Tell senators to support new COVID-19 bill

The House acted decisively on Friday to stem the mounting damage from COVID-19, passing the $3 trillion HEROES Act by a vote of 208-199. State and local governments are facing huge shortfalls—potentially, even bigger than during the Great Depression. More than 36 million Americans are unemployed, including nearly 40 percent of those from households earning less than $40,000.

“Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has exposed and exacerbated the inequities facing our most vulnerable students and with the economic downturn now threatening the future of public schools, parents and educators are standing together because we cannot wait. Our nation’s students cannot pay the price in this crisis,” said NEA President Lily Eskelsen Garcia.

Already, too many Americans have lost jobs, homes, and hope. The HEROES Act aims to stave off further disaster. Key provisions for students and educators include:

  • Nearly $200 billion to fill state and local budget gaps. The HEROES Act provides $915 billion in direct relief for state and local governments and $100 billion specifically for the Education Stabilization Fund. The money can be used to maintain student services and support, avoid layoffs of educators and other frontline workers, provide personal protective equipment (PPE), and more—but NOT microgrants or other voucher schemes proposed by Education Secretary Betsy DeVos.
  • Support for narrowing the digital divide and closing the homework gap. The HEROES Act takes steps to equip more students to go online, so they can do schoolwork at home and keep up with their peers. But it needs to do more. Roughly 1 in 5—as many as 12 million students—cannot login from home. A disproportionate share of those students are African American, Hispanic, live in rural areas, or come from low-income families.
  • Relief for student loan borrowers. The HEROES Act extends the suspension of student loan payments and interest through September 2021, includes more types of loans, cancels up to $10,000 in student loan debt for certain borrowers, and grants emergency relief to victims of unscrupulous institutions.

In addition, the HEROES Act provides more direct payments to households, further extends unemployment benefits, picks up the cost of COBRA payments for laid off workers, increases support for free and reduced-price school meals, and takes steps to protect voters’ rights and ensure access to the ballot box. LEARN MORE

Email your senators and tell them to support the HEROES Act.

24 responses to “Tell senators to support new COVID-19 bill

  1. It is not just jobs that are on the line but most importantly affect our students, our children and most importantly our future who we are as people as a state and nation. Not supporting this bill will be devastating. It is clear to the people of NC that politicians are more concerned about party then the issues at hand. I hope the voting polls in November will be packed and people make the right decision and vote for people that actually support their voters!

  2. As a retired veteran Florida K-12 teacher and college professor I ask you to support the new +COVID – 19 bill. Our students, administrators, education staff members and parents are depending on you.

  3. Support the Heores Act. If schools are to open this year, funding for safely opening with educator input ad tho what is needed.

  4. We need your help to educate the future of the United States. Without education their is no economic, technical or quality of life growth. Lets invest in the future.

  5. Dear senators please support new COVID-19 bill For education also for Special Ed., Never leave Alone behind act!

    1. As the president of the Faculty Association of California Community Colleges (FACCC), I represent over 9000 community college faculty members. The California Community Colleges is depending on the HEROES Act so that we can meet the increased student demand during this public health crisis. The CCC system trains California’s nurses, EMTs, and other front-line workers who are essential for saving the lives of Californians and helping us to recover from the pandemic and recession.

      Thank you for your support!

  6. Randolph Willoby

    Please support the new COVID – 19 bill. Please help to ensure our students can complete his or her online learning and help schools meet this need.

  7. Please protect our children and their right to receive access to education. Please support this bill!

    1. Our children been to feel safe and get the work that some may have missed during this pandemic.

    2. Michelle Fournier

      Please support this bill. Our children have the right to receive access to education.

    3. Dear senators please support new COVID-19 bill For Special education too!!! Never leave alone behind act!!!

  8. Please support the new COVID-19 bill. This bill is necessary to ensure students are able to complete online learning in an equitable fashion and help schools meet this need.

    1. Some students still don’t have access to Internet at home. Some ESP don’t have access to computers.

    2. Betty Smith

      Please support the new COVID – 19 bill. Please help to ensure our students can complete his or her online learning and help schools meet this need.

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