COVID-19 bill passed by House stalls in Senate—for now

Senate Republican leadership is in no rush to take up—or even amend—the HEROES Act passed by the House despite the urgent need to help struggling families cope with fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic. The longer Congress delays, the greater the likelihood we’ll see a repeat of the Great Recession, during which financially strapped state and local governments cut essential student services and laid off tens of thousands of educators. This time, the damage could be even worse.

The hallmark of the HEROES Act is $915 billion in direct relief for state and local governments that can be used pay educators and other vital workers. The bill also provides $90 billion to stabilize education funding, takes steps to narrow the digital divide and close the homework gap, and recognizes the pressing need for personal protective equipment (PPE) for educators and other frontline workers. Senators are back in their states for the Memorial Day “recess,” so it’s a good time to reach out. Make sure they know delaying action will only worsen our health and economic crisis.

Email your senators and tell them to support the HEROES Act.

81 responses to “COVID-19 bill passed by House stalls in Senate—for now

  1. Please pass
    the HEROES act. Education is always on the chopping block. Our students deserve much better from the adults they entrust to care for them and invest in their futures. Our elected officials need to remember who they work for, people and not corporations.

  2. Do not pass that bill that infringes on my rights. My freedom is worth more than you can possibly put in this bullshit bill.

  3. The Virus Originating in the Wuhan Laboratory, released (negligently or deliberately) into the world in 2019 (VOWL-19) is 100% the fault of the Communist Chinese.

    Why are we not receiving compensation for a hundred-thousand “wrongful death” lawsuits? Why is Communist China not paying damages?

    NATIONALIZE ALL COMMUNIST CHINESE assets in the USA–businesses, real estate, ships and airplanes–any Communist Chinese assets at all. END trade and tourism in Communist China. Time to label Communist China as the world’s most-enormous, and most-dangerous terrorist state.

    1. No one knows for sure that this pandemic was done on purpose In fact it could have originally come from here since the first person to have it was one of our military members that operated in the WuHan military games last fall. Pointing fingers will only make this worse! The death rate and cost could have been lower if Trump would have acted sooner

      1. Of course he was worried about being falsely accused and dealing with the sham impeachment. He was the first one to ban travel to/ from China only to be labeled a racist by the democrats.

      2. Agreed! Pointing fingers and assigning blame for a virus (a force of nature) is like holding someone accountable for earthquakes, floods or cancer. We still sell tobacco & VAPE and fail to protect children from second hand smoke!
        “We the people” don’t need to wage another World War. We (Republicans & Democrats) need to put those same resources into the WORLD Health Organization and fight the real foe, COVID 19, not to mention preparing for future viral mutations. Killer viruses have been predicted for decades and we all failed to make the necessary financial investments to prepare for such an event. Now we are paying the price on a global level.
        Health for all mankind is the goal. Politicizing and jockeying for financial power & domination over the WORLD is a waste of our resources. History is repeating itself and we are encouraging a fall from grace of the U.S. in the pursuit of Global Domination. U.S. does not stand for Universal Superiority. Why do we behave as “might /money makes right”? The globe is getting smaller and increasingly at risk for unhealthy habitation. Save the planet and save humankind for the generations to come.

        P.S. Kudos to the comments of Ms. Gaddy, Ms. Dust & Ms. Stern! This is the situation Betsy DeVos has hoped for…the demise of the Public Education System. She has no investment in the “We the People”. DeVos only wants to enrich the “Private School Haves” at the price of the “Public School Have Nots”.

    2. This is not the most critical need at this time and will be worked out between the nations.
      We need to take care of our future generations and support our schools!

    3. I absolutely despise their regime. Lying to their own people is one thing, but lying to the world is quite another. We should hit them with sanctions and Americans should boycott items made in China . It’s time we make things in The USA!

    4. A broad scientific consensus by top worldwide experts in microbiology and infectious diseases has disproven the various conspiracy theories about a man-made laboratory origin of covid-19. Instead, covid-19 originated from a wet market of wild animals, many in cages, and jumped the species barrier from bats to humans, possibly with an intermediary host. This conclusion derives from careful examination of the covid-19 genome and comparison of it with the closest relative, a bat covid virus. People, don’t buy the conspiracy theories of laboratory origin of covid-19, which have been peddled by Fox News in the U.S. and Russian state media and PRC (Chinese) state media around the world (in the latter cases, the conspiracy theory is that a US military lab supposedly generated covid-19).

  4. It is time to step forward and do the right thing at the right time. Stand up not as a political partisans but as stewards of the people. You must support our school students and educators by voting yes now for the Heroes Act.

    1. Trump has threatened some states to withhold funding for whatever nonsense he is upset about now! If this happens it will prolong the time it will take to get back on our feet and make the economy expand on e again. Might be worth it because it could cost Trump his second term!

    2. Our future is in the hands of the government and the politicians. Our children will not be equipped to handle the future if we do not give to the school systems!

  5. Our country is in a crisis and there’s something wrong when elected officials put their political interests before the welfare of the country. I beg each of us to make our voices heard at the polls.

    1. I agree. Clean house with these damn democrats that think they know more than we do. We know how to safely take care of ourselves by now. It’s time to open up!

  6. If educators and students don’t get the help they need. Also first responders I KNOW what to do in November. This just shows me how badly we need a leader

  7. Mitch McConnell & republican senators, do the right thing for once for the little guys! Stop catering to the top 1%! People are dying. Stop following that clown & stand up for public education and its teachers , ESPs, & students. Pass the Heroes Act!

    1. Are you kidding? You got a stimulus check because you pay taxes. The crazy dems want our tax dollars going to illegal aliens who don’t pay taxes at all.

  8. Please take a stand for students and educators! We need you now more than ever! The kids are our future! As it is most teachers barely make enough to pay their bills and work extra jobs to make ends meat. I would hate to see great educators leave the field because of pay. Please think of the future of our country!!

  9. Please listen to the scientists and the medical experts when making decisions relating to public safety. Do not let misinformed citizens or political rhetoric put our students, staff, and community members in harm’s way.
    Celebrate our heroes, working on the front line of this pandemic. Heed their advice. Don’t let greed drive your decisions. It’s only through working together that we can overcome this virus by preventing it’s spreading.
    We need our politicians to make decisions based upon scientific evidence and facts. Provide funding to keep small businesses afloat and put public safety first and foremost.

  10. in an era when republicans were all for bailing out failing banks and billions upon billions of dollars to automakers and other big businesses to big to fail, many of which we never knew if they were ever payed back or will ever be payed. in a government supposedly of, for and by the people, it is time to help the people of the United States, who have been paying the governments bill from the beginning of this country. just one example of the last bailout is general motors, that was loaned 55 billion dollars during the last recession, of which only 5 billion was repaid according to GM’s CEO. it is time for the federal government to provide help the american citizens to help pay their bills, rent and housing payments avoid a bigger prospect of another recession or worse a repeat of the Great depression. we, the citizens of the United States, need assistance of some type to prevent another disaster.

  11. I am disgusted by what is going on in the Senate. There is no oversight on wrong doing because Of the Republicans. I’m so disappointed that you don’t uphold your oath of office. Greed. Cronyism. Who are there to do what’s right for the United States of Americans not a Political party.

  12. Please do not make my students or myself (a recent breast cancer survivor and Special Education Teacher) go back to working in our schools unless it is safe. I do not want to have gone through the horrible experiences of breast cancer and radiation to then die from this virus! I want to continue to teach my students but in a safe environment.

  13. As much as you, the Republican Party, state you are behind essential workers, it’s only if someone else foots the bill. You are telling us and them, that they are expendable and their life isn’t as valuable as yours. Why don’t you take a shift in a meat packing plant, or a grocery store or a classroom? Electing judges and heads of government departments is needed, but you can’t take care of workers too. We’re asked to multi-task, why can’t you? McConnell needs to be taken out of his job. He isn’t helping the country, only enriching himself.

    1. Ms. Gaddy, I do so agree with you. But as we have seen with Trump’s “impeachment,” and William Bar’s interpretation of law as it lies in its death throes on the Senate floor, we are being SCREWED , and the rich are happy that the economy is off to a fairly steady start, sacrificing the poor , the uneducated and the young to travel elsewhere to work, while the upper classes “work from the safety of their homes.”
      The Republicans need their life-long tax cuts as a cushion against any market declines while I am certain we too must get our financial lawyers to babysit our mountains of stock funds. Pray tell, I must call my mortgage company now about a certain decline I’m my monthly payments.

    2. The Republican party talks a good game but when it comes to action they balk. You play lip service to taking care of our essentialtial workers but refuse to act to make their lives better!

  14. Senators need to tell McConnell and his other enablers who have blocked literally hundreds of House bills, many of which are bipartisan and have significant public support, from even Senate debate, much less a vote, “IT’S TIME TO STOP THIS NONSENSE!” McConnell’s primary purpose has been to approve dozens of lifetime judicial appointments of Federalist Society judges, some of whom the ABA has even evaluated as “unqualified,” even changing Senate rules to hasten the process, but refused to work on America’s needed legislation.

    If the bills aren’t even presented for floor debate, every American should ask, “What are you afraid of?”

    1. I understand that we have to watch the deficit but it’s already there and it’s about now, not later. unless we give everyone 2000 a month and expand unemployment, we will fall deeper and if we are going to fall deeper, then i’d rather be happy. you can’t pay back life and love. it will balance out.

  15. Paying bills as a teacher is even harder now as the only one bringing in a salary. And we are still expected to teach online. It’s time to take care of service workers when you lean on them now—and you know it.

  16. As a former educator and one that worked with student trying to rise up in society at a Community College, they have so many obstacles and work so hard to overcome that they deserve the assistance of our government, but, I must say, the funds should be directed to teachers, size of classes even in the public colleges (no funding for private universities – they have enough endowments) and equipment, not community councils, boards or those that advise and not do. All funds should be documented immediately so the monies are not squandered. BUT IT’S NEEDED NOW, no discussion NOW.

  17. Students and those who teach them have value. Our health providers, first responders, and public service workers have value. Invest in the future by investing in us.

  18. Public funding is for public schools. Using Covid-19 to push vouchers is shameful. Davos is not only unqualified for her position, she is shameless.

  19. All you Republican Senators who continue to view and use Education as a political football, you might want to stop and think…The future of this country is dependent upon our future leaders…CHILDREN. Your willingness to fund and preserve the American Educational System is vital to the PROSPERITY and ADVANCEMENT of this country, so, DO THE RIGHT THING…FUND EDUCATION.

  20. You were elected to protect and support the people, not a political party. Without educators and support staff our next generation will be even more behind in the world. We are loosing ground fighting the pandemic and the too soon reopening of the country is increasing the cases.

    Please take up the CARES package, revise if you feel lead, but DO something. America is hurting and this is NOT a time for partisan bickering. We are loosing our citizens to Covid-19. Please don’t add deaths due to starvation to the count. Stand up for those who need your help!

  21. The republican party doesn’t care about the citizens of the united states they only care about getting their moronic stool pigeon reelected . Vote them out in Nov

  22. The Hero’s act should never have left the house. What a waste of funding where so many parts of it were not even necessary. The Senate is right for not bloating the federal deficit on garbage. Hopefully the Senate can craft a bill that actually helps. The house leadership and her band of yahoos should be ashamed of themselves. It’s time for the right group to take back control of the U. S. House and do the right things for our nation.

  23. The prospects for our nation if you do not pass this bill are horrendous. Our education system is wanting at its best and you are denying our children the right to be educated in a safe environment. Teachers are frontline workers pass the bill. All of you should be ashamed of yourselves for not dealing with this bill and passing it.

  24. I have been impressed with this administration’s zeal to ruin our public education system. This know nothing administration does not value public educations.

  25. Our children need your support. As a retired teacher and still substitute teacher in the classroom I am a voice for the voiceless.

  26. It seems as though the house passes bill after bill and the senate passes none of them. In an election year this is a bad policy. Think think think!

  27. Senator McConnell must DO something. This is a crisis. Getting another judge or two on the bench is nothing compared to this. People are DYING!!!

  28. I am a practicing registered nurse and Faculty nursing educator. Through this pandemic, I have witnessed Fellow nurses, CNA’s, Environmental services, cooks, laundry, grocery workers and all sorts of essential employees rise up And risk their lives daily to keep this country safe and functional, many of them for poverty wages. Give the American hero’s the support they desperately need and deserve right away! Please!! Leave partisan politics in the past and work to support our hero’s !

  29. This evil administration and the evil ones in Congress need to be stopped. It is obvious they are enabling genocide! This seems really similar to what my understanding of what eventually lead to WWII. The difference now is it’s in America, it will not be East vs West; and it will not be based on the hate of one group of people but basically everyone else! Those who don’t know their history are bound to repeat it. What better way to take control of an entire society than to keep them deaf, dumb, and blind? No education, no history, and disposable to those voted into power…

  30. You have violated your oath of office by approving Ratcliffe as DNI. Go read the Code and you will see he is clearly unqualified. Making DNI a political office makes us UNSAFE. Another 9-11 and the Pandemic and even worse. You are pathetic in terms of keeping us safe. And now you are willing to kill teachers and students by approving Ratcliffe instead of dealing with this bill. You blame it on McConnell, but the party could remove him from his position if you recognized that he is murdering people and you are in a conspiracy to do it with him.

    1. Please listen to the scientists and the medical experts when making decisions relating to public safety. Do not let misinformed citizens or political rhetoric put our students, staff, and community members in harm’s way.
      Celebrate our heroes, working on the front line of this pandemic. Heed their advice. Don’t let greed drive your decisions. It’s only through working together that we can overcome this virus by preventing it’s spreading.
      We need our politicians to make decisions based upon scientific evidence and facts. Provide funding to keep businesses afloat and put public safety first and foremost.

      1. The level of corruption and greed in the Republican Party is unprecedented! I’d gladly take Nixon back in place of Trump!

    2. If you claim to be a true American and want the Americans votes it should not be a problem you passing this bill

    3. I believe this to be true. We must protect our students and teachers from this virus. As a former teacher who truly cared about his students. We must protect them from the evils of this virus.

    4. Your proof that we need term limits , cut your wages by 50% minimum ,a and eliminate you health insurance . your incompetent. Do you4 job .

    5. The entire Republican Party is complicit in the failure to advance much needed legislation to protect and advance the interests of the American people.

    6. The people have been waiting on a bill to lower prescription drug prices and the zHouse wrote a bipartisan one last fall and it has yet to be brought to the Senate floor! They know that you have done very little this whole session and will vote accordingly

    1. The republican obstructionism is the real problem plaguing Washington. I despise the right wing nutjobs and Trump! Trump belong in prison. Hillary Clinton belongs in the white house. November can’t come fast enough to vote out the right wing Nazi hypocrites. I am beyond livid of what is happening to our country. Lock up Trump and his right wing cronies! LOCK THEM UP! LOCK THEM UP! LOCK THEM UP!

  31. The devastated middle class needs help, not corporations and billionaires!!!!! UBI now! DNC sucks RNC sucks. There is only one party in ‘Merica! The Oligarch party. ‘Merica! Land of the brainwashed masses. At least in China, they know they are being fed propaganda. Tell me, what is the difference between the ‘Merica! Oligarchy in the good ole USA, and the Communist Party in China? No difference. They are literally partners. Ask the Billionaires in China and the Billionaires in the USA, where do your loyalties lie? The almighty dollar or yen, that’s where!!

  32. Please support the HEROES Act! This would provide direct relief for state and local governments that can be used pay educators and other vital workers. It would also provide $90 billion to stabilize education funding, take steps to narrow the digital divide and close the homework gap, and recognize the pressing need for personal protective equipment (PPE) for educators and other frontline workers.

    I believe that delaying action will only worsen our health and economic crisis.

  33. This bill is badly needed. Our country is on the verge of a Depression, and so many lawmakers seem blind to this.

  34. Dear Senators,

    My school is facing a deficit. Lake of the Woods School in Baudette, MN will be getting rid of a Spanish teacher position and cutting back on English, Kindergarten, and reading programs.

    Our schools need help to stay afloat. This is a rural area where computers and Internet are for the privileged. Our school needs funding to provide these resources to students.

    Thanks for listening.


    Erin Schwenzfeier

  35. Every Republican who follows Trump without concern for their constituents’ health in mind should be VOTED OUT OF OFFICE!
    They should also be concerned with Trump’s destruction of government and democracy.

  36. Our educators, students, their families, and communities at large need our public schools to be open, clean, safe, and well-resourced so that our children can learn. Please do all that you can to get the Senate to pass the HEROES Act!

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