Tell Congress to repeal unfair Social Security penalties NOW

The coronavirus is a double whammy for retirees, threatening to ruin both their health and finances—especially those subject to unfair Social Security penalties who are already struggling to make ends meet. Some 2.5 million people dedicated to public service, including many educators, have their Social Security benefits reduced—or lose them entirely—due to the Government Pension Offset (GPO) and Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP). The Social Security Fairness Act (S. 521/H.R. 141) repeals both the GPO and WEP.

Email your representatives and tell them to make it part of the coronavirus legislative package.

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  1. WEP/GPO needs to be repealed. This bill S.1302 is totally unfair and has been waiting for years to get passed. It would make such a difference in the quality of life for many retirees. In this country, we just don’t seem to count. Very sad, indeed.

  2. I have worked 2 jobs for over 20 yrs to make ends meet until I got tired now I just do one I’m in the last yrs before retirement I have completed the drop my social security is going to be about some where between 500 and 600 per month and my other retirement will be around 1000 a month and y’all want to take 20 percent really what are y’all thinking it sounds like it was another law that got threw the cracks with a bigger bill well people get rid of it you are preying on the poor people of this country this will not be enough for me to get by unless I was a bag lady and if this is not rectified a lot of us will not be able to make it

  3. I was a divorcee with two children and had to work 3 jobs to support us. I worked 3 jobs for 22 years of my 36 years total. I took care of my two children and never asked the government for help to support us.
    So to cheat me out of my social security benefits is just cruel. I’m currently married and can’t receive any benefits from my spouse benefits. This is so wrong. If arthritis had not stopped me I would have worked passed the 22 years I contributed to SS. My CSA benefits should not affect what I honestly earned in SS benefits.

  4. I am now 81 years old, been receiving Social Security since age 62 at a reduced rate of 60%, It is time to put the workers back earning what they have been cheated out of for years. I bet if it affected congress it would never have been put into law.

  5. I am hoping and praying that the unfair WEP/GPO will be reversed during the 2021 Congress. It is causing considerable hardship for many retired government workers who typically receive modest pensions. It affects those of us who faithfully paid into social security for less than 30 years when we had non government jobs. WEP/GPO also does not apply in all US states, making it inequitable to retirees in this country. The result of reversing WEP/GPO will be minimal on the bottom line of social security funds and the benefits will be life changing for many. Thank you very much to all working on changing this unfair practice which is negatively impacting retirement years for many.

  6. After reading these comments anything less than full repel of WEB/GRO would be another slap in the face to hard working men and women who paid into SS and were short changed (-60% of there SS) by our trusted elected officials.

    I am very concerned this will never happen as J. Bidden was around when WEB/GRO legislation occurred. Also J. Biden with Obama and Democratic House and Senate in 2013-2015 had the power to repel WEB/GRO and a but failed to do SO!.

    So what makes this time different? Seeing is believing!

    1. I worked for many years to build up social security. Those of us who paid into social security should receive it. I know so many who never worked and receive full spousal benefits where we, who worked for years, receive nothing. Social security should be protected for us, not used by legislators to pay government debts. Repeal GOP/WEP.

  7. If the CPO ande WEP Laws are repealed, will I be able to start back collecting survivor benefits before I was terminated in December 2014 after I retired just because I was a Government retiree, or will I have to start over. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you,
    Willema L. Hardy

    1. Hello, I agree with you. But the problem is our representatives are just stone walling us. I also have been following the repeal since 2013. There is no way a bill should stay in congress for this long. When the congress do not want to act, they allow the bill to remain in some committee. This way they can tell their voters they have supported the bill. Its all a game in congress.

  8. I ave been following the repeal. For over 7 years, did you know every senior by reaching the age of 80′ , are in the fifty per cent of population that live in poverty! Everything goes up, but retirement doesn’t, hospital or nursing care is very high! I get 220. Month from SS. With a mall pension, I paid into S for 21 years, my ex spouse of 35 years paid into for 30 years, everyone else gets their SS n Ex pause! But teachers who gave so much to children involved,using money out of their pay check for supplies, are hit with Wep n Gov. offset! The mi,Italy us exempt, but police and gov, workers are included in most states! There re over 17 the tht participate in this horrible bill! Please repeal it!

  9. WEP steals fairly earned benefits from hard working people, indirectly diverted to finance government spoiled lazies. The WEP victims are with two or more jobs, paying income taxes on those jobs as an economic engine. If WEP & GOP continue to discourage the hardworking people of the US population, it will result to a continues government debt accumulation in trillions, as a result of blind eyes to unfairness. Giving to every earned benifits will encourage others to work and earn more. Politicians who currently ignores the repeal of said unfairness are uncovering their unfair character that will finally end in political or private sadistic status.

  10. For all Ky voters, lets get rid of Senator Mitch McConnel this November by electing Amy McGrath. Mr McConnel has refused to sign his name to repeal the social security windfall law and obstructs us from getting anything done about it. Even if this unfair law does not affect you. think about how it might affect some member of your family at some point in their life. I have written Senator McConnell several times., and every time his reply explained what the windfall law was about but offered no help. I already knew all about it, as I have done extensive research. I cannot support Joe Biden for the same reason, so my vote will be split between democrats and republicans. Joe Biden and Mitch McConnell were in the Reagan administration when this unfair law was made. They, along with Ronald Reagan were former military people and the military was excluded from the law. About this time congressmen and senators started paying into social security, so both Biden and McConnell will get their entire social security. Do not get me wrong, I do not begrudge the military, but teachers, policemen and firefighters are all service people also and deserve all their social security they earned. I am far more conservative than liberal, and I do not know how Amy McGrath feels about this law, or if she even knows about it as many people do not know. But Mitch McConnell and Joe Biden do not intend to help us. They would have done so long ago. Biden has also said he is in favor of the repeal, but think about it. He has been there for years as senator and vice president and did nothing. Barack Obama promised the same thing , but did nothing after being elected. I also wrote Obama several times, and did not vote for him the second time he ran.

    1. I support the Windfall Elimination Provision and the Government Pension Offset. My idea on how to get rid of these two provisions though would require all state and local government employees to be enrolled in Social Security. Then over time there will be no need for the WEP and the GPO

      1. I work 17 yrs under SS also work 30 civil service. Only asking for what I put into nothing more what’s wrong with that the government took the money and gave it to people that never paid into the program

    2. Moscow Mitch Cares about himself and the rich. Can you live in the Northeast with 50% pension that you paid in yourself and then they want to take the majority of your Social Security Benefit that you are rightfully entitled to. Same garbage the rich run this Country. I watch so many people enjoy their retirement because they collect a Pension and Full Social Security Benefits. Just because I worked for the Government I should be penalized. Republican Happy Horse Crap as usual. Feed the Rich McConnel. This Country needs you out !! You keep voting for Republican Senators and Nothing will get done in Washington except line the pockets of the wealthy.

    3. The government people don’t pay into s.s. Biden &McConnell for example. If they did s.s. would be much better.

  11. Now that a second stimulus is being considered, I ask that the wep law under social security be repealed. This discriminating and unfair law has been on the books for over thirty years. Please include this repeal in the second stimulus. In my case. I earned over 40 quarters for social security, but only 17 years were substantial earning years. I had 11 years in a bank and the other 6 substantial were as a substitute teacher before the state decided to put all substitutes under teacher retirement. So. as you can see. my teaching career was split between two retirement plans. I did not do anything wrong. I earned and need both. It is like having two bank accounts and the government saying you can only have one or the other. Not only people like me are being punished. but teachers who have taught for years and wanting to change occupations are also caught in this mess. I might add that the social security I earned as a banker was earned before the Reagan administration enacted this law. Please correct this law by totally repealing and giving us back our social security.

  12. I was employed by the USPS for 33 years prior to that I worked in private industry for 10 years accrued enough credit to collect the minimum as benefits.i receive 283. Dollars per month.iwas counting on the full as to survive in retirement, otherwise I would have worked longer for the postal service. Thank you

    1. The government people don’t pay into s.s. Biden &McConnell for example. If they did s.s. would be much better.

  13. I worked 21 yrs outside the school district before the company was shut down. I then became a substitute as a clerical before I was hired full-time. I knew nothing about the windfall law and it was never mentioned during the orientation. It was too late!!! I took care of my husband with liver cancer and my mother with dementia. I go home every single day during my lunchbreak to check on them. My husband passed away in 2008 and left me with no life insurance because of huge medical bills. I lost my mother the following years. I have nothing left except my job with little salary. Please, Please, Please change this unfair law. We all work hard to deserve a break.

  14. I am 72 retired at 65, divorced later in life and returned. To teaching to put. My sons through school, I taught 14 years, contributed to SS for 21 years my x gave SS. For 30 years, when I retired , new nothing about wep and gov offset, the fourteen years I taught as an art teacher , I made little, when I retired my SS was 225 a month due to wep and gov offset! My pension was only 850 a month, I had a 800 mtg. I exhausted all my savings, took in renter to keep my home, it has wrecked my retirement!
    Please repel this law, I am so worried about my future, I have magulate eye disease, my mother was legally blind, I have contacted SS many times, no help! My pension went up because of cost of over. And every time my SS goes down , now it is 200 a month, please help repeal so unfair!

  15. I am 68 years old and still working because my retirement is minimal and I cannot received social security from my husband if I retire. My husband of 50 years has Alzheimer’s. This is so unfair! Please change this terribly unfair law. Not asking for anything to be giving that has not been earned.

  16. I worked 30 years as a full time fireman also while working part time paying into social security to support my family. Now it’s time to retire only to find out I’m going to receive a 60% WEP on my Social Security benefit. Very unfair WEP needs to be repealed.

  17. I worked eleven years in a bank and contributed to social security from each paycheck. After leaving the bank I received $900.00 dollars in a lump sum plus 4,100 from stock that the bank had given me. No provision for a pension in the future. I then became a substitute teacher and did not know anything about the windfall law until it was too late to correct the situation. I had to work until I reached 70 in order to get enough to survive. I lost two thirds of the social security and was also punished for delaying taking social security between the ages of 65 and 70. Slavery was a bad thing that happened in our country , but I put this terrible thing that is happening to us right there with it. The injustice is just as bad. Please correct this terrible law and give our social security back.

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