things in their best interests. He has gotten the Washington Persona in which he believes it’s always his way or the highway. Only what’s good for Mitch, in his opinion, is what he does. He has forgotten the American People and his oath of doing what’s best for America. It’s time for Mitch to go a d this has nothing to do with his age and everything to do with his greed.

      1. Please don’t forget our children, educators and support staff
        We need you to act like all of us are your children and grandchildren

    2. As a third generation US Navy veteran, I have been monitoring the president’s abuse of men and women in uniform with increasing interest. Nothing more that you and all the other cronies of The National Joke will listen to now, any more than you have for the past three years, but we’ll explain it to you in November.

  6. How sad to blame Mitch for the lack of money distribution under the wasteful Heroes Act which gives money to illegals and other useless causes. The democratic governors are keeping people from earning a living so your choices are to die slowly or go back to work and take a chance on the covid. People on unemployment are getting more money to sit home and then we’re supposed to throw more money at the current problem, yes, these fools in Washington wouyld have you believe money grows on trees and you can print up as much as you want but here in NJ the pension system is on the brink of failing and the state is going to hell with their balloon budget. the Heroes act is nothing more than a giveaway to buy votes for the upcoming election and it is truly sad to see educators buy into this stupidity, someone will eventually have to pay these costs, I guess educators don’t understand money at all or they figure let our children pay. The future looks dim as long as people are kept from making a living and if you think throwing money we don’t have at a problem, then you need to be re-educated as to how the world and money works.

  7. I am an old guy-a veteran. I have never seen this country in such chaos. I am frustrated and saddened by the direction my beloved country is heading. Our 250 year experiment in democracy is coming to an end. We are now a plutocracy moving towards fascism. Millions of people are angry and uneducated on who is doing what to them. These people are voting against themselves. I grief for my country and fellow Americans. We are two Americas- one for the very rich and corporations ( that have bought and paid for this government) and one for the rest of us. I am so sad.

  8. Please support the Hero’s Act. The Students of the United States will some day be leading this country and need an education. It is time to give to the schools and help raise our young people.

  9. To the US Senate: Please step up to the crisis our country faces. This is not about red states vs blue states–this is about US citizens facing difficulties on all fronts–unemployment, health, safety, education, the environment. Much of the work being done is being shouldered by the states. Americans are counting on you to help the states do their job–NOW IS THE TIME FOR YOU TO DO YOUR JOB!

  10. Please, in anyway you can; support the Amy McGrath campaign so that we can finally get rid of McConnell! Even if it is just calling any relatives or friends in Kentucky to ask them to vote against this awful individual or giving a few bucks to the McGrath campaign, it all helps!

  11. McConnell has made it extremely clear-there’s currently one and only one priority for him and his lackeys. That is to approve lifetime Federal Judicial appointments for as many relatively young, reactionary, regressive, revisionist, activist, and in some cases, immoral, allegedly criminal and (per the ABA) unqualified jurists as possible in the time he has left. He’s changed Senate rules to quash most debate on even the most reprehensible of them. Most of these are members of the Federalist Society, the philosophy of which is an “originalist interpretation” of the Constitution. Meaning that they will keep trying to push this country, its legislation, regulations, monetary policies, and individual rights (as opposed to Corporate) back to the Gilded Age of the late 1800’s for 40 or 50 years after McConnell and his other septuagenarian cohorts are dead.
    Aside from that, they don’t give a rat’s a** about millions of Americans out of work, nor even the sick and dead.

    1. When is the Teachers Union going to cough up some of the members money to assist in the lack of a pay check because of the virus. Why has the government alway be the one to bail out an Organization that ism well funded and should take care of their own.

    2. So very well said, I’m sorry to say. My son, son-in-law and nephew are retired Navy. The numbers of unemployed and ill cover an ever-growing percentage of those in need of consideration by the Federal government. Unfortunately, we do not have a functional White House that feels compelled to work on resolving those needs. We have edicts to take precautions and a POTUS who mocks them by refusing to wear face protection. He and his sheep have but a few months left in office. However, the damage that they are capable of doing in that short amount of time is staggering. This remaining time in office should be used to prove that they truly have America’s welfare in mind and act on that.

  12. Jim,

    People have tapped out. I think it is best to look at the sentiment and not get caught up in the words. Current times are a mess, people are outraged, and that energy has to be converted in some fashion. Be thankful that Miriam doesn’t teach your children.

  13. Clearly, Senatorial salaries must be put on hold until the Senate releases money for the pandemic-unemployed. Were it up to me, McConnell would be horsewhipped in front of the entire Senate.

    1. I think Ms. Baum may be as frustrated as a majority of the country, by a minority government’s oligarchy and administration that didn’t even get votes of the plurality of the electorate. They are attempting to destroy our young peoples’ ability to get an education, wreck the environment, financially decimate the middle class, erode international relations with longstanding allies while praising dictators like Kim and Putin, add hundreds of billions to a “defense” budget already bigger than the next SEVEN countries combined, and give away literally trillions in welfare tax breaks to multibillion dollar profiting corporations. This, while supporting out furloughed workers with a few percent of those other giveaways and recommending that the states declare bankruptcy, which would effectively cut governmental services that all Americans depend upon from highways to police and fire, and also retirement benefits that public servants depend upon.
      I doubt that she uses that kind of language in her classroom.

  14. Sad, sad, the country we live in we keep getting poorer, and the Gen Xers and millennials and Gen Zs will have less than their parents and grandparents. Greatest country in the world? I don’t think so. Time to get rid of lobbyists, and if your running for any office you cant makeover 100,000 because when you have too much money you cant do the common folks will because you’re obligated to the super pact that helped get you in office!!!

  15. McConnel is the worst Senator and a toady if the worst president we have ever had. Please Kentucky vote him OUT

    1. The Democratic Party is adding money for purposes that have nothing to do with COVID-19 and that is the hitch .
      I will vote for President Trump a second time . I don’t like Socialistic tendencies .

    2. I think that you only support the rich and the big corporations and that you have very racist points of views.. since you been the senator of Kentucky you have never did anything for the black community so there is no way you could ever receive a black persons vote here in Kentucky unless they are dumb and illiterate to the facts that are given to them.

  16. Mitch cares nothing about the plight of the people. His only interests are lining his own pockets as well as corporate coffers so they have more money to influence politicians. Not to mention his deplorable judge packing. His actions are as bad as his choices. He is now worth over 50 million dollars. How other than corrupt shenanigans.

    1. Let’s see how the other stimulus packages have been spent before we throw more money around. We need to know what is in the packages before they are passed. That’s good policy. These derogatory blanket statements only insight wrong thoughts. They do not help.

      1. Jim,

        Mitch and his friends gave literal billions to big businesses that net billions in profits annually and for what? The promise not to lay off employees until October. Oh.

        Why should public education need to wait? You understand we need money to not only insure barebones services are not cut and that class sizes do not get even larger, we need money to make schools safe so we can return and do our jobs – so that parents can get back to work.

  17. Sorry, I should have read over my previous response. In my haste, I meant to say put food on their tables.

  18. Dear Congress:
    We have over 40 million unemployed people in the country. A depleted economic system in were people are suffering through no fault of their own. I’m concerned what is going to happen not too far in the future if
    Congress does nothing and
    people are still unemployed. People need stability and leadership to get them through this difficult and uncertain times. It’s up to all of you to help your constituents and all Americans. Please push Republicans to pass the Heroes Act from the House that offers some relief to so many
    who are suffering. Please help states receive needed funds to keep operating and not cut essential services in schools and other programs. Our country needs heroes, be one.

  19. He isn’t in the classroom and he is getting his full paychecks and benefits. I don’t see him saying let me take a pay cut so I can help American through this crisis.

  20. The stock market will suffer from the unemployment. The country needs all of its people to be cared for.

    1. Healthy People-Healthy Stockmarket!
      Get The People Healthy First!
      Most of America Does Not Play the StockMarket. They are lucky to put on their tables for their families. There is no disposable income form them to play the market.
      Get with it!

  21. Totally agree Miriam! I read that Lindsay Graham thinks appointed judges in their 60s should retire so tRump and his Senate toadies can appoint conservative judges.

    How about aging, irrelevant GOP Senaturds like Graham, McConnell and their ilk retire immediately!

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