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How Joe Biden will support retired educators

By Amanda Menas

During the coronavirus pandemic, retired educators are hit twice as hard. The virus threatens to ruin both their health and finances. Nearly 2.5 million people dedicated to public service, including many educators, are subject to unfair Social Security penalties when they are already struggling to make ends meet.

Joe Biden has promised to protect all older Americans and their caregivers, setting out plans prior to and at the height of this crisis. The Biden Plan will allow caregivers, many of whom are ineligible to get tax breaks for retirement saving, to make “catch-up” contributions to retirement accounts, even if they’re not earning income in the formal labor market. He also promises to ensure that teachers not eligible for Social Security will begin receiving benefits sooner – rather than the current ten-year period for many teachers.

A dignified retirement also means having access to affordable health care and support. Too many Americans – and too many older Americans – cannot afford their prescriptions or their long-term care. Their families are faced with saving for their own retirement or taking care of their aging parents,” says Biden.

Here are four more ways Joe Biden will support retired educators:

He will invest in Retirement Benefits

With Social Security Funds starting to decline in 2020, the former vice president supports “raising the payroll tax earnings cap” and taxing the wealthy to help the program. He also supports “letting public sector workers, including teachers who are not eligible for Social Security, to begin receiving pension benefits sooner than the 10 years that many of their plans currently require.” In expanding benefits, he would ensure payments kept recipients above the poverty line, and he would also increase assistance for widows and widowers.

He supports expanding the Affordable Care Act

The former vice president does not support healthcare reform that would “start from scratch and get rid of private insurance.” His plan for expanding access to healthcare would include providing a public option, premium tax credits for working families, and lowering the cost of prescription drugs. He explains that “every American has a right to the peace of mind that comes with knowing they have access to affordable, quality health care.”

He will increase educator pay

In order to support educators in their retirement, the former vice president proposes “tripling federal funding for Title I” and “require districts to use these funds to offer educators competitive salaries.” He believes that “We have to reward teachers. They are the single most important ingredient we have… because the teachers hold the kite strings of the children who will send our national ambitions aloft.”

He will encourage affordability for prescription drugs

As educators age, those with underlying health conditions continue to feel the burden of an underpaid career due to the price gouging of prescription and generic brand drugs. Joe Biden’s plan makes sure that Medicare recipients are not the ones paying for negotiations by big pharmaceutical companies. Instead, he will “impose a tax penalty on drug manufacturers that increase the costs of their brand, biotech or abusively priced generic over the general inflation rate” to make sure the drug corporations are paying instead of the consumer.

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21 responses to “How Joe Biden will support retired educators

  1. Repeal the WEP and GPO! It unfairly penalizes those who choose to work in public service professions. A friend of mine, who is a retired teacher, just lost her husband. He was 67 and collected 3 months of social security. She received $0 survivor benefits. If she had been a housewife and not worked a day in her life, she would have received full survivor benefits. The WEP and GPO are archaic and unfair and are a slap in the face to every public servant penalized for choosing careers that serve other!

  2. Repeal the WEP GPO I have worked and paid into both public Nd private sector. I am due what I contributed at retirement.

    1. Please repeal the Windfall Provision act!
      I and a teacher with a benefit in SSI.
      I paid into SSI.
      I want my benefit and my husband’s SSI.

    2. In agreement to repeal the WEP. I’ve also worked 40 + years in both private fields and public schools as a teacher. I cannot live on the reduced amount from ssa even though it’s in addition to my school pension; it’s not enough. How do people being affected by WEP connect to enable the repeal of WEP?

    3. I agree about WEP. I should at least get a lump sum with interest as repayment of what I put into social security. It was MY money that was withheld from my pay. Who is getting a WINDFALL on teacher retirement? How is it double dipping if it is two separate funds and I was REQUIRED to pay into both? I should be able to draw both teacher retirement AND social security. Repeal this unfair, stupid law. As years go by more and more teachers will be affected by this because we are living longer and having more than one career in our lives.

    4. I too have paid into a teaching retirement and have 16 years of credited serviice in social security. As a teacher, the school district deducted 14.5% of my income for retirement. The district matched the amount. I retired this year and plan to security in Feb when I turn 64. The WEP will reduce my benefit by 60% and I will not receive a survivor benefit if my wife passes before I do. Grossly unfair. I will never recover what I paid into the system. When there was talk about privatizing social security and allowing an opt out option, I contacted my GOP Senate office and received a too bad message that I had nothing to opt out of—my benefits had been spent supporting grandma and granddad. I voted Trump in 16, Biden gets my vote this time. GOP has a day of reckoning ahead.

  3. I am voting for Joe Biden! The Trump Presidency has been a travesty and tragedy of uncertainty and fear! Approximately, 200,000+ people have died due to his negligence in handling the COVID-19 Virus and also many lives have been lost due to his racist rhetoric that incites violence. I want a President that sincerely cares and advocates for the American People, not just the wealthy! A President that truly loves his country and not embraces adversaries like Putin! VP Biden I wish to ask once President, please repeal GPO and WEP. Many retired educators continue to work because retirement pensions are not enough to cover the high cost of living and with COVID-19, it makes it impossible to continue working!

  4. Voting against Trump is financial and social suicide… If Biden gets into office, we can forget about our pensions and any sort of semblance of safety we ever had. It’s a sad day in the United States when we have to be concerned that the government itself will steal our property and money we’ve worked so hard to earn and redistribute it to others based upon skin color.

    1. Politicians stealing money that you speak of is an accurate description of WEP and the GPO thanks to the Reagan administration and Tip O’Neill’s to take from some and give to others in order to extend SS life for a few more years.

  5. I am a retired educator and I dont receive a lot from my retirement. But the Lord has blessed me to get that. I m hoping that I could get a raise this year.I am supporting Former Vice President Biden and I am voting for him in the Nov. 3 2020 election.

  6. What about getting rid of the “Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP)” that unfairly penalizes (takes money from) educators with (small) pensions who also worked in the private sector and contributed to social security?

    1. I agree 100%!!! Having worked at part-time jobs, as well as working every summer when I wasn’t teaching, I paid into social security enough quarters to be eligible to receive benefits, but the majority of my benefits will be taken away due to the “Windfall Elimination Provision”. As a retired teacher, that seems very unfair, as I paid into social security while working all of those jobs. Living on a teacher pension alone is not easy. Give retired teachers the social security benefits they deserve.

    2. Agreed! A windfall is when you find a $50 bill on the road. It is not finding money you already put in the SS bank.

  7. Please remember the punitive Windfall Elimination Provision, a little-understood rule that was signed into law in 1983 to prevent double-dipping from Social Security and public-sector pensions and a sister rule called the Government Pension Offset that can result in even sharper cuts to spousal and survivor benefits.

    I am a retired educator who is affected by these cuts.

  8. Please remember the punitive Windfall Elimination Provision, a little-understood rule that was signed into law in 1983 to prevent double-dipping from Social Security and public-sector pensions and a sister rule called the Government Pension Offset that can result in even sharper cuts to spousal and survivor benefits.

    I am a retired educator who is a victim of the these cuts.

    1. Voting for Joe Biden! Mr. Biden, in turn we teachers AND state and government workers need for the Windfall Elimination Provision and the Government Pension Offset to be eliminated! How could something so detrimental be signed into law in 1983! So harmful! Just terrible! Makes no sense! We need your help and support to finally eliminate these laws that hurt us and not help us in our retirement.

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