DeVos diverts COVID-19 funds to voucher schemes

Once again, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is making news for the wrong reasons. The headline of a New York Times story published on May 15—the same day the House passed the HEROES Act—sums it up this way: “DeVos Funnels Coronavirus Relief Funds to Favored Private and Religious Schools.” The ensuing story describes how she is diverting millions of dollars intended for public schools to voucher schemes repeatedly rejected by Congress—“microgrants” are just the latest example. The HEROES Act would prohibit using COVID-19 funds for voucher schemes and require DeVos to follow the law and provide equitable services.

Email your members of Congress and tell them don’t let DeVos use COVID-19 to push privatization.

99 responses to “DeVos diverts COVID-19 funds to voucher schemes

  1. This is not the time to take money from low income and underfunded public schools. This families get tax credits and now you want them to get free or reduce fees for the ability to be able to financially send them to private schools.

  2. It was very clear from the start of Betsy Devos’ placement by Donald Trump that she did not stand up for public school and public school children’s rights. Once again she is demonstrating that,by trying to funnel monies to privatized education. She needs to called out an stopped! There is no place for her when dealing with public education!

    1. She makes me sick let her have a child that needs help that’s not the only thing this witch has done to education money greedy person

      1. She has no intention of ever helping the public schools,she probably never set foot in a public school. She was given that position because she contributed in large amounts to trump’s campaign. She needs to go!

    1. Public funds for Public Education!
      We The People are sick and tired of unqualified, idiots like DeVos being appointed to oversee major public interest programs!! Public Education is a fundamental American Institution!

      1. Her evangelical movement wants their views to be the only view. The goal is to change all public schools into biblical view schools. They have no regard for anyone else. Religious schools are tax exempt, yet she wants to take our tax dollars from our schools and use them for her preferred schools!

    2. morality matters.
      These are not private funds Betsy. You can fund the private schools with personal donations if you choose.
      We are watching your illegal corrupt behavior.
      You are in the wrong again

    1. Indeed! It is not. Defeating Trump means getting her out of here, and for us to begin rebuilding or taking back our Federal Dept. of Education.

  3. Mrs DeVos is being unfair to the children of our nation by spending all our efforts on private education. Right now we need to helping schools work on ways to return back normal because of covid-19. Not ever child has access to internet equipment to educate at home not favorable learning at. Not ever child has a story book home life. Many only have food when it’s provided by the school. Pull your head out of your ass and think about all the children in this country.

    1. Indeed! She’s being unfair and malevolent. I guess, I can state that perhaps only in America one can sees a Federal Secretary of Education (public Education, mind you), who never went to a public schools and who has been involved in theft of tax payers funding.

  4. Betsy, you should be helping our hard working educators instead of pushing your personal agendas during this crisis.

  5. Having attended private schools, there is no way Betsy DeVos should be allowed to take advantage of a disaster to enrich her own myopic agenda. She should not use public education money to fund private schools? Does she not realize the endowments that many of these schools now receive, their tax exempt status. Many of these schools haven’t had state mandated tests and don’t follow State certification requirements. This is a disgusting act by Betsy DeVos, but not a surprising one. Maybe Betsy would be better advised to add some educational curriculum which studies how successful countries have managed a pandemic with a nonpartisan and effective response: Finland, Canada, New Zealand, Croatia.

  6. Funneling taxpayer dollar for favored religious and private schools? After repeated rejections by Congress?!?! Mrs. DeVoe, you were voted into office to uphold the law and rights. Let’s see you make a turn around and make the right desicions. Fully Funded public education is a protected right.

    1. What ever happened to the separation of church and state? I had a child in the public school and in private school. I did not expect the state to pay anything towards my child’s private education nor should anyone else. BTW the public school was far superior.

  7. Stop taking the money from our public schools to fund schools that have no proven success! Public schools, especially now, need all the funding possible to ensure the needs of ALL our students!

  8. DeVos needs to stick to her daddy’s soap company and stop trying to be believable that she understands schools !!

  9. The private/religious schools in my area of Georgia are not regulated and do NOT have all certified teachers. A friend of mine just contacted me about her granddaughter and told me they want to keep her in kindergarten again. This child is about to be 7. I asked to see her IEP and no one knew what one was. She is probably a Special Ed child that needs proper services as mandated by law. I am a retired NBCT mentor teacher and I wouldn’t tackle what this child needs. What a joke DeVos is. I want NONE of my tax dollars going to unregulated private/religious schools.

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