February 24-28 is Public Schools Week

A record number of lawmakers signed the bipartisan, bicameral resolution declaring February 24-28 Public Schools Week: 45 senators and more than 70 representatives—and still growing. The resolution recognizes the importance of our nation’s public schools and honors those who work tirelessly to support and strengthen them. Public education is the foundation of 21st century democracy. Our public schools are open to every child—regardless of ability, wealth, or country of origin—and 9 out of 10 students attend them. The Public Schools Week resolution sends an important message: Strengthening our public schools strengthens America. The House sponsors of the resolution are Mark Pocan (D-WI) and Sam Graves (R-MO); the Senate sponsors are Susan Collins (R-ME) and Jon Tester (D-MT). Urge your representatives to contact one of them and become a cosponsor.

Email your representatives and urge them to cosponsor the Public Schools Week resolution.

23 responses to “February 24-28 is Public Schools Week

  1. We have a constitutional obligation to provide FAPE to all the children of our country, not just to some.

    Indifference seems to mark the signature of the current Executive Office.

    De Vos needs to step down

  2. It is time to make public school education great again, regardless of race, color, ethnicity or location. It is time to increase not decrease funding, support not withdraw. It is time to give every American child a rewarding education so that they can become productive upstanding citizens of American as well.

  3. Student’s do not fail themselves, poor public school policy and divestments fail students. Just as all parents should have democratic choice, all students should have access to the same high quality of educational experiences and enrichments that any private or public charter school offers their students! If not now, then when? #savewashmet #allstudentsmatter

  4. Our Public Schools need to be acknowledged for the backbone of our Country. All our Legislators need to show their support of all our students no matter what zip-code they may be from. Our students need to know that adults do care and can make a difference in the Education they receive by showing and working toward providing a better education for all.

  5. Please show your support for public education by co-sponsoring this bill. I trust you’ll support this worthy effort. Thank you.

  6. Help build support for Public Schools Week. Encourage your friends and family to email their representatives. Every student deserves a great public school!

  7. We need to support public school in this time when the education department is not doing its job. It’s necessary to let the students, teachers and administrators that they deserve recognition.

  8. Public schools are our assurance for democracy. Without them we will drift toward autocracy. We should never do anything that will interfere with and take away funding to public schools such giving tax payer money to charter or religious based schools

      1. I was student of public school up to High school
        because it should be under
        Public sector,at least middle
        class people they can send
        their kids in school for education because private sector is always costly.

      2. Please support public schools as rural schools are having a hard time with all the monies given to larger schools and Betsy DeVoss is targeting the smaller schools instead of helping them

  9. Public schools are an imperative. Parents who choose to send their children to private schools have a right to do so. However, funds for public education should not be used to support their choices. Say NO to vouchers that support private education. My daughter has committed nearly 20 years of her life to teaching in the San Francisco public school system. One week after beginning contract negotiations, the Superintendent announced a $26 million deficit. There is something desperately wrong with this picture. In one of the richest cities of the country to live in, and a system that looses teachers every year because they can no longer afford to live in the city Prop 13 should be completely eliminated and the tech industry should take more responsibility for the public education system in San Francisco and the Bay area.

  10. As a constituent, I urge you to support the right for our families to choose the school that provides the best educational opportunities.

    Education is the foundation of our 21st century democracy. and the right of free choice of the educational methods and schools remains the foundation of our Freedoms.

    Nine out of Ten students are forced to attend public schools, some of which are failing.

    Local control and competition is the only way to strengthen our public schools systems in America.

    Have a nice day.

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