Children and families impacted by the coronavirus need help NOW

By a vote of 363-40, the House of Representatives passed on March 14 the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (H.R. 6201) to help children and families impacted by the coronavirus. NEA sent a letter to House members supporting the legislation last week. (Click here to find out more about K-12 school closures across the nation.)

The Families First Coronavirus Response Act is a good initial step to help working families while members of Congress consider additional measures to confront the public health, educational, and financial fallout of the pandemic. Key provisions of H.R. 6201 include:

  • Free coronavirus testing for everyone who needs a test, including the uninsured.
  • Paid emergency leave, with both 14 days of paid sick leave and up to three months of paid family and medical leave.
  • Enhanced Unemployment Insurance—a first step that will extend protections to furloughed workers.
  • Strengthened food security initiatives, including the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), student meals, seniors’ nutrition, and food banks.
  • Increased federal funds for Medicaid to help states face increased costs.

Now that the House has acted, email your senators that children and families need immediate help!

Email your senators and tell them to urge Senate leadership to take action—children and families need help NOW!

49 responses to “Children and families impacted by the coronavirus need help NOW

  1. Why would anyone in the federal government NOT be at work or in session during this national emergency? How can ONE senator stall the Corona virus house bill? Get to work NOW!!!

    1. As a teacher in St. Louis County, it is imperative we do not forget our future. We make investments in businesses and things that will make our income increase. Our children are taking notice of what is happening and they are very inquisitive. Their questions are thought provoking and highly critical. If we assume our children are not going to notice, we are making a grave mistake. They are our future and we will depend upon them. My personal example of this happened when I was in college and working part time in a nursing home. I met a lot of our elderly but one stood out. He was a former ambassador for the US. He was only in his mid 60’s when he lost his ability to live alone. There I was, a “little black girl” from St. Louis City taking care of this man who has seen the world and spoke multiple languages. He sat in his suit with his legs crossed daily with no awareness of his new condition. Every now and then, he would speak in a foreign language as if he was in a meeting of sorts. The point of this story, his life changed in an instant and I am sure he never prepared for being taken care of at the hands of a stranger. Life changes for all of us. Make the right decision concerning our youth.

  2. The word “impacted” is part of the bastardization of the language that began around 10 years ago. We began hearing that something “impacts” something else, instead of “affects” it. The result is that “impacts” occur, instead of effects. I hope this careless wording expires, along with the overuse of the word “absolutely.”.

  3. Please urge everyone to take this seriously. If you are a coach, stop going outside and holding non-mandatory practices. You are playing with people’s lives.

  4. Please , please , please do the right thing and vote for this legislation!!! So many people are in a panic and they need to know “if” they get infected … they will be able to have the help needed.
    We are a country made up of strong and giving people and we need our leadership to support us all.
    Equity in the all the ways our country can support one another.
    I pray for intelligent and giving leadership for the sake of everyone.
    Love & Blessings,
    Marsha Curtis

  5. Thank you to all First Responders, physicians, medical assistants, teachers, nurses, waste disposal people, good neighbors for without you we wouldn’t make it. Thank you for your courage & selflessness it takes to get things done.

  6. I’m amazed that this bunch of law makers can even breathe, with their heads so far up trump’s ENORMOUS ASS!

  7. I find NEA to be nothing more than an arm of the Democrat Party – supporting whatever, not really looking for the good of the country. The pure hate for Trump is tearing the country apart.

  8. I am concetned about the NEA endorsing a presidential candidate without a vote from all members
    . Biden, historically has mot been progressive in education policies. He backs corporations that make $ from testing and charter schools.

    1. There had NEVER been a vote of all membership for a presidential candidate that I’m aware of. Our elected representatives to NEA have that as one of their duties just as our State PACs have statewide offices to recommend and endorse. It is a disappointment to many but it is the structure of state and national endorsements…

    2. Focus on the issue. This about children and families needing help. NOW. Not time for partisan bickering

  9. We are experiencing so little effort or action from our President and his supporters that we must continue to demand change for the survival of our people and nation.

  10. We DO NOT need tax cuts, oil bailouts, or any other ridiculous ideas. What we need at this time is paid sick leave for all, universal healthcare, access to regular testing and real financial supports for poor and working families. We need leadership, not Trump.

  11. Testing kits to accurately diagnose should’ve been distributed en masse at least by January. The under assessing and underreporting is perhaps and easily up there with the most irresponsible & dangerous acts of this ridiculous Presidents’ tenure.

  12. Please help ensure that families and children get the help and support they need in this time of crisis.

  13. If we as EDUCATORS are not looking out for the well-being of our students and families, then who will? ELECTED OFFICIALS are supposed to do what is necessary for the people!! CONGRESS Members who opposed this bill, you need to rethink who you work for and why you are sitting in that office. The PEOPLE should always be your first Priority!!

  14. We need to open borders, not close them. The corona virus is already here. We need to put our resources into helping the most vulnerable in our population, with funding and resources.

  15. When the WH stumbles we need clear eyed intelligent legislators to act in the interest of all vulnerable groups who are currently or may soon be suffering from the pandemic. Please help calm the panic and provide useful aid to all that need it. Put aside political differences on this medical issue and be empathetic and caring. Our world needs real leadership now – it’s up to you.

  16. Senators Brown and Portman as you know already Gov Dewine closed schools for the next 3 weeks for an extended spring break. Know that this is difficult and complex situation. This break will cause much stress in the system especially for the students and families who will be missing breakfast and lunch and rehabs a snack provided by school staff. As a retired teacher who taught in East Cleveland I know how much the students need SNAP. The families depend on these meals and missing them will be devastating.
    Please support and vote for key provisions that will continue to serve meals to children and Seniors in addition free testing, emergency pd leave, increase Medicaid to states. Thank you.

  17. We need education and infrastructure done far more than tax cuts. We need immigrants to build up our workforce. We need Dreamers to be given a citizenship option. We need to get rid of Trump.

      1. First and foremost all American’s never mind Congress, the Federal Government should have been on top of this from the very beginning. The lives of all are important over anything else. We are suppose to be a united Country. “One for all and all for ONE! this is the time to step up to the plate and do whatever you can to help you fellow neighbor and country person and not turn your back and say if it doesn’t affect me who cares. Well we all should care!! Stay safe and help those who need help.

      2. People are what are important!! Not the 1% and the narcisisstic administration we have. We have to fight for equality for ALL!!! Our children are our backbone…please keep them safe and meet their basic needs.

    1. We need education and infrastructure done far more than tax cuts. We need immigrants to build up our workforce. We need Dreamers to be given a citizenship option. We need to get rid of Trump.

  18. It’s up to each of us to do what we can to help humanity win out over hurt and harm. Thank you for doing your part— we are behind you!

  19. As a teacher who lives pay check to pay check, I am grateful for being in a salaried position.

    However, I know the impact missing one paycheck would have on my life. I teach in a low-income community and I’m so worried about the impact of no child care/school is going to have on these families as it leads to lost wages.

    Please take action that will allow families to be okay during these times.

  20. Thousands of Las Vegans have already been laid off from the hotel-casinos on the Las Vegas Strip. Our families need help NOW. Please convince the GOP to put this bill through.

    The father of my kids is a therapist for autistic kids working for CARD. If the kids stop going, he’s out of work and won’t get paid. He’d be homeless. This is unacceptable. Our families need help. Stop helping the ultra-wealthy who can already afford housing and food, and immediately help those in dire situations.

  21. GOP/Mnuchin slippery on words – sad to see ALL Kissing Trump’s ars before speaking – SO OBVIOUS – noted above – College Loan interest should be forgiven, NOT CHARGED AT ALL, during crisis, not just postponed and paid latter. Slippery jargon on all issues that affect common man – SOCIALISM SHOULD NOT BE SUPPORTING CAPITALISM in this time also, airlines, cruise ships.

  22. If this doesn’t go through, we’ll have kids out of school, but they’ll be crammed into daycares.

    Have you thought about people in essential services, like plumbers, in home care, volunteer emergency workers who may not have health care but will stll be interacting with the public?

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