DeVos uses COVID-19 to push failed privatization agenda

Betsy DeVos isn’t focused on the looming crisis in education funding, educators’ need for personal protective equipment (PPE), or students’ need for internet access so they can do schoolwork at home. Instead, she’s using the coronavirus crisis to push her failed privatization agenda with schemes like “microgrants”—just another name for vouchers—and extra help for private and religious schools. “It is shameful that Education Secretary Betsy DeVos would use a pandemic like the coronavirus to, once again, push her failed privatization agenda to defund public schools,” said NEA President Lily Eskelsen García.

In short, Betsy DeVos and the Trump administration are pushing privatization when the focus should be state budget shortfalls caused by the COVID-19 pandemic—and what those massive shortfalls mean for the public schools that educate 9 out of 10 students. NEA is asking Congress for an additional $175 billion for the Education Stabilization Fund created by the CARES Act—the $30.7 billion authorized thus far is not nearly enough. The non-partisan National Governors Association is calling for even more—an additional $500 billion in direct relief to state and local governments. But Congress needs to hear from us. Right now. A decade ago, during the Great Recession, state and local governments scrapped essential student services and laid off tens of thousands of educators. We can’t let that happen again.

Email your members of Congress and tell them the next COVID-19 bill should include at least $175 billion for the Education Stabilization Fund.

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  1. Public education is a necessity. We educate and care for children who are the future of our country. There is no greater investment. What is more important than our children’s physical, mental, emotional health and education? This is what public education provides. Please provide the needed funding to offer the best we can for our children.

    1. Support for public education is needed. Public school education is the backbone of our United States!

  2. My comment that I posted on 05/10 regarding Betsy DeVos hasn’t been posted. Just curious why not. No profanity or misinformation. I am a current educator and would like to post future comments. Thanks for your prompt response.

    1. Apologies for the inconvenience. The first time you post on our site it has to be approved by a real live human, and well, I’ve been sick a few days. Your previous comment has been posted.

    2. We are already being told of the crisis to come, in our school district. Over 50 Teaching positions being cut. 31 students in a class! Teachers having to move their classrooms because the students cannot fit into their current ones. Cutting materials that were provided by our district, which requires more funds out of teacher’s pockets. Someone needs to get this right! I cannot believe that the “most Important” job in the world is looked upon so unfavorably. After all we educate ALL the politicians, doctors, lawyers and every frontline worker out there. Why is education NOT our number 1 priority after the safety of our society? The local, state and federal government all need to get with the program, and guarantee that all students will receive the education they need to become successful citizens!

      1. Unfortunately the current administration is on a mission to change our country into an autocratic society. They want the educational system to fail as educated voters are dangerous! It is so sad to be retired and watch this happen.

  3. She needs to go,people like her only care about themselves and money in their pockets.45 and company,when you want people to die by drinking things such as a fish tank cleaner liquid, Lysol, bleach and inject yourself for him and your money. And still trying to keep the
    $2,000 per month which belongs to us, he only slithered in the All Peoples House FOR THE ALL THE PEOPLES MONEY.SHE IS HIS O.K. BUDDIE FOR THIS, AND ALL THOSE BACKING HIM.THEY ALL NEED TO GO,

  4. It’s time to protect our children and teachers in the public schools against this virus. The public schools educate 90% of the country’s students. Securing funds to protect the education of only 10% of the country’s students in private and charter school is outrageous!!! Please vote YES for more funding to schools by supporting the Education Stabilization Fund.

  5. Let’s keep the public money in the public schools. Please send the additional money to give us a fighting chance.

  6. Support for excellent public education requires a devotion of heart and head, empathy, a desire and appreciation for learning including and above all, the love of all children no matter their economic station, and a desire for improvement of their welfare. DeVos does not and never did fit any part of this description. She must be replaced as soon as possible.

  7. I agree that public money should go towards public schools! Governors should only allocate tax dollars for public education! The governor’s budget needs to fund 21st century learning and the governor should make sure that districts have the proper infrastructure which are networks & electronic devices!

  8. America needs this entire administration out of power. Many of them should end up behind bars. Vote them out in November! Public money for public schools!

  9. I watched Devos at the senate confirmation hearings and other congressional hearings. What a total joke! When challenged, she never answers the question. Just has her scripted talking points and repeats them over and over. This is what happens when people are uneducated and uninformed, then don’t vote. A strong public education system is vital in these times!!!

  10. She “bought” her position as Secretary of Education. Betsy has always wanted to dismantle our public school system. She is pro-vouchers and for-profit private schools. If we allow her and Trump to invoke this latest scam due to the COVID-19 virus, public education as we know it will die a slow death! The only students that will receive a quality education in America will be limited to the parents that can afford to pay for their kids private/parochial education.

  11. I’m so disappointed that this woman was elected by the Senate. She is a total disaster ! DeVos knows nothing about public education!

  12. Let’s not forget the senators who put DeVos in her position when they are up for re-election.

  13. DeVos has been a mistake since the day she was nominated by her
    buddy for the position.

    Vote the current resident of the White House OUT and not only will he be’
    gone; but all of the unqualified, but most importantly to him – LOYAL,
    staff will OUT, also.

    Public dollars (our tax dollars) should only be spent on public education.

    Private education is a choice, thus the families that choose private
    education need to write the check – why on earth would the rest of us pay
    for other families’ private school?

  14. As a former public school teacher, I was appalled when learned Trump had appointed her to be the Secretary of Education! She has NO Clue about public education! What a waste of tax payers money to some wealthy, public education ignorant woman

  15. It’s time to support school choice. Help underprivileged children get a good education.

  16. DeVos, McConnell and Trump are the products of deregulated capitalism and its stranglehold on our so called representative government. From the cabinet to the justice department, the courts and congress, all have been savagely politically soiled. And oversight is becoming nonexistent as a result. Sanders and Warren were the only two candidates who recognized the true cause of our misery, but yet again were whitewashed by the corporate enablers. Voting is of course our only recourse, but how do we get the right people nominated when they are always thrown under the bus. Until we figure that out, we will have too many incompetent office holders lording over our lives. I am terrified of the looming consequences of direction in which we are currently headed.

  17. An over-materiallist b, Betsy should go to her private Island to relax ande leave education to the educated. Home school your grandkids, leave ours alone.

    1. You are absolutely shameless. Children are not Amway goods. May you reap what you have sown.

    2. I agree totally. Isn’t it just like trump to put someone as the head of education who has never had any thing to do with public schools. But then neither does the idiot who is president.

    3. I still can’t believe how someone who has no prior experience whatsoever with public schools can be the Education Secretary. It just boggles my mind and makes my blood boil.

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