Tell Congress to repeal unfair Social Security penalties NOW

The coronavirus is a double whammy for retirees, threatening to ruin both their health and finances—especially those subject to unfair Social Security penalties who are already struggling to make ends meet. Some 2.5 million people dedicated to public service, including many educators, have their Social Security benefits reduced—or lose them entirely—due to the Government Pension Offset (GPO) and Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP). The Social Security Fairness Act (S. 521/H.R. 141) repeals both the GPO and WEP.

Email your representatives and tell them to make it part of the coronavirus legislative package.

146 responses to “Tell Congress to repeal unfair Social Security penalties NOW

  1. Now that a second stimulus is being considered, I ask that the wep law under social security be repealed. This discriminating and unfair law has been on the books for over thirty years. Please include this repeal in the second stimulus. In my case. I earned over 40 quarters for social security, but only 17 years were substantial earning years. I had 11 years in a bank and the other 6 substantial were as a substitute teacher before the state decided to put all substitutes under teacher retirement. So. as you can see. my teaching career was split between two retirement plans. I did not do anything wrong. I earned and need both. It is like having two bank accounts and the government saying you can only have one or the other. Not only people like me are being punished. but teachers who have taught for years and wanting to change occupations are also caught in this mess. I might add that the social security I earned as a banker was earned before the Reagan administration enacted this law. Please correct this law by totally repealing and giving us back our social security.

  2. I was employed by the USPS for 33 years prior to that I worked in private industry for 10 years accrued enough credit to collect the minimum as benefits.i receive 283. Dollars per month.iwas counting on the full as to survive in retirement, otherwise I would have worked longer for the postal service. Thank you

  3. I worked 21 yrs outside the school district before the company was shut down. I then became a substitute as a clerical before I was hired full-time. I knew nothing about the windfall law and it was never mentioned during the orientation. It was too late!!! I took care of my husband with liver cancer and my mother with dementia. I go home every single day during my lunchbreak to check on them. My husband passed away in 2008 and left me with no life insurance because of huge medical bills. I lost my mother the following years. I have nothing left except my job with little salary. Please, Please, Please change this unfair law. We all work hard to deserve a break.

  4. I am 72 retired at 65, divorced later in life and returned. To teaching to put. My sons through school, I taught 14 years, contributed to SS for 21 years my x gave SS. For 30 years, when I retired , new nothing about wep and gov offset, the fourteen years I taught as an art teacher , I made little, when I retired my SS was 225 a month due to wep and gov offset! My pension was only 850 a month, I had a 800 mtg. I exhausted all my savings, took in renter to keep my home, it has wrecked my retirement!
    Please repel this law, I am so worried about my future, I have magulate eye disease, my mother was legally blind, I have contacted SS many times, no help! My pension went up because of cost of over. And every time my SS goes down , now it is 200 a month, please help repeal so unfair!

  5. I am 68 years old and still working because my retirement is minimal and I cannot received social security from my husband if I retire. My husband of 50 years has Alzheimer’s. This is so unfair! Please change this terribly unfair law. Not asking for anything to be giving that has not been earned.

  6. I worked 30 years as a full time fireman also while working part time paying into social security to support my family. Now it’s time to retire only to find out I’m going to receive a 60% WEP on my Social Security benefit. Very unfair WEP needs to be repealed.

  7. I worked eleven years in a bank and contributed to social security from each paycheck. After leaving the bank I received $900.00 dollars in a lump sum plus 4,100 from stock that the bank had given me. No provision for a pension in the future. I then became a substitute teacher and did not know anything about the windfall law until it was too late to correct the situation. I had to work until I reached 70 in order to get enough to survive. I lost two thirds of the social security and was also punished for delaying taking social security between the ages of 65 and 70. Slavery was a bad thing that happened in our country , but I put this terrible thing that is happening to us right there with it. The injustice is just as bad. Please correct this terrible law and give our social security back.

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