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EdAction in Congress February 16, 2020

Trump/DeVos budget slashes education funding

The Trump/DeVos budget proposal for fiscal year 2021, released Feb. 10, would slash education funding by $6.1 billion—8.4 percent—compared to the amount Congress provided this year. Other budget lowlights include cutting and replacing key education programs with a block grant, robbing public schools of resources with yet another voucher scheme, and ending public service loan forgiveness. Read more and Take action.

Hurry! Submit comments on anti-union proposal by Feb. 18

If the Trump administration gets its way, NEA state affiliates will soon be subject to 60-year-old regulations that until now have applied only to private sector unions. Alice O’Brien, NEA’s general counsel, explains how a proposed U.S. Department of Labor rule would force state affiliates to focus on complex, burdensome financial reporting requirements instead of fulfilling their core mission: advocating for students and educators. Read more and Take action

Tell senators to protect victims of unscrupulous colleges

The Senate is expected to vote later this month on a House-passed resolution to undo the latest misguided policy of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos: making it more difficult for students defrauded by unscrupulous colleges to cancel their federal student loan debt. Scheduled to take effect July 1, 2020, DeVos’ new “borrower defense rule” would put the burden of proof on students, impose unreasonable time limits, and end automatic loan relief for students whose colleges close before they graduate. Veterans, older students, students of color, students with disabilities, and students who are the first in their families to attend college are among those most likely to be affected. Take action

2 responses to “EdAction in Congress February 16, 2020

  1. As with most of the White House cronies, Betsy Devos is unqualified to serve the American people’s interest instead she cater to the grifter in office.

  2. We had our chance to get rid of Trump and our representatives blew it. This dictatorship has got to be kicked out.

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