DeVos revives failed push to privatize education

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is using the coronavirus crisis to revive her failed push to privatize education. This time, she’s calling for “microgrants” instead of vouchers. But the impact would be the same: robbing the public schools that educate 9 out of 10 students of funding, robbing the public of accountability, and diverting taxpayer dollars from public to private systems.

DeVos admits her latest scheme is just vouchers by another name. “I’ve always believed education funding should be tied to students, not systems,” she said at a March 27 press conference at the White House. “It is shameful that Education Secretary Betsy DeVos would use a pandemic like the coronavirus to, once again, push her failed privatization agenda to defund public schools,” responded NEA President Lily Eskelsen García. Congress has rejected DeVos’ voucher schemes for three years and must do it again.

Email your members of Congress and tell them to help vulnerable students, opposing DeVos’ latest scheme.

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  1. It is totally unacceptable that this issue of vouchers/privatization of public education by our so-called head of the Department of Education, Betsy DeVos,is still being pushed in this self-centered agenda! Education for all,equally , is the bedrock of our democracy, and must be preserved at all costs, since the future of our country is at risk! Education funding must be a top priority for our nation or we are doomed to go the way of the Roman Empire!

  2. I like the NEA announcements. They have allowed me to write to oppose what the libtard NEA supports.

  3. That our government is putting our students’ futures on the line through economical profiling is beyond despicable! If I was not determined to VOTE BLUE prior to this, I am NOW!

    1. Public education is essential and vital to our communities. If you give public schools what they need, they can/will outperform other entities.

  4. This is absolutely despicable that she would utilize this horrific pandemic to re-introduce this privatization of education. I abhor her and strategy to take advantage of the children.

  5. Public education is a responsibility of all Americans. 90% of our population utilizes our education to move their children along to a professional career.

    1. Our public education system was the best in the world. Why has this fallen to the bottom of our priority list? Our future is on the line!

    2. Betsy DeVos is the worst thing that has ever happened to education! HOW on God’s Green Earth can she be where she is, with the power she thinks she yields. I AM NOT going to sit silently and let her do whatever she wants to tear down the structure of teaching that has been built by hard working HIGHLY QUALIFIED EDUCATORS! She does not have the background, the understanding or any educated rational to be in this position, she was granted this job merely by connections of wealth and power. EDUCATORS STAND UP AND SAY ENOUGH!

  6. VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! This administration is a shameful mess. Make sure you tell EVERYONE you know to vote in the November election! This is so important! EVERY vote counts. They have to GO!

  7. Her family and friends have a vested, financial interest in privatizing education. Her appointment was from the start a cynical one and one that was done to spite educators across the nation.

    1. TOTALLY AGREE!!!!!! Our tax dollars are for PUBLIC SCHOOLS!!!! As a past member of the Montgomery County VA School Board, I was appalled that this woman was appointed Secretary of Education. She has NO interest or commitment to our children, especially those who are sooo in need in our public schools!!!! My dream, which I believe would help our education system, as it would give our poor an early beginning, is MANDATORY pre-school, starting at the age of 3 months, as they have in Europe and in the two poorest countries in our hemisphere, Cuba and Nicaragua.

  8. It’s ironic that the least qualified of the cabinet secretaries has served the longest time.

  9. When are we going to stop allowing public offices to be bought, especially the higher offices??? Oh, when the wealthy can’t buy them anymore??? How do we stop that?!?

  10. Betsy DeVos has walked around so long with a silver
    spoon in her mouth for so long that she can not or will
    not “see the forest for the trees.”

    This one of the many reasons why Donald Trump
    and his band of cronies need to be defeated on No-
    vember 3d and they are ‘put out to pasture.’

    Not only does Betsy DeVos not realize what she is
    doing to our educational system & our students, but
    she has not known exactly what she is doing from the
    time she began her training in the Department of

  11. Soon after January 2021, Trump and his band of reactionary cabinet members, including DeVos, will fade into a bad memory. They will join such names in infamy as Edwin Meese, James Watt, Casper Weinberger, et al.

      1. Betsy DeVos is the secretary for PUBLIC Education, not private schools. Tax payer dollars are for PUBLIC education, not private schools.

  12. DeVos hasn’t a clue about public education. It was one of the finest things the founders came up with – that ALL children are given the right of education. I doubt she can even think of what it is like to be poor, either for the children’s sake OR for their parents’ sake. Public education is a MUST in a democracy, and it’s something to be proud of. She, Trump and their ilk are not people who believe in democracy and cannot be respected.

  13. We don’t want your gimmicks for Black children. We don’t need an experiment in the time of crisis. Let the states and educators tell you what we need.

  14. As a former elementary school teacher (40 years), I totally agree with what people in these comments are saying. Betsy DeVos has no qualifications for this job and, like the rest of this Administration, is inept at what she’s doing. We do need to vote out these Republicans and restore sanity to our country.


  16. In all my years in politics I have never seen such a Joke like this Administration!! Most of Trumps Appointees are under qualified for their positions. Betsy DeVos with no education background is the laughing stock of this administration and the worst Education Secretary in the history of America. Her lack of compassion for others and arrogant attitude follow the same path as Donald Trump, all about herself, not the American people. She doesn’t listen well and only does what she wants. She us taking America’s education backwards not forward for our future.

  17. The problem for Devos, as for far many government officials, is that the public school system cannot give payback perks of any kind to those who support public education. Anyone who wonders why our public education is constantly under fire about funding or privatization just needs to follow the money and see who gets paid. Dollars speak infinitely louder than common sense or, for that matter, the public good. As an English teacher and college instructor, I have been actively involved with the problems of public education and those in positions of power to affect education’s success for decades. For example, Journeying to Columbus, Ohio, in 1976 to meet with a supposed supporter of public education, I found him SLEEPING in an auditorium chair during a session of the State legislature that included public school funding. He later admitted that his father, a former State legislator and he, himself, were involved with education ONLY for political reasons. – – – – Follow the money!

  18. Betsy Devos, like Trump, is the worse thing to happen to this country and they both need to be replaced. Taxpayer funds should be used for public schools not private schools. Devos is trying to steal taxpayer funds for this joke of a private school system. Trump has already robbed the American people with his massive tax cut for the wealthy. We cannot allow Devos to rob us even more. She must be stopped.

  19. To these (above) fine comments, I add this, on 4-5-20, as this SARS2 affliction now promises yet more serious pain:

    As we variously now huddle, awaiting what might well spell an end for a great many of us, these empty souls, so driven by greed & power as they are, keep on with their blind-to-reality, heartless plundering… It’s all they know or care about… Justice, if ever it might come to ‘infect’ them, is already long overdue.

  20. Mrs. Devos has done little to understand public education. In fact, I think she fears the collective intellect that public school teachers represent. During this pandemic, I have heard very little from her guiding educators or cheering them on. Shame on you for your continued self-serving issues.

  21. What can be the rational for requiring parents to pay for their children’s education? Public Education is one of the best things about our country and schools. The public education of our children is what makes strong

    1. And you were one of the best things about public education. At 63 years old, I still remember what a great high school teacher you were.

      Just wanted to say thank you.

  22. The notion of private schools for all is not real. Private schools have the tendency to select students that would excel without additional educational support. I am a public school teacher and over this school year and years past. Students enter my classroom with needs that private schools claim they were not able to support. These students are now in public school because the private schools claim they lack the staff and resources to support these students. Well, so do we in public school, but we work towards a common goal, education for all. We manage to make learning happen with every single child that enters our public school doors. With the COVID-19 closing our school doors, we the teachers have opened education for all in a new way. We are still feeding those who would go hungry. Providing support for those in need. Teacher need the support whether they are private or public, now more than ever.

  23. It is difficult for DeVos to understand public education. She has never really been educated, truly. Especially in a public school. Someone who could buy their way to grades and private schools has no comprehension of education or the American public education’s strengths. Public education teaches all children and all socio economic levels. Public education is a right children have and is a need in our country. DeVos does not have a clue about education.

  24. I find it especially repugnant that Betsy DeVos has chosen this incredibly challenging and painful time to try to revive her failed push to privatize education!

  25. As an educator myself, I can attest to the damage done to public schools when private schools pull out the strongest students Be sure to investigate what happens to half or more of these charter private schools. They are not held accountable, they are often “Christian” oriented (meaning white only) and in general do not give their students any sense of what it means to give back to our wonderful country. Remember the roots of our founding. Thomas Jefferson himself intended all colleges to be public and free for everyone. Privatizing schools for younger students does great damage to the larger values of our Democracy.

  26. Public education is the greatest strength of a free democratic society and must be supported at all costs. Attempts to take taxpayer money from public education and divert it to private education is not only unconstitutional, but also unethical. Public money for public expenses only, not for private purposes.

    1. That’s exactly right Pastor Swarts! DeVos is nothing but a charter school advocate in a government position WHO SHOULDN’T BE THERE!
      When will Congress and the Senate put 2 and 2 together and get a clue! By allowing her to be Ed Secretary, the country has been snookered by the con artist at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. It’s high time for both of them to be escorted out of town!!!!

      1. Well said. Since receiving her appointment, she has contributed NOTHING to the American people.

        Her interests are self-serving.

    2. I can’t Believe the Ms DeVos would use the pandemic that we are going through to forge her beliefs and System to her liking.

      1. You should extend this to all of your reasoning to avoid be a hypocrite (if you have not already). Private institutions should not receive public monies (Corporations, subsidies, Planned Parenthood…).

  27. Please Stop this insane plan! It is evil. Our children deserve better. We will do our part by voting to help our children, our country and our planet. Our Congress needs to do their part to put parties aside and see the BIG picture. There is no time to show a moral compass and compassion than NOW. Just remember, OUR CHILDREN ARE WATCHING!

  28. Get off the trump train and start doing your job OR GET OUT. You are as qualified as I am to be in the position your are presently in. Please resign and stop trying to upend our school system with your dumb ideas that only tend to hinder the progress of our schools. We need someone who actually knows something, not someone who pretends to be knowledgeable. RESIGN NOW!!!!!

  29. I honestly wish for Devos to realize her obligations to support the greater good for the entire population with regards to education trying to reach all in an equal quality even distribution for all. Failing in that, that she will have the fortitude to realize how out of step she is for the office and tender her resignation. her office is not an arena for partisanship.

  30. Mrs. DeVos should never have been placed in this office. She knew nothing about education. It was a totally political appointment. She tried to privatize Michigan education and when that didn’t work, she tried to do it nationally. Hopefully we will stop her.

  31. Our country was founded upon the principles of democracy which demand an educated electorate. Thus the concept of free education for all citizens was overtly required and expected in order to have effective voters. To remand this educational system to the private sector is to DEPRIVE part of the electorate of the right to an educated choice–a completely opposite effect that the Constitution demanded. Shame on DeVos for even considering this unConstitutional idea!

  32. DeVos needs, to crawl back under her rock. Or, actually help students with on line learning, with the teachers, they know. School is a right for all. Most areas do not have access to private learning, anyway. There is a trend, for the right wing radicals to, get their agendas snuck through, while, we are fighting, for our lives. Especially, the science deniers. At a time, we need science, to save us, from their deregulating

  33. Amen to all of the above comments critical of Betsy DeVos and her anti-public education agenda.

  34. Protect Public schools and all of those that work hard every day to educate and care for our students and community!!

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