Hurry! Submit comments on anti-union proposal by Feb. 18

If the Trump administration gets its way, NEA state affiliates will soon be subject to 60-year-old regulations that until now have applied only to private sector unions. Alice O’Brien, NEA’s general counsel, explains how a proposed U.S. Department of Labor rule would force state affiliates to focus on complex, burdensome financial reporting requirements instead of fulfilling their core mission: advocating for students and educators. Read more.

Tell the Labor Department to Stop its Proposed Rule Targeting State Education Associations

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One response to “Hurry! Submit comments on anti-union proposal by Feb. 18

  1. why are we letting his unfit ass steal from every resource that helps our country stay afloat..that’s what he is calling a budget.. he and his corrupt friends are calling it another payday doing away with programs that help people like liheap snap school lunch selling our public lands doing away with medical help medicade medicare stealing from social security witch is our hard earned money. he is that stupid to call this a budget. So ..Q.. WHEN DO WE THROW HIS CORRUPT ASS IN JAIL…….

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