Equip students to do schoolwork at home

As part of the next COVID-19 legislative package, NEA is pushing Congress to help narrow the digital divide and close the “homework gap”—the inability to do schoolwork at home due to lack of internet access. Nationwide, as many as 16 million students are affected—roughly 1 in 3. A disproportionate share of those students are African-American, Hispanic, live in rural areas, or come from low-income families. NEA supports the Emergency Educational Connections Act, which would provide up to $4 billion for a special fund, administered by the Federal Communications Commission’s E-Rate program, to equip students to do schoolwork at home during the COVID-19 national emergency.

Email your members of Congress and tell them to cosponsor and support the Emergency Educational Connections Act, and include it in the next COVID-19 legislative package

12 responses to “Equip students to do schoolwork at home

  1. I am living at California, a technological and powerful state for the world but, the educational reality lack of the same technology that create to the rest to the world.

  2. 21st Century Education relies on 21st Century technology. All students deserve the chance to learn along with their peers who have access to computers, tablets and the internet. Leaving no child behind isn’t just a pencil and paper concept; it applies to the digital world too.

    1. No student should be concerned about internet connection to do school work. Its not their fault if they are poverty stricken with lack of resources. We need a more thought out plan worldwide when pandemics occur. Now many children will be left behind as the educational gap widens for underprivileged children.

  3. Equal access to the internet has become a necessity in the 21st century. Without equal access, this country will become further divided into “haves and have-nots.” It’s time to establish high speed connections for all our citizens, not just those who happen to live in the “right” places or have significant financial resources.

    1. Hallelujah to you J.E. Wanner! I agree with you. We already are a society in which how far you succeed depends on whether you are part of the “Haves” or the “Have-Nots”.
      That is not The American Dream. It’s not what our Constitution is built on. The IDEA was that “Opportunity” is there for everybody. You work hard & stick to it, the sky’s the limit. You will succeed. But that is not the reality we live in today. Barriers, Obstacles & Oppression, just downright unfairness & inequality all over the place.
      This needs to change. NOW!!

  4. Teaching in a low income rural area, it’s been very evident there is a great divide. Not only do many of my students not have devices to work on, they can’t even get good, or any, internet. We provide packets and set up Zoom meetings, but this is not teaching. I feel at a loss and worry about my students.

  5. I work in Culpeper County, VA where WiFi is not readily available for many of our families. I live in neighboring Orange County, VA, which also has very limited WiFi accessibility.

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