States need federal help to weather COVID-19

As fallout from COVID-19 continues to spread, states are battered by rising costs, declining revenues, and massive unemployment. In the last week alone, 3.8 million Americans filed unemployment claims, bringing the total number of unemployed to more than 30 million. The non-partisan Center on Budget and Policy Priorities now projects $350 billion in state budget shortfalls in FY2021—an increase of $60 billion in just a week. School buildings housing more than 45 million students in 43 states and Washington, DC, have shut down, according to Education Week, and layoffs of educators and other public employees have begun.

To help states weather what could be the worst economic downturn in U.S. history, NEA is asking Congress for an additional $175 billion to stabilize education funding—the $30.7 billion authorized thus far is not nearly enough. The non-partisan National Governors Association is calling for even more—an additional $500 billion in direct relief to state and local governments. But Congress needs to hear from us. Right now. A decade ago, during the Great Recession, state and local governments scrapped essential student services and laid off tens of thousands of educators. We can’t let that happen again.

Email your members of Congress and tell them to keep students learning and educators working.

38 responses to “States need federal help to weather COVID-19

  1. It is imperative that teachers be the ones who help move us forward with regards to remote learning and all the challenges that come with this mode of teaching and learning for all grade levels. The challenges are varied and real and we should not have ,or accept top down delivery of mandates. We all need to work together and make our voices heard.

  2. We need help we cannot forget about teachers!!! This could be detrimental to not only teachers but their families! Please help us! I am in risk of losing my job! Please help us

  3. In addition to the health of our nation the education of our youth is a major priority and must be funded accordingly. We can not afford a lapse in the education of our students. Please do your part and increase funding for education.

  4. “The primary, the most urgent requirement is the promotion of education. It is inconceivable that any nation should achieve prosperity and success unless this paramount, this fundamental concern is carried forward. The principal reason for the decline and fall of peoples is ignorance. Today the mass of the people are uninformed even as to ordinary affairs, how much less do they grasp the core of the important problems and complex needs of the time.” Abdu’l-Baha

  5. Public schools need additional resources to address the COVID-19 issues that need to be addressed in the months and years to come. Education is the foundation of a democratic nation, and our children must receive the education that is necessary for them to be successful and productive adults in the decades to come. Now is the time to make an investment in the future that will be returned to us in the future with thriving families, productive communities, and just governmental bodies.

  6. As a single mother and a teacher I am concerned with this problem on many levels. I know that right now my students are NOT getting what they need to help them be successful. I know that my son is not getting an education, but busy supplemental work. I know that I have students who are in danger at home and now have no safe place to go. There are so many ways that our schools could be made more effective if we had actual educators in charge of education and not bureaucrats that have no idea what they are doing! They are told something by a company and that company lines the pockets of the politician without a thought to the children that it is hurting. They need to get rid of the mandates that are costly and proven to be ineffective: Senate Bill 191, Randa, State Testing, The Read Act, School Performance Frameworks; all of which have usurped millions from the state, require additional monies from each district, and have no substantial data to prove positive impact on our children. The least to be done is “Pause” these mandates as we struggle through the crisis. There are things that can be done please let your voice be heard please make sure our students don’t fall behind!

  7. Please do what is right for all our students, our teachers and supporting public education for all.

  8. So many in need right now. If you’re an educator at home working or out on the front lines, you might be the only person supporting all your young children, adult out of work children, grandchildren,or your spouse that’s out of work due to COVID-19. HELP IS NEEDED PLEASE.

  9. I hope you take time to think about protecting one of the greatest opportunities in the world PUBLIC EDUCATION and many AMERICANS that depend on our leaders to make decisions for public not Charter Schools

  10. Students deserve a fully funded education with art, music, and physical education. It is not enough to say that students deserve this; as our representatives your job is to make this happen for all New York students and their families who voted for you!

  11. I am appalled by the lack of constructive leadership on the part of the president of the United States and many of those on his staff and on his cabinetin dealing with the health effects of Covid-19. There is a lack of caring and involvement that is truly devastating. Without most of our nation adhering to the social contract there will truly not be an economy of any sustainable value. They are linked!

  12. Remember and do for the Least of These. We reap what we sow. Help our teachers, our students, and all people who are in need of help right now. Seek out those who need help, and help them. Solidarity is what we need right now.


  14. Students will need their teachers in small classrooms and access to resources When they return in the fall. When you make this decision, consider all that these children have endured and the impact your decision will have on their futures.

  15. Education is an important commodity. Support Alabama schools for a progressive Alabama.

  16. Covid-19 provides us with an opportunity to do things differently like support the people instead of BIG Corporate business and the top 1%.

  17. In this time of crisis we all need to look to the future. That future is our children and grandchildren. We need to give all teachers the necessary resources to teach and all students the resources to learn. Do not short change this Nations future.

  18. The health criis is enormous Don’t compound the trajedy by limiting students access to education nor teacher’s ability to teach and reach students.

    1. Education is the keystone to this Country’s recovery. Let the students continue to get their degrees and focus on their studies instead of where to get their daily bread. Already in LA county alone, pre-Corona virus, one out of four students at a community college lived in their cars. It has been quite an adjustment to suddenly only have your education online, not an easy adaptation for many. Please, let this Country be Great again by serving the youth, whom are our future and the many returning single parents, such as myself, who hope to get on their feet and have a future when their children are grown and gone.

    2. Help is needed now! Our children need us and our families need us and our income. Now is not the time to add to the unemployment rate in NYC and the country

    3. Students, staff, and districts will need funding to pursue quality education for upcoming learning in the future years. With the fall out of this pandemic, schools more than ever will need assistance to weather the storm this pandemic has caused in the areas of class size, staffing, and assistance to families to help promote student learning now and in the future years.

  19. We are already seeing a devastating impact to jobs which will affect our ability to provide a quality educational program.

  20. It should be clear by now that congress is giving money to the wrong segment of the country. The prime engine of the economy are the people/consumers who purchase the goods made by the businesses. Therefore, congress should claw back all the money given to big business and re-distribute to the less than 90% of the population.

  21. The richest country in the history of the world. We just gave $160 billion MORE to a military that already spent more than the next 7 countries in the world COMBINED. And we’re supposed to let our states declare bankruptcy??

  22. Please make more moneys available to Ohio schools to support the need for virtual learning for all students.

  23. Please make more moneys available to Pennsylvania Schools to pay our educators and support staff employees.

    1. The future of America is in our children. Congress must allocate more money to the education of our children. Prioritize Education in the US.

  24. While I think it’s futile to message you Trumpers, I will continue to make my views known.

  25. I trust my representatives to make sure our state can get all the funding we need to survive this pandemic, and to ensure our safety in the future. I have absolutely no faith in Trump or the GOP. We are absolutely frightened by this incompetent, greedy and criminal presidency.

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